In septifix review, they are stated to prevent back-ups, obstructions, and all other associated problems in septic tanks, including corrosion. As an added benefit, you can eliminate the need for your septic tank to be drained, and in many cases reduce the need for it. Fourteen strains of bacteria are contained in each tablet, which digests septic waste. Besides enhancing pH levels, they encourage bacterial growth to combat odors.

When you contact a septic service provider about the regular issues associated with your septic tank, they will check for leaks and examine the layers of slag and sludge in your tank. It is possible to solve this issue at home without seeking outside assistance. Septifix tank treatment tablets provide a holistic solution to all of these problems.

What Are Septifix Tablets?

Richard V, the owner of a plumbing company, is among the creators of Septifix tablets. He assisted homeowners in cleaning, pumping, installing, repairing, and maintaining their septic tanks. But every time they pumped out waste, there was an unbearable stench emanating from the septic tank. Therefore, Richard partnered with a renowned university and hired 14 researchers to develop a formula that would reduce the number of times a septic tank needed to be pumped. In addition, the 14 scientists had to come up with a sustainable method to maintain a functioning septic tank in a natural and environmentally-friendly manner.

By the end of three years, the team had developed a natural formula that could clean and maintain septic tanks. There are 14 strains of bacteria on each of the septifix tablets that will digest septic waste. In addition, Septifix tablets can increase pH levels and oxygenation levels in the septic tank, thus helping to prevent odors and promote bacterial growth. This will save you thousands of dollars per year as you will not need to pump waste out as often. Septifix is easy to use, and therefore there is no need to call a professional plumber to put it on your tank.

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Who Is The Manufacturer Of Septifix Formula?

In nine states, Richard V founded a company that served septic tank owners by cleaning, pumping, installing, repairing, and maintaining their tanks. Septifix tank treatment tablets were launched in 2014 to help customers who spent $10,000 or more on repairing their septic tank systems due to poor maintenance.

Richard created the formula for Septifix tablets with the help of his team of scientists. Richard hated the stink that was produced each time one of his clients had their septic tank pumped. Having assembled a team of fourteen scientists and collaborating with a renowned university, they worked tirelessly for over three years to perfect the solution.

How Does The Septifix Tablet Work?

The user manual is included with every Septifix package, and says new users should place three tablets in their toilet bowl before flushing. Upon reaching the septic tank, the tablet slowly begins to dissolve, while oxygen and sodium carbonate slowly leak out.

Approximately ten liters of oxygen are released from each Septifix tablet into the septic tank in small bubbles, according to the manufacturer. 3-5 days later, the oxygen reacts with the waste in the septic tank to combat the odor. The soda ash in the septic tank also works as a barrier, bringing the contents of the tank to a neutral pH and thus protecting your plumbing system from corrosion. There are also numerous strains of bacteria in Septifix tablets that feed on septic tank residue, such as oils, toilet papers, soap, and grease, reducing the need to pump the tank occasionally.

how does the septifix tablet work

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Features Of Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets:

  • The tablets are safe and free of harsh chemicals and toxins
  • No special handling is required for Septifix tablets. The tablet(s) can be placed on the toilet bowl by any adult.
  • Each package in the Septifix line is made by a high-quality facility in the U.S.
  • No hazardous chemicals are released by Septifix tablets.
  • According to the manufacturer, Septifix is the only septic tank treatment that releases free oxygen into the environment.
  • Sepifix has a longer-lasting effect on your septic tank than comparable products in the market.
  • By using Septifix, you’ll save a considerable amount of money every year.
  • Every purchase of Septifix comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Septifix Tablets Usage Direction:

Tablets of Septifix are non-toxic and can be handled with your bare hands. Although Septifix maker strongly recommends you wash your hands later with a lot of water and soap. Additionally, users are advised to avoid ingesting Septifix. The manufacturer of Septifix recommends placing three tablets into the toilet bowl and flushing twice if you’re a new user.

Results will be noticed in 3 to 5 days, including odorless septic tanks and better drainage. However, in subsequent months, the Septifix manufacturer recommends using one tablet each month. Even so, if you have a large septic tank or numerous family members, it is best to consult a professional plumber, Septifix customer care support.


How Is It Different From Other Septic Tank Treatments?

Upon in-depth research and analysis of the Septifix reviews from several people, it was discovered that Septifix contains over a billion bacteria strains in every gram.

It’s way more than any other product on the market. It’s a unique combination of pH and oxygenation compounds. Each tablet contains 10 liters of oxygen, which reacts with hydrogen sulfides to eliminate them. This is quite different from other types of treatments. 

Furthermore, Septifix treatment tablets contain ingredients that neutralize the pH of waste, and the increased oxygen concentration leads to bacterial growth. The effect lasts for a long time and happens quickly, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Ultimately, the tabs decompose the sludge layer and allow the tank to be cleaned. Sludge isn’t the only thing it removes. It also eliminates harmful pathogens, bad smells, and grease buildup. In addition, it eliminates the need for pumping septic systems and is cost-effective. These factors make it different from other septic system treatments.


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Septifix Customer Reviews & Complaints:

Customers are quite satisfied with the product, and their Septifix reviews demonstrate the product’s growing popularity. There have been very few complaints registered so far because it has worked for people and cleaned their septic systems effectively. After using it, customers noticed results within a few days, and the problem with bad smells was resolved.

septifix customer review


What is the importance of using Septifix Septic Treatment Tablets?


Develop A Healthy Bacterial Population

In the septic tank, Septifix tablets increase oxygen levels. Having high oxygen levels encourages live bacteria to thrive, which eliminates septic tank deposits by breaking down biodegradable material.

Remove Odors

According to Sepifix, it is the only septic treatment tablet that starts releasing oxygen immediately after application. Consequently, oxygen reacts with hydrogen sulfide, eliminating undesirable odors in 3-5 days from the septic tank.

Cleans Every Part Of The Septic Tank

Septifix’s innovative manufacturing process allows sludge to decompose from the bottom up, effectively cleaning all areas of the septic tank.

It Protects The Plumbing System

Septifix neutralizes the contents of your septic tank, thus protecting your entire plumbing system from corrosive gases, which lead to increased wear and tear.


The number of times septic tank waste needs to be pumped out is reduced by almost half with Septifix. Consequently, you’ll save a lot because plumbers and pumpers won’t be needed.

Septifix Tank Therapy Tablets Pricing And Availability:

The official website is the only place to purchase Septifix tank treatment tablets. Using UPS, the organization will deliver your order directly to your home or office. You will receive your order within 24 hours, and it will be dispatched within 5 to 7 business days. (The Covid-19 pandemic may have an impact on mail delivery times.)

It is advised, however, to order the Septifix tank treatment tabs soon before the prices increase, as the manufacturers have indicated. It’s getting harder and harder to source live bacteria, oxygenation, and pH-regulating compounds because of their rising prices.

Septifix comes in three different packages. These are as follows.

This is all backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

septifix pricing


Click Here To Order The Septifix Tablets From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)


The company claims that Septifix is a revolutionary septic tank treatment tablet that can have a significant positive impact on bacterial colonies as well as oxygen levels. Additionally, this product has the ability to neutralize pH levels and eliminate foul odors by reacquainting itself with hydrogen sulfide. Septifix also claims it prevents the plumbing system from oxidizing and reduces the number of times your tank needs to be pumped.

Click Here To Order The Septifix Tablets From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)


Frequently Asked Question About Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets:

How many Septifix units should I order?

By using the tablets regularly in your septic system, you will have fewer problems with odor, back-ups, and obstructions as well as having to call on expensive pumpers.

Which Septifix bundle deserves?

The most popular, most affordable package comes with an 18-month supply, making it the best value.

Is the Septifix order a one-time fee, or will I be invoiced again?

All of the choices listed below are one-time fees. You will never be charged again.

What about if Septifix is not effective for me?

If you are dissatisfied with Septifix, you can contact the company directly to request a timely refund. Again, you are entirely protected by the money-back guarantee.

What is the optimal number of Septifix tablets to use?

By flushing one tablet down the toilet once a month, the powerful combination of living bacteria, oxygenation, and pH regulation will clean your septic tank and eliminate odors while preventing all problems.


septifix pricing


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