Mycosyn Pro Review 2021 | Best Anti-Fungal Dietary Supplement

Mycosyn Pro Review 2021 | Best Anti-Fungal Dietary Supplement

A fungal infection is dangerous for all of us and it may lead to various organ disabilities, malfunctioning, and even death if left untreated. The source of fungi infections are microscopic organisms called fungi, which are found far and wide across the globe. As a result of the infection, the skin or the outermost layer of the site becomes stained.

Once it damages the tissues, it grows further and deeper whenever it is left untreated. In most cases, health professionals prescribe anti-fungal medications to stop fungal growth, but these medications have many unwanted side effects as well. There are various supplements that claim to be useful in fighting fungal infections, but only a few actually do so without causing side effects.

For internal and external fungal infections, Mycosyn Pro is one of the most trusted remedies. This product does more than simply remove fungi; it also provides reliable protection against future infections. It builds strong defenses against a wide variety of fungal infections as a result of taking this extremely potent anti-fungal remedy forever. Throughout the review, we attempt to provide our readers with an unambiguous and detailed understanding of the claims made by the supplement’s maker. In addition, it will emphasize the importance of fitness and health for its customers.

What is Mycosyn Pro?

Mycosyn Pro is an all-natural dietary supplement that effectively treats fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails. This is the world’s first formula of its kind, so it is entirely safe and can be consumed by anyone. It is your first step towards a fungus-free life. The Mycosyn Pro product is simple to use and comes without documented side effects.

The ingredients in this medicine have all been used traditionally for centuries. In antifungal and antibacterial formulas, these ingredients provide proven antifungal and antibacterial properties, which are essential to ensuring your body is protected from fungus.

The benefit of Mycosyn Pro is that it does more than just treat what’s visible on the surface; it also treats what’s deep inside your body, ensuring that you remain free of fungi in the future. Enhancing your immune response ensures that your body has the ability to deal with everything it may face in the future.

Only FDA-approved ingredients are used in the formulation, which is manufactured under GMP standards. The manufacturer has shown that no matter what, there has been no compromise on the quality.

Who Is Behind Mycosyn Pro?

Mycosyn Pro is the brainchild of Michael Davis. Michael Mahanti partnered with Ayush Mahanti, a research colleague of Michael’s, to look for natural remedies that could assist anyone with living a fungus-free lifestyle.

Michael is a 45-year-old alternative medicine practitioner who works at a dermatology clinic in Chicago.

Throughout his life, he has been fascinated by plants and their ability to support the health and happiness of humans.

Mycosyn Pro is a supplement manufactured in the USA in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities, using the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farms.

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How Does Mycosyn Pro Work?

As a natural defense mechanism, Mycosyn Pro can destroy fungal spores. This dietary supplement attacks and kills spores rooted in the deep skin layers; it uses natural ingredients to kill the spores and then permanently remove them.

Aside from this, the Mycosyn Pro supplement improves health and can help relieve many health issues caused by fungal problems. The product also helps to address the nutrient deficiency and fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements. Additionally, it helps to boost the immune system, which makes it highly beneficial for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart problems, etc.

Ingredients Of Mycosyn Pro –

It is important to review the ingredients list for dietary supplements before purchasing. The ingredients list is often hidden by scammers to make the product appear superior. Any customer who purchases a health product has the right to see the full ingredient list. Mycosyn Pro fungus supplement does not have such a problem since all of its ingredients have been published online. Here is the formula.

  • FoTi – A component of ancient Chinese medicine, Foti- can be used to treat wounds on the skin or ulcers on the mouth. In addition to treating skin conditions like itching, heart disease, aging, and cardiovascular issues, it is also effective against heart disease. Mycosyn Pro reduces the symptoms of fungal spread and saves a person from all of its complications. 
  • Vitamin C – The antioxidant vitamin C has many health benefits, especially for the skin. Through its antifungal properties, it helps Mycosyn Pro fight fungi growth and aid in fungus recovery. It leaves behind smoother skin and reduces redness, itching, inflammation, and blemishes. 
  • Horsetail - This ingredient has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. A variety of diseases, such as nail infections and skin problems, have been treated with it for centuries. These effects have been confirmed by modern research. In addition, it can be used to heal cuts, wounds, and ulcers. 
  • Spirulina - A natural ingredient that has proven to be useful for the skin in the fight against infections. Candida infection is protected by its antifungal action, but it is effective against other fungus types as well. 
  • Saw Palmetto – There are many health benefits to this ingredient. This treatment enhances prostate health and helps men avoid prostate cancer. This compound is also beneficial in fighting urinary tract infections, increasing hair growth, enhancing libido, and decreasing the risk of certain medical conditions
  • Barley grass – Barley grass contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and minerals. This all helps to eliminate toxins and reduce oxidative stress. Various health problems can also be reduced by them, such as inflammation. 
  • Biotin - In relation to hair health, it plays a vital role. However, biotin is much more than a hair vitamin. Biotin is a form of vitamin B. By regulating the absorption of nutrients throughout the body, it activates enzymes. A large number of studies have confirmed that biotin plays an important role in the treatment of disease as well as protection.
  • Folate – In many cases, fungi are stubborn and can take years to clear. To fight fungus, Mycosyn Pro pills also contain antifungal herbs. They contain an essential nutrient called folate that helps improve the fundamental functions of cells, leading to the growth of nails. 
  • Alfalfa - Low cholesterol, sugar regulation, and blood pressure control are some of the effects of alfalfa. Furthermore, it controls hormones and alleviates symptoms associated with menopause. Its high nutritional content provides the body with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, folate, and copper.

The ingredients are of the highest quality, as evidenced by their premium packaging. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, chemicals, or hormones in this formula. Mycosyn Pro has no side effects, therefore. All of the ingredients are unlikely to cause allergies. If you have food allergies, you should read the ingredients list before using a product.

Benefits Of Using Mycosyn Pro  –

  • The product not only fights toenail fungus but also boosts your immunity. With strong natural nutrients that enhance immunity, it protects you from the health dangers posed by fungus.
  • You can improve your health naturally with this supplement without suffering any side effects. The immune system and nails and skin are naturally strengthened by this supplement.
  • By completely eliminating fungal infections on your feet, this product rejuvenates your health forever.
  • Nine top fighters against harmful fungi, bacteria, and microbes are included in Mycosyn Pro to help you eliminate fungi naturally.
  • By removing those unwanted fungal infections, Mycosyn Pro helps boost fluid retention and improve skin hydration to combat fungal infections.          
  • Is a dietary supplement that is rich in vitamins and minerals to help prevent bacteria from growing in the body.
  • A simple yet powerful formula, Mycosyn Pro contains vitamins and plants that support the health of your nails and skin in a new and revolutionary way.
  • By using Mycosyn Pro, you can eliminate fungal infections and keep your body safe. It is effective in improving blood circulation and in removing odors from the feet.
  • By taking this supplement, you can easily penetrate the nail layer and also destroy fungi where they live.

Pros of Mycosyn Pro –

  • Nourishes the body: As this product contains vitamins and minerals, it provides a complete package. In addition to nourishing the body, it regulates blood flow and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Prevents secondary infections: Having fungi compromises your immune system, so bacterial infections often follow. The supplements prevent bacterial infections of the nails, skin, and hair.
  • Inhibits fungal growth: Furthermore, these supplements reduce the chances of nail fungus recurring by inhibiting fungal growth.
  • Boosts immunity: There are many ingredients that boost immunity and protect against diseases, including vitamin C.
  • Treats nail fungus: Its purpose is to treat nail fungus and ensure that the nail does not become infected again. It enhances blood circulation so nutrients reach all parts of the body, thereby reducing infection risk.

Cons of Mycosyn Pro –

  • Online purchase only: It is only possible to purchase Mycosyn Pro online via the official website. The product is not sold in stores.
  • Health restrictions: Pregnant or lactating women should not use this product. They are also contraindicated in children below 18 years of age.

What Are The Recommended Dosage of Mycosyn Pro? 

To increase comfort and ease of use, Mycosyn Pro comes in capsule form. Supplements containing vitamins, minerals, iron, and other nutrients are effective in preventing skin conditions. Mycosyn Pro contains 60 capsules per bottle, which is the recommended daily dosage. 

With meals, adults should take two capsules daily. Consult your doctor before taking Mycosyn Pro. It is also important to follow the recommended dosage. 

Consult your doctor if you have any health issues or are taking sensitive drugs. 

You will be able to make an informed decision about adding Myscon Pro to your daily medication regimen. As a result, you can avoid side effects like allergies. You must be over 18 to take this supplement. Children and pregnant women are not advised to take it.

Mycosyn Pro Prices and Discounts –

Visit the official website of Mycosyn Pro today to receive exclusive limited-time discounts and free shipping on all purchases.

Money is not an issue when purchasing these supplements, as this product is affordable and can be purchased in bulk for discounts. For all customers, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows them to get a full refund of their money and make this a safe and secure one-time payment.

Mycosyn Pro Price

mycosyn pro pricing


Mycosyn Pro Reviews – FAQ:

Mycosyn Pro – Is It Worth Buying?

Mycosyn Pro was really worth every single penny of yours. It is one such weight loss product made from natural ingredients and will easily help consumers on their weight loss journey.

 Is Mycosyn Pro Natural & Pure?

Mycosyn Pro capsules are natural and pure. You can rest assured that they do not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins, and more importantly, they are not habit-forming.

What If Mycosyn Pro Doesn’t Work For Me?

With literally billions of people on the planet, there will be some this doesn’t work for. That’s even the case with most prescription drugs. So if you do happen to be in the minority on this and it doesn’t work for you, remember, a rock-solid 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee protects you.

How Well Does Mycosyn Pro Works For You?

When you intake the Mycosyn Pro pill, its ingredients directly aim at the infected part in your body that has fungus. Then the fungal cell wall is completely broken down and cleared. This supplement consists of some potent antioxidant properties. These powerful properties make sure that the components of the fungal infections get directly removed and discarded from your body. The fungal infection is destroyed so deep that it does not return, causing any further fungal infection.

 Can Mycosyn Pro be Easily Affordable?

Mycosyn Pro pill can be easily affordable by anyone. This supplement is the must-have and doctor-endorsed formula that helps you by making you stay fit and healthy. Mycosyn Pro is today available to you at discount rates as convenient.

Mycosyn Pro Reviews – Final Verdict

Infections caused by fungi are quite common, especially if you live in a warm and humid environment. There are many ways to minimize your interactions with these fungi, but it is impossible to avoid all contact with them.

The best way to avoid skin conditions and ailments related to foreign bodies is to build up your immune system.

The Mycosyn Pro review noted that it is one of the most effective products for naturally boosting immunity and preparing you to handle these microbes.

In addition, it is a safer alternative to anti-fungal medications that can lose their effectiveness and may even cause side effects.

You should give this program a try if you have any fungal-related issues with your skin or nails. 

 Click Here To Order Mycosyn Pro Supplements From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)   

mycosyn pro pricing


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Keyword Targeting: The Key to Your Content for Success in 2021

Keyword Targeting: The Key to Your Content for Success in 2021

When it comes to your organic growth strategy, writing, filming, and recording content are key for success in 2021. If you want to stay away from the increasing cost of paid advertising on social networks then you want to ensure that your content strategy is on point by ensuring your keyword targeting is in point.

You can also check our article to see if your competitors are currently keyword targeting and copy their selections to beat them.

There are a few ways to make sure that your content will get ahead of everyone else’s over time on Google and the best way in my opinion is to simply check out the top result on Google and then run the URL through the widget below. It will give you all of the insights you need on the content in terms of what to change and what works for your piece of content to get ahead of that person.

If the content that you are about to write is not particularly good on Google as is, then this will make your job even easier as you don’t have a huge amount to deal with competitively. You can still you the tool above for keyword checking, but I would also suggest another couple of points touch on before you start writing.

Check for General Questions being Asked –

If you know roughly what you want to write about, a good way to write your content is to answer a question people are asking. To do this, head over to Answer the Public and type in your topic, this will then populate all of the questions that people are asking online around this topic. You can then tailor one of these questions as the title for your content and answer the question. Simple.

answer the public

Use Google Trends For Best Keyword Targeting –

If you are sitting in front of a blank page and have no idea, even where to start, what I usually do is head over to Google Trends and input the industry or niche that I’m trying to write about. This will then tell me what topics are trending in my chosen geographic area, as well as how it’s been doing consistently over the last year so that you can get an idea of the traffic that will come in.

Google Trends

Be Patient And Consistent –

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to an organic strategy is that it takes time. It can take as long as 8-12 months for even the best SEO work to get you to the top page of Google and the other part that Google will be looking for is consistency, be sure to write at least one piece of content a week or Google will not index your site as high as it possibly could.


Manifest Him Back Review 2021 | Secrets Of Manifest Your Soulmate

Manifest Him Back Review 2021 | Secrets Of Manifest Your Soulmate

Hello, welcome to All Right Reviews, In this comprehensive review article about Simon Stanley’s product (Manifest Him Back Review), I will explain what the Manifest Him Back is about, does it work, what are the advantages and disadvantages, so keep reading The Manifest Him Back Review until the end.

Manifest Him Back Review – What Is It?

If you are looking for the holy grail to get your love back and keep it, Manifest Him Back is what you are looking for. This program was created by Simon Stanley, who has devoted his life to researching and experiencing things related to the law of attraction. As a result, Manifest Him Back offers you quite a lot in your life.

The exercises are based on techniques that can be used to attract a specific person into your life, but only when applied privately. You can increase your happiness levels and relieve stress by performing these exercises. By developing these qualities, you have achieved your long-term goal of regaining your lover.

Furthermore, the product will provide you with instructions on forming habits that produce a more attractive appearance. You will be able to take the road to manifestation instead of coming out of your relationship troubles weak and uncertain. How could anyone fail to be drawn to that? Your love life will be forever changed by this experience.

Manifest Him Back Review – How Does Manifest Him Back Work?

In order to win him back, you must shift your focus from the breakup to winning him back. You don’t have to feel desperate to get him back. You should let him know that you still care about him.

Make him realize how much other women mean to him. You should not let yourself become too preoccupied with breaking up. Simon Stanley’s Manifest Him Back Course may have led you to lose the man you fell in love with because he felt you weren’t worth anything to him.

If you want to win him back, you don’t have to chase him. Seek out someone who loves you the same way he does.

If you stop trying, you can’t win him back. Being desperate may seem good, but he may actually become more distant about it. Relationships are very rational for men.

As long as it doesn’t make you want to make him stay no matter how long you’ve been apart, they don’t care how long you’ve been gone.

There’s no need to prove Manifest Him Back MP3 Tracks to him that you’re not chasing him as much as you used to be.

“How do I get him back if we split up? “, you might ask. You are at the right place.

What Will You Learn From This Manifest Him Back Program?

After a breakup, here are some simple steps you can follow to get your ex back. First, you need to consider the reason for your breakup. Additionally, you’ll find some tips for what to do if your ex loves you.

Manifest Him Back Bonus Pack will provide you with all the information you need to get your ex back after a break-up.

In order to get your ex back if you still love him, you must realize that Manifest Him Back Login Manifest Him Back the breakup was caused by him missing you.

To win him back after a split, you must make him miss you. Always be friendly around him and refrain from being aggressive.

You might think that you can’t get him back after a breakup because you’re too old. Older women are often feared, especially when they seem stale. When you are around your ex, act like a young woman if he is not interested.

Manifest Him Back Discount Code You may be surprised to find out that your ex seeks this behavior. To get him back after a split, you must figure out the reason for his withdrawal.

Are you noticing him coming to work late at night? Does he spend a lot of time with his friends? Whatever the reason may be, be there for him when he needs you.

What Does It Offer?

The psychological approach used by Manifest Him Back is designed to boost self-confidence and positivity. Manifest Him Back techniques can help people manifest anyone they want. The following benefits are provided:

Daily Discovery Videos:

From watching the “Daily Discovery” videos, you will begin to understand how the Law of Attraction really works. You will discover how Law of Reverse Polarity healing techniques can help you heal

  • Emotional harm.
  • Attractive Personality
  • Achieving a high level of attractiveness

Love Vibration Meditation:

Your subconscious will once again be re-invigorated with these audio recordings. The focus of your refinement will be on:

  • The root chakra
  • The Heart Chakra
  • The throat chakra

Magic Scroll:

The scroll will overwhelm you with a massive amount of confidence and many beliefs which will be inserted directly into your subconscious.

Sleep Audio Track:

The track will improve your quality of sleep when you listen to it before you sleep. Throughout the audio, you will receive favorable energy and divine work. The morning wake-up will be energizing, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Bonus #1: How to Manifest A Text Rapidly:

During the program, you will be guided through a custom guided meditation that will make it a more relaxing experience.

Bonus #2: Social Media Beauty Makeup:

It can help you capture your ex’s attention and those of others by using social networking sites. People with bad looks have no chance of standing out. There is also the possibility that handsome men you know on social media may invite you out with “Social Media Beauty Makeup”!

Bonus #3: How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Have Your Sexiest Body Ever:

Feeling confident and good about yourself starts with looking your best. Weight loss can be achieved with the law of attraction by applying principles of weight loss. You would feel more confident in the relationship.

Get Instant Access


Advantages Of Manifest Him Back Program:

  • Prepare a comprehensive step-by-step approach that will not mess it up for you at all. This will make men think of you as needy and drive a guy away.
  • It would be impossible to make this mistake if you just followed the 4 Rituals every day
  • There are four processes you will go through every day. A video teaching the daily discovery principle
  • Each of your seven chakras has its own form of meditation called “love vibration.”
  • Set of affirmations in the appearance of a “magic scroll.”
  • Additionally, a “Sleep Audio Track” is available for the evening.
  • It is not necessary to have previous manifestation experience.
  • Manifest Him Back materials are digital and downloadable, so you can download them to your computer or smartphone and use them right away.
  • A collection of one-of-a-kind audios compressed at 528Hz…
  • You enter the Theta state when your brainwaves are at this rate.
  • Upon registering, you will have access to video, audio, and PDF files.
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions, just a one-time payment.

Disadvantages And Complaints Of Manifest Him Back:

  • No physical versions of the product were found, only digital versions.
  • First time users may be confused using the Manifest Him Back program, so keep trying and you will eventually understand it.
  • The results are not typical and may vary from one person to another.

How To Purchase Manifest Him Back –

The perfect match cannot be guaranteed by anyone. Although Simon is sure that if you come to the Manifest Him Back program, watch the material, do the homework, and give it your all, the program will change your life. In return, Simon is offering a 60-day, risk-free money back guarantee. When you contact customer support, if you are not happy with this program, they will return 100% of your purchase price, regardless of when you contact them.

manifest him back pricing

the ex factor guide review

Manifest Him Back Review – Conclusion 

Simon explains in his teachings that Manifest Him Back is a great online resource to find out how to improve your love life. Using the techniques found in this manual, you can get your relationship back on track. It can be used for gaining your love, boosting your confidence, and enhancing your happiness.

After you’ve learned the manifestation techniques that help you discover your real self, you can start your journey to finding your partner. As part of this program, you will be provided with activities to keep you moving forward in a positive direction. Furthermore, a cheerful and self-assured person is undoubtedly more attractive. You’re about to experience a transformation in your love life with Manifest Him Back! So, Order It Now.


The ex factor guide review


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The Best FREE Way To Get Your Competitors Marketing Strategy

The Best FREE Way To Get Your Competitors Marketing Strategy

When you’re starting your online business it’s very important to be able to do research on what you need to focus on as otherwise, you can jump from idea to idea and not have a clear strategy. One of the best ways to focus your SEO and overall advertising plan is to look at what the successful competition is doing, they’ve done the hard work of research and testing for you. Now there are a lot of tools on the market for competitor analysis and for SEO overall but the one we use constantly because it’s has everything in one place and is incredibly powerful is…have you guessed it yet? SemRush

So I want to run you through a few key things that you need to be doing with your SEO strategy as well as some competitive advantages you can create for yourself by using this tool and the beauty is, everything I’m about to show you can be done on their completely free trial, so head over to this link, sign up for and enable the free trial and follow along so I can show you some tips and tricks.

Advantage 1: Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis

Now let’s say that you write content online and you’re looking to find out how the big guys of the industry get so much traffic because you assume they use a tone of paid ads. Well just head over to the Dashboard after you’ve signed up and entered the domain name for your main competitor. We’ve selected Vox as an example and this now gives us a full overview of their monthly traffic and next we can see every source of this traffic to find out exactly what their marketing strategy is.

Semrush Dashboard

As you can see here you get a quick overview of the organic traffic and organic keywords within seconds for each of the website’s key markets which I currently have defaulting to the US. Now it does actually show where the paid traffic comes from and depending on the strategy it gets more and more detailed, but that comes later in the article.

If you then click on the domain name of the competitor’s website it will bring you to a full breakdown page where you can get some key information. In the case of the example Vox I’m using here, the key things that I would look into to form my strategy are their top-performing locations, keywords, and content pages. This will allow me to go ahead and write content around those topics but then use SemRush to ensure that mine have a better SEO strategy than theirs, a topic we will get onto later.

Semrush Dashboard

Another tip I would give from this page is to have a look at who is seen as your competitor’s main competitors and on that list look at the smallest one, if you’re new, and try to compete with them first while every few weeks slowly moving further and further up that competitive ladder.

Advantage 2: Learn Where To Go To Getting Backlinks

On the same page on the SemRush dashboard or in the sidebar, you will see Backlink analysis, this will show you all of the places that traffic is being driven to their site. In terms of organic traffic, this is hugely important to Google, not as much as before but still important. This will help because you can browse through the different competitors’ backlinks and where they are getting traffic and then approach these websites with your offers, content, and so on to slowly but surely try to get the backlink numbers up.

If you’re not sure what a backlink is it is simply a link that goes to your website from another website, the more authority the other website has the more influence that Google will view this as giving to you.

Advantage 3: See Your Competitors Adverts

Now when it comes to paid advertising this is an area in that SemRush will give you a massive advantage in the WAR against your competition. Simply head over to the left-hand side and you will see the Advertising options. Here you can view their advertising keywords but also see their display ads on Google’s advertising network. This is key as it allows you to see which of their text/image ads are driving the most traffic, essentially giving you their full ad research for free!

The next thing that this section contains which is very important if you use Google Shopping to list your products is that you can get a full analysis of the competitions shopping listings and the performance of each which will allow you to target product by product. This is under PLA (Product Listing Ads) Research.


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Complete Review Of SEMRush 2021 | Details, Features & Pricing

Complete Review Of SEMRush 2021 | Details, Features & Pricing

Do you want an SEO tool that enables you to do keyword research, track keyword ranking, check backlinks, see what competitors are doing, as well as perform an SEO audit for your site or blog?

If yes, then let me recommend a tool that I have used for over a decade and has been trusted by professional bloggers and SEO agencies worldwide. SEMrush is the tool I’m talking about.

What Is SemRush And What Exactly It Does? 

Digital marketing research tool SEMRush helps you gain a better understanding of precisely how and where your competitors have had success, so that you can replicate the results for your business as well.

Semrush is a competitor’s keyword research tool used for keyword research, backlink analysis, SEO audits, and more. We can easily find profitable keywords for any niche using this tool.

There is no doubt that Semrush is one of the top search engine marketing tools that can help bloggers and marketers at all levels. With this tool, you can also check the traffic of your competitors.

It is easy to spy on your competition with Semrush. Using this tool, you can estimate their current website traffic, top keywords, backlinks, and more.

This tool not only offers keyword research and competition analysis, but also showcases organic research, search positions, backlinks, and ad research all in one place.

Semrush is undoubtedly among the best SEO tools recommended by SEO experts, and I use it daily to check my rankings and keyword positions. According to SEO & blogging experts, it’s also one of the best tools for keyword research.


Our Results Using SEMrush (528% Increase in Traffic!) –

Our website traffic increased substantially after we decided to focus 100% of our efforts on content marketing and SEO. Our past strategy was to write articles and youtube videos we felt inspired to write – without considering how anyone would find those articles. 

When we began utilizing SEMrush insights to optimize our content and write SEO-friendly content, the following happened:

SemRush Traffic Growth

With our new SEO-focused and process-driven research and publishing system, we published our first blog post on July 18, 2018. 

As you can see from the above chart, traffic has increased in a reasonable but incremental manner over the last five months.

Within just 7 months, the traffic increased by 528% and our efforts started paying off in a big way. 

That’s enough about us, let’s find out if SEMrush is right for you.

In-depth Semrush Review 2021 – 

With no further ado, here is Semrush’s unbiased guide for 2021 with a Free 30-day Trial.

Using Semrush For Competitors Analysis –

Researching competitors is one of the primary reasons why most bloggers use Semrush. You are already being watched by your competitors if you rank well for a few keywords on Google. Now it’s your turn to spy on them!

Semrush can help you identify the top performing keywords that drive most of the search traffic to your competitor’s website. One of the most important success factors that distinguishes a successful blog from a normal one is competitor analysis.

Understanding your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths will help you to understand strategic ways to compete against them. Here’s where Semrush pro account helps you conduct thorough competitors research.

For one of our websites, here is the organic search traffic keyword report. With this tool, you not only get detailed information about the keywords they have, but you also get an estimate of the traffic they get every day.

Semrush for competitors analysis

Similar to the above, you can enter any competitor’s URL to see their current website traffic. Semrush usually gives you accurate information about traffic a website receives. This site updates its databases very frequently, so you will always get up-to-date information or data.

Finding Question Keywords Using Keyword Magic Tool –

“Question keywords” are one of the easiest ways to get targeted visitors to your site from search engines like Google.

So, guess what? There is already a tool from Semrush called Keyword Magic that finds question keywords.

What Are Question Keywords?

A question keyword is a keyword where searchers search for information by using question-based phrases.

Here is an example of question keywords to help you understand.

What is Question Keywords?

For the question based phrase, Google is directly providing a featured snippet answer.

The following are examples of keyword phrases based on questions for various niches:

  • If you’re in the real estate industry: “how to become a real estate agent”?
  • If you’re in the fitness industry: “what’s the best weight to age ratio”?
  • If you’re into the SEO industry: “what’s the optimal bounce rate for a website”?

Did you get the point?

When you offer helpful and compelling answers to tough questions, you position yourself as a source that people can trust, better than your competitors. Question keywords come into play here.

Finding and targeting question keywords in your content can offer you many benefits

  • You can easily get featured snippets (because you’re answering specific questions and Google loves it)
  • With their help, you can easily achieve top rankings (even if there is competition).
  • From search engines, you can receive highly targeted traffic
  • Their conversion rate is really good

So now that you understand why question keywords are so important, let’s talk about the most important part: how to find them.

How To Find Question Keywords Using Semrush Keyword Magic Tool?

However, you can find questions using sites like Quora, Answer The Public, etc, but they are not as reliable and do not provide a great deal of search metrics (such as number of monthly searches, related keywords, competition, and CPC value).

Those are all things that Semrush’s keyword magic tool does for you and helps you with.

Here’s how you can use the Semrush keyword magic tool to find question based keywords, regardless of the industry you are in.

Go to Keyword Magic tool from Semrush (grab 30 days free trial to be able to use it) and enter a keyword. On the right side, you’ll notice the ‘Questions’ button.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Click on it to see a list of primary seed keywords that contain your targeted keyword. This is how it looks;

Semrush Keyword Research Tool

From the above, you can see that there is a ton of highly relevant question-based keywords that you can include in your content to generate a lot of blog post ideas.

The Keyword Magic tool also allows you to see the monthly search volume, trend, keyword difficulty (KD) and so on to help you choose the right question keyword.

If you’re wondering what Keyword Difficulty (KD), let me explain briefly.

In Semrush, KD means Keyword Difficulty, which helps you find keywords with less competition. According to Semrush, KD is a score between 0 and 100 (with 100 being the hardest spot to rank for and 0 being the easiest).

It’s a good idea to pick keywords with lower KD (below 30 or 50) and stay away from keywords with KD over 80 and 90 since they are really tough to rank for.

To put it simply, Keyword Magic Tool lets you do the following things:

  • You can get over 20 billion keyword suggestions
  • The Keyword Grouping feature allows you to segment your keywords based on topics
  • Keyword Analyzer allows you to save your favorite keywords for future use
  • Semrush allows you to export your selected keywords to other tools
  • You can easily create up to 50 target keyword lists with keyword magic tool

Quick Tip – 

If you are doing keyword research with Semrush, don’t select the keywords with search volume more than 1000 per month, as they will require a lot of work to get the traffic your site needs. Choose keywords with a monthly search volume of 500 to 1000 (or even less) so that even if you have a new website, you can rank on the top 3 or even the first page of search results.

Few Important Metrics For Competitor Analysis Using Semrush –

You should keep in mind these few important elements as you research your competitors and analyze their content using Semrush.

  • Keyword: These are the keywords your competitor’s site ranks for
  • Pos: A keyword position for a website in search engines such as Google. It is generally based on how the website is distributed geographically (which also changes according to keyword positions).
  • Volume: The number of searches for this specific keyword per month 
  • CPC: Cost per click is the average value for the specific keyword (to easily determine its worth)
  • URL: This is the URL to which the keyword is driving traffic
  • Competition: It shows the level of competition of advertisers for this keyword (you should focus on picking keywords with a low number as a low number means your keyword is easier to rank for)
  • Trend: This graph shows the overall search pattern for this keyword over the past 12 Months.
  • Results: This is the number of results from the search engine (lower results are better again)

Find the Highest Traffic Competitors Keywords – 

This tool helps you find out what are the most performing keywords for any of your competitors’ websites. Quite fascinating. This means you now have a clear understanding of which keywords are driving traffic to your competitors.

A great idea is to study some of your competitors’ websites using Semrush and note down their top performing keywords in an Excel Sheet. Once you have these keywords, you can use them in future contents.

This is your chance to increase traffic to your website. In this way, if you are good at creating high quality content, you may be able to beat all your competitors in search rankings.

Using Semrush for keyword research –

You can use Semrush to discover the top performing and unused keywords for your blog to improve your search engine ranking.

Are you having difficulty finding the best keywords to increase traffic to your website? Don’t worry, Semrush can help you find the most profitable keywords in any niche. Whether you want SEO tools for PPC ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or simply to find better keywords for blog posts, Semrush is a great option.

Semrush Keyword Research Tools

Simply type in any keyword related to the topic of your blog and Semrush will provide the most accurate data. In the above screenshot, you can see the volume of the keyword along with the distribution of the CPCs and the trend for blogging tips.

These details will allow you to determine whether or not the keywords you enter are a good match for your website. Additionally, Semrush also provides you with a list of all the Phrase Match keywords, question based keywords, and Related keywords that you can use to increase your blog traffic. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a better understanding.

semrush keyword research tools

This tool has 150 plus phrase match keywords and another 1990 plus keywords related to blogging tips, as shown above. This will allow you to find the best and most profitable keywords for your websites and blogs.

Remember: Semrush updates its database multiple times each day to give you accurate information about the keyword ranking positions and traffic of websites. Thus, you can find the latest reports on keyword phrases for your targeted seed keywords list.

Semrush Backlink Checker Tool –

This backlink checker tool from SEMrush is great overall.

That’s because SEMrush has a huge link index. Furthermore, it is quick at finding new pages and links. This is all you need in a link analysis tool.

While I prefer Ahrefs’ link analysis UI, SEMrush is still very effective. Specifically, they have dozens of filters that you can use to find the backlinks that you want to find.

Semrush Backlink Analysis tool

It’s my experience that 90% of the backlink checker tools online do not give accurate results (for the simple reason that the majority of them are free and are not updated frequently).

As opposed to Semrush, which is an advanced marketing tool that helps you analyze the links of the websites you enter. With this software, you get accurate results that can be used to discover effective strategies for building links.

For instance, if you know who links to your favorite blog or competitor site, you can approach them and ask them to link to yours too (if you provide useful content, they will do this).

That’s where a free Semrush account can help. If you enter any of your competitor’s URL in Semrush’s backlinks section, it gives you the details of their Page Score (a new feature), the titles of their backlinks and URL of their source and more information like Anchor text, External links, and Internal links.

Are you curious about the incoming links (including do-follow links) your competitors are receiving? If you enter their domain, this tool will display all the total backlink data they have.

Semrush Backlinks checker tool

In order to get more organic traffic or to analyze the website traffic of your competitors, you always need one important piece of data, and that is backlink analysis. With the information regarding how many links are pointing to a site, you will be able to easily design the best SEO strategy for your site.

With Semrush, you can analyze backlinks easily. To gain an insight into the number of quality backlinks of any site, it shows all the links as a pie chart option in both dofollow and nofollow.

In addition, it shows the total number of backlinks a site has including the referring domains. Using this metric when analyzing the backlinks of a site can boost your overall search traffic.

Using this backlink analysis report, you can also identify opportunities for link building. Here is how it works.

When you click on “Referring Domains” under “Backlinks” on the Semrush dashboard, it will display a list of all the domains that are pointing to your competitors’ sites.

All you have to do is email all the bloggers who are already linking to your competition (by providing them with value).

To increase your search engine traffic and ranking for any keyword, you need backlinks. The only effective way for any website to achieve higher Google ranking is through link building.

When you have access to the full version of Semrush, you will be able to find all the link opportunities from competitor websites. It will be possible to analyze how many backlinks a site gets, including the backlinks that are dofollow.

When you find out who is linking to your competitors, you can use guest posts or blogger outreach strategies to build backlinks to your own sites.

Using this tool, you can find most of the opportunities for link building. This tool is used by most SEO experts to crush their competition. It all depends on how you use this tool.

After all, search engine traffic depends entirely on finding the right link building opportunities. The more links you get from different sites, the better your organic traffic will be. Once you have a list of every site you can get links from, you will see a huge improvement.

Additionally, they offer a Backlink Audit Tool that allows you to remove all the toxic links that could lower your ranking.

Here’s how the overview looks;

Semrush Backlink Audit Tool

It shows our overall toxic score as high, so we can click on the “Toxic links” and use Google’s Disavow tool to remove all the bad backlinks.

Using Semrush To Perform Full Site Audit –

It’s another SEMRush feature you can use for your own site or as an SEO agency, you can offer white-labeled reports to clients. A single site audit can reveal a variety of technical SEO changes you can make to the target site to boost its ranking, therefore improving the technical SEO of your site.

Semrush will audit your website to detect any issues that are affecting your search rankings, such as:

  • Crawl errors
  • Missing headers
  • Overuse of keywords
  • Slow-loading content
  • Duplicate content
  • SSL problems

It will give you a list of tasks to complete – and in an extra feature, it allows you to export tasks to the popular project management application Trello (you could also use Zapier to export tasks to another tool).

Semrush Full Site Audit TOol

Semrush’s on-page SEO tool is one of my favorites, since it scans your entire site and offers you actionable suggestions (in order of priority) for improving each page.

There can be suggestions on how to improve them:

  • The steps to make your page a featured snippet on Google
  • What you can do to improve the body copy and meta description of your website
  • Getting backlinks from the right websites
  • What keywords to add
  • Content length
  • Strategies for internal linking

…………..And much, much more.

A great thing about Semrush’s site audit features is that it not only informs you what actions to take, but also why you should take them.

A ‘Why should I do this?’ link accompanies each suggestion. When clicked, it provides a plain English explanation for each recommendation.

Website Audit Semrush TOol

The site audit feature is simply amazing!

Rank Tracking – 

It is a process of monitoring website performance in search engines for a specific keyword over time called ‘rank tracking’ or ‘position tracking’. 

Semrush lets you track rankings in its position tracker section – you just enter a domain name and a keyword(s) you’d like to monitor, and you’ll be given a report showing which keywords your site ranks for. A country-by-country tracking option is also available.

Over time, as more information about your website flows into Semrush, you will be able to track your progress towards ranking highly for your chosen phrases.

Furthermore, you can enter competitor website information into Semrush’s position tracker tool, which allows you to compare (over time) how your site is performing for chosen keywords to those of your competition.

Also, you will receive regular email updates about your ranking progress — for example, email notifications when a particular piece of content drops out of the top 10 results.

Overall, Semrush’s position tracking functionality is strong – there is nothing to complain about.


Domain Analysis –

A basic domain analysis is the first step in most SEO projects. From an SEO perspective, this can be described as a quick overview of the ‘quality’ of a domain.

When conducting domain analysis, you usually do it on your own website – to see where SEO improvements can be made – or on a competitor’s, to see how difficult it will be to get a better ranking in search engines (or to find ways of doing so).

Also, consider performing domain analyses on sites in order to determine if it might be worthwhile to approach the owner for a link from the site to yours. This is because external links (or backlinks) from high-quality sources to your website can boost your rankings.

The Semrush ‘domain overview’ section allows for easy domain analysis: just enter a URL in this section, and you will get an immediate view of how the domain is performing in search results. 

Semrush Domain Analysis Tool

The provided metrics include:

  • The ‘authority score’
  • The total monthly traffic on the website
  • The total number of keywords the website ranks for
  • The best performing keywords
  • The total number of external links — backlinks — pointing to the website
  • Anchor text commonly used in links to the website
  • Display advertising statistics
  • Competitor websites

The ‘authority score’ provides you with the quickest understanding of a site’s quality out of the metrics above.

Semrush Domain Analysis Tool

Semrush calculates it based on:

  • backlink data (quantity & quality of links pointing to it)
  • Data on organic search traffic and keyword positions, including organic search traffic
  • Site traffic data (visits per month).

In Semrush’s interface, the authority score used to be a bit buried, but recently it was moved to the domain overview section, so you can get an immediate sense of how Semrush views a specific domain.

The important thing to remember about the domain overview statistics is that while the majority of them are based on hard data, the traffic figures are estimates – and my experience indicates that they are not always 100% accurate.

(I based this observation on my comparison of traffic estimates from Semrush and Google Analytics data for websites I have access to).

Semrush is fair in that it does not claim to be 100% accurate in its traffic estimates, and actually estimates how accurate the traffic statistics are likely to be (low, medium or high).

Semrush is fair in that it does not claim to be 100% accurate in its traffic estimates, and actually estimates how accurate the traffic statistics are likely to be (low, medium or high).

Semrush Domain Analysis Tool

Additionally, it is useful to have the ability to break things down by country so that you can understand where a website performs well.

Only thing I wish Semrush included in its domain overview is a ‘traffic cost’ figure (which shows you how much it would cost to display ads generating equivalent amounts of traffic). Other tools, including Ahrefs, display this as part of their domain overview analyses. Semrush provides this information, but you must go to a separate ‘Organic Research’ page to access it.

However, as a whole, Semrush’s domain overview is incredibly helpful, and this feature alone offers a great deal of insight into how a website is doing from an SEO standpoint.

Content Marketing Toolkit –

With Semrush’s content marketing toolkit, you can plan, create, and distribute content efficiently.

This tool can do everything from suggesting topics to analyzing the performance of your content. In addition, it could help boost your content marketing strategy by providing you with competitive intelligence.

Now let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Content Ideas –

Semrush’s first content marketing tool is Topic Research. This is a powerful, all-in-one tool that provides numerous options to help you generate content ideas.

This is my personal favorite tool and I use it to research and plan my blog content.

Would you like to know why?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Simple to use, it takes just a few moments to begin. All you need to do is enter a topic or keyword and it will give you content ideas based on those topics.
  • In addition to the main topic or keyword, you will also get a detailed list of all related subtopics.
  • Moreover, it provides metrics to help you decide which titles are most effective in your content, as well as suggestions on what to title your content.

Are you curious to know what the best part is?

Additionally, you get a list of “how,” “what,” “why,” and other questions people ask about that topic. This essentially serves you your target audience’s needs and challenges on a platter.

Semrush Content Idea/niche Tool

Pro Tip: Answer the most frequently asked questions about a topic in your content to get more engagement.

Content Optimization –

Many people aren’t aware that Semrush also has an SEO Writing Assistant. Basically, the SEO Writing Assistant is a type of online editor that corrects grammatical errors and improves readability.

What makes SEO Writing Assistant different from other language editors?

Actually, it offers almost the same features, but with an additional focus on SEO. In addition to improving the quality of your writing, this tool will ensure that search engines will consider it as high-quality content as well.

Can it be integrated with your preferred writing platform?

That’s the question on your mind right now, I know. Yes, it is.

It integrates with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, which lets you optimize your content as you write it.

Semrush content optimization Tool

Performance Analysis –

Once you create and post content, you can track the performance of each post using the Post Tracking tool by Semrush.

You can track the performance of up to 50 posts at once. This includes posts from your competitors, too. Here are the metrics that it shows.

Semrush Performance analysis tool

Content Audit –

A Post Tracking tool is only useful for a limited number of posts, while Content Analyzer provides a more comprehensive report on the performance of all your content.

This has the capability to analyze thousands of posts and provide analytics data on their performance. It also provides suggestions on which posts need to be updated or rewrote.

Semrush Content audit tool

Semrush’s brilliant tool can easily replace any other content analytics tool you are using.

Content Marketplace –

Content Marketplace is a new content marketing tool added to Semrush’s content marketing toolkit, and a much-needed one at that. It is a platform that provides on-demand content for a reasonable price.

Different types of content are available at different prices or you can subscribe to their monthly or annual subscription plans to get discounted rates.

Semrush Content Marketplace

In addition to the content database, you can also find Media Stock, which contains visual content such as pictures, videos, icons, vectors, etc. The Premium plan also includes the Shared Workspaces feature, which lets you collaborate with up to 3 team members.

SEMRush Pricing And Value For Money –

As opposed to other types of SaaS (software as a service) applications, SEO tools like Semrush are more expensive.

This is understandable, as you are not just paying for functionality, you are paying for access to huge amounts of extremely useful data, including information about your competitors.

There are 3 main pricing plans offered by Semrush:

  • Pro: $199.95 per month
  • Guru: $229.95 per month
  • Business: $449.95 per month

Additionally, there is a custom version of the platform, which allows corporate customers to create their own personalized plans (with more generous report and query limits, more user accounts, etc.).

Semrush Pricing

It’s also worth noting that Semrush provides a free trial so you can try it out before you commit to a paid plan. The company has extended its free trial to 30 days for a limited time – you can access it here. The company’s standard version lasts 7 days, but the extended trial is available for a limited time.

A credit card is required to take advantage of the fully-featured trial, which while common practice when it comes to SEO tools is somewhat tedious.

The fees Semrush charges are comparable to those charged by its competitors Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic (Majestic does offer a lower monthly plan for $49. However, it contains far fewer features than the entry level plans offered by its competitors).

In general, the Semrush plans differ in these areas:

  • access to content marketing tools
  • access to historical data.
  • the number of reports you can run per day
  • the number of keywords you can track per month

Paying more gets you more of all the above.

We’ll look closely at some aspects of the Semrush pricing structure so that we can identify where it offers good value – or bad value.

User Account –

The worst thing about Semrush’s pricing structure is that all plans – even the $449.95 ‘Business’ plan – include only one user account or ‘seat’.

For access to Semrush for more than one person in your organization, you’ll need to pay an extra $45 to $100 per person (depending on the plan type) that you select. 

Comparatively, all of Semrush’s key competitors generally increase seat counts as you go up the pricing ladder (or charge less for extra seats).

For organisations who are experiencing this issue, Semrush has a ‘Custom’ plan where you can negotiate pricing for a custom number of features with a customized number of users.

Projects –

It is important to keep in mind that a number of Semrush features are only available for domains that have been added to ‘projects.’

A few of the features you find within this category are site audits, backlink audits, on-page SEO analysis, and position tracking.

You can have up to 5 projects running on Semrush depending on the plan you have – the entry-level plan costs $119.95 per month and only supports up to 5 projects.

These limitations won’t necessarily be a deal breaker for every business – but if you manage SEO for a lot of sites concurrently or do a lot of competitor analysis, it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Report Requests –

Semrush offers large numbers of reporting options: on its entry-level plan, you can pull up to 3,000 domain-level analysis reports per day, whereas Ahrefs only allows 175 reports per week on its entry level plan.

As you move up the pricing ladder, comparative generosity continues: the Semrush $449.95 plan’s daily limit for reports is 10,000; Ahrefs’ $399 plan has a limit of 1750 per week.

Competitive Intelligence And Add-Ons –

There are quite a few Semrush features for analyzing competitors’ websites that aren’t available without buying the ‘Trends’ add-on.

By purchasing this, you gain access to:

  • The Market Explorer provides demographic and behavioral information about audiences (age, gender, and behavior, seasonal peaks, etc.)
  • Analyses of traffic (visitor engagement, traffic sources, desktop & mobile, audience overlap, historic data, geographic information.)

It is disappointing that the monthly fee for this add-on is $200. Most of the above metrics could be considered worthy of an extra charge, but $200 per month seems a bit steep (and in some cases, the add-on can cost more than some of the plans on the platform!).

Furthermore, if you wish to access local search engine optimization features, you may need to pay an extra fee.

Currently, two local SEO add-ons are available: Basic Locations, which cost $20 per month, and Premium Locations, which cost $40 per month.

Both allow you to:

  • Provide business information to directories
  • Remove duplicate listings
  • Monitor local rankings
  • Take care of your Google My Business listing and Facebook business page
  • Monitor reviews and user feedback

Additionally, a premium Semrush account gives you access to a ‘local heat map’ to show how your customers see your business in relation to other local businesses – and the option to respond to reviews directly within the Semrush interface.

PPC Data –

In the case of projects that combine SEO and PPC, you may find that Semrush offers better value than its competitors. 

This is simply because it offers more PPC data – while other tools display simple CPC figures for individual keywords, Semrush provides you with detailed competition and distribution information, live ads, and PPC campaign planning tools.

Customer Support –

The availability and format of customer support are important factors for prospective Semrush users because SEO tools like Semrush are generally complex in nature.

You have three options for customer support with Semrush: live chat, email and phone support. Comparatively, not all competing products offer phone support (Moz doesn’t even provide live chat support).

Like some other SaaS products, Semrush makes its contact information visible from every page – a help chatbox stands out on every page, and a phone number appears prominently in the website’s footer.

There’s no need to go through any tedious ‘find a phone number by searching our help pages’ stuff – help is immediately provided.

Semrush Review Conclusion –

Semrush is an amazing SEO tool that provides all the essential data you’ll need to make SEO successful. The standout features of it for me are its link building and site auditing tools; the former allows you to build backlinks using a CRM-like methodology, and the latter gives you a simple checklist of things you can do to improve your on-page and technical SEO.

What are the main downsides? The only search engine it supports is Google; all accounts come with a single account (‘seat’); and several key features are only available under a single project (with limits to the number of projects you can manage simultaneously).

It’s also a bit disappointing that some of the competitive intelligence features can only be unlocked via a rather pricey $200 per month add-on.

But overall, Semrush is a very good solution that provides you with the key information you’ll need to improve your search rankings. As with all the products we reviews though, we recommend that you try the tool out yourself before purchasing — An Extended Free Trial Is Available Here.


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