Consumer Reports Best Septic Tank Treatment 2024

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What Is Septic Tank?

Septic tanks transfer the wastewater generated from your home to tanks, where active bacteria disperse and consume the waste, effectively breaking the solids from the liquids.

The liquids are drained through perforated pipes to a drainage field where the water is filtered by layers of rocks and minerals and then returned to the groundwater system.

It’s simple to forget about your septic tank, which means it’s as easy to overlook the regular maintenance. Your septic is dependent on your system daily, so when maintenance is not done, it could result in an unpleasant smell in your hands.

An annual septic tank maintenance is vital to provide the beneficial bacteria in the tank an extra boost to keep it efficiently degrading household waste that goes into the tank.

Why Are Septic Tanks Treatments Important?

Septic tanks are designed to bring the waste from your home into the tank. In the tank, the bacteria the tank disintegrates and consumes the waste and separates it into solids as well as liquids. The liquids are then drained through perforated pipes to the ground. 

The area of the ground is known as a drainage field. When liquids flow through the drain fields, the layers of minerals, rocks, and soil remove the water before sending it back into the underground water system. The secret to keeping systems of this kind running is maintaining. 

Treatment for septic tanks is recommended to boost the beneficial bacteria that are in the system an extra boost.

A regular dose of the treatment ensures that your tank is operating well and helps prevent the tank from getting worn out too quickly. In addition to the regular treatments Pumping your tank, every two years is suggested.


Types Of Septic Tank Treatments

Various septic tank treatments include inorganic acids, alkali, hydrogen peroxide organic solvents, and biological additives. But, certain treatment methods are detrimental to septic systems.

Your local authorities could even prohibit them due to the risk of pollution of groundwater nearby or the degradation of the soil’s content.

Due to the potential dangers, knowing the distinctions between the different treatment methods is crucial.

Inorganic Acids and Alkalis:

These potent compounds can clear any obstruction in a matter of minutes. But, they’re so harsh that if they’re not properly diluted, they could destroy the essential bacteria required for the tank to function.

If this happens, raw sewage could flow into the drain field, resulting in unpleasant smells and groundwater leakage in the area and degrading your system in general.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide used to be an extremely popular option for treating septic tanks by numerous septic maintenance firms.

However, recent research has shown that hydrogen peroxide does not cause any damage to the beneficial ecosystem of bacteria within the tank if it is properly diluted. It does alter soil contents and affects the long-term effectiveness of the drainage field.

Due to the long-lasting consequences on your drain field’s capacity to absorb and filter wastewater, This isn’t an ideal choice for long-term septic tank maintenance.

Organic Solvents:

Solvents like trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, and many other chlorinated hydrocarbons are used to remove greasers. For septic tank treatment, they can disintegrate grease, oils, and fats that accumulate on the floor of tanks.

While they are effective in breaking down things but the solvents themselves do not break down. Instead, they leach into the groundwater system and may cause ecological harm, which is why they are prohibited from use in certain states.

Biological Additives:

Biological additives such as enzymes from extracellular bacteria are the most suitable treatment for septic tanks to promote an enviro-healthy, natural bacteria-rich ecosystem, ensuring an efficient drain field and preserving the health of groundwater in the area.

The septic tank treatment increases the population of beneficial bacteria within the tank by introducing specific enzymes to dissolving fibers ( toilet paper).

The septic tank scum accumulates on top of the wastewater fluid, and other solid waste naturally occurring bacteria could be unable to decompose.

Be sure to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer to prevent an over-accumulation of methane gas. This could result in solid waste being discharged into the drain field, which can block the drain from the tank.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Septic Tank Treatment?

If you’re unsure of what information you need regarding the treatment of septic tanks, take a look at the following information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Tank Compatibility:

Before purchasing a septic tank treatment, ensure you are aware of the size of your tank. If you buy the treatment for a tank that is 1,500 gallons, but your tank only holds 500 gallons, the treatment could overwhelm the bacterial ecosystem and alter the balance of enzymes in a way that too.

However, if the treatment you select isn’t strong enough, it could not be effective in helping keep the health of the septic tank. To avoid this problem, check your tank’s size in gallons and look up this number when considering the treatment alternatives.


Septic tank treatments are available in many ways to enhance the efficacy of the treatment and make it more user-friendly, such as tablets, pods, or powders, as well as liquids and powders.

  • Pods are among the most well-known designs, featuring a water-soluble shell that makes them easy to use, just like detergent pods for dishwashing. Place the pod into your toilet, and then flush. The casing will dissolve, and the solution will be dispersed into the tank. There is no mess, no measurement, or delayed-release time. This is one of the easiest ways to release.
  • Tablets function similarly to pods; however, they do not have a protective coating. Instead, the whole tablet is broken down inside the tank. This process takes some time than pods. Since tablets are doses that are measured, the method is an easy, simple treatment for septic tanks.
  • Powders aren’t as straightforward as tablets or pods and require you to measure the proper dosage and then carefully pour it into the toilet. Before flushing, you need to let the powder soak into the water, or else certain portions of it may be released into the air while flushing. The powders have already been broken down, so they start working immediately after entering the tank. Contrary to tablets and pods, which are measured for specific quantities, You can utilize powders to fill any size tank as long as you determine the right amount.
  • Liquids are like powders; they need to be tested before use and start working immediately. Most liquid treatments are designed for clogs; therefore, this method is less frequent than other forms.


The duration of the treatment for a septic tank determines the length of time it will be efficient. Most treatments are once-monthly, but they may also be found in four, three, six, or twelve-month doses.

There are also single-use therapies designed to treat clogs. If you are worried that you will be unable to remember to treat your septic tank every month, choosing a product with the same lifespan as major events or holidays might be beneficial.

For instance, if you own a product with three months of lifespan, it is possible to utilize quarterly events as reminders to take care of your tank, like The New Year, Christmas, and year or Easter. Independence Day and Labor Day (when children return for school).

Eco-Friendly Assets:

Septic tanks are part of the surrounding ecosystem to help treat human waste and return it to the groundwater and soil.

This green method should be at the forefront of your list when looking for products for treating septic tanks to ensure proper performance and well-being of the active ecosystem of bacterial life, drainage field soil, and groundwater.

The natural system inside your septic tank performs better when you use eco-friendly products, which means you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency to satisfy ecological considerations.

Choose organic treatment products that don’t contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde since these chemicals are highly harmful to our environment.


Clogs within your septic system must be removed and treated promptly to avoid destruction, the build-up of solid waste inside the pipes, and unpleasant, strong smells that could be absorbed into your house’s walls and floors.

When the blockage is removed, the rising smell of your pipes could be worsened and most likely persist even after the pipes have been cleared. To lessen the odor of nose wrinkles, consider using a septic tank treatment to remove the blockage that has odor control or odor reduction features.

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Active Ingredients:

Septic tanks depend on the well-being of their bacteria populations, the soil content in their drainage field, and efficient plumbing infrastructure.

Without these tanks, they are just an excavation in the soil. To ensure your health Septic system, read the active ingredients in the septic tank treatment before purchasing.

Take note of the reason for the enzymes in the mix, the number of bacteria present, and the presence of toxic chemicals or organic matter.

Any additive you introduce to your septic tank must be done with precise details regarding the product to ensure that your system is receiving the most effective treatment with no adverse negative effects.

Best Septic Tank Treatment 2023

Green Gobbler Septic Saver Treatment Pods 

Maintenance of a trouble-free septic system has never been simpler with Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Treatment Pods.

Created to prevent backups and overflows from your tank, these convenient pods have revolutionized septic tank care routines everywhere.

Why Select Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Treatment Pods?

Effortless Maintenance:

Say Goodbye to Frequent Septic Tank Maintenance and Repairs with these treatment pods – all you have to do is drop one into your main floor toilet once every month and watch as the natural bacteria contained within each pod transform it into your ally, breaking down organic materials such as grease, fats, oils and waste that often lead to issues and unpleasant odors in your system.

Balanced Microorganisms:

Household chemicals like detergents and bleach can disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms in a septic tank.

However, Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Treatment Pods have you covered: They’ll effectively counteract their negative impacts to ensure your system stays in tip-top condition.

Versatile and Convenient: 

These pods can fit seamlessly with any septic system, making them an excellent option for homeowners. Their user-friendly app is a helpful reminder for your next pod drop!

Money-Back Guarantee:

Green Gobbler takes your satisfaction very seriously, so we provide a money-back guarantee with each purchase made through us. Shop with peace of mind now!

What We Love:

Versatility: Suitable for all septic systems, making it a must-have for every household.

Chemical Neutralization: Counteracts the harmful effects of common household chemicals.



Uncle Todd’s Septic Pods

Uncle Todd’s Septic Pods provide an effective and affordable way to ensure your septic tank’s proper care and maintenance. 

With 12 pods available – enough for one month at a time! – Uncle Todd’s Septic Pods simplify managing a septic system – flush one pod each month until it has optimal performance.

Uncle Todd’s Septic Pods offer various key features:

Eco-Friendly and Safe:

Our commitment to environmental responsibility shines through with these eco-friendly pods made of all-natural materials that are gentle on septic systems, plumbing systems and the environment – so rest easy knowing you are making a sustainable choice for your home!

Promoting Natural Enzyme Growth: 

Each pod contains billions of beneficial bacteria which actively stimulate the production of natural enzymes that work tirelessly to break down the solid waste and organic matter, eliminating backups and unpleasant odors.

Prevents Costly Repairs:

Uncle Todd’s Septic Treatment Pods provide:

  • Proactive septic system maintenance that saves you from costly repairs.
  • Keeping your septic system reliable and clean.
  • Hassle-free for longer.

What We Love:

Septic System Backup and Odor Prevention: Say goodbye to backups and smelly septic systems with these pods as backup and odor prevention measures. 

Simplified Yearly Supply: With this supply for one full year coverage. 

Environmentally Conscience Choices: These pods make an environmentally responsible decision!



Bio-Clean Drain Septic Tank Treatment

Bio-Clean Drain Septic stands out as a natural and effective approach for maintaining septic systems. 

Utilizing the power of bacteria and enzymes, this product breaks down. It digests organic material such as grease, oils, fats and paper to help avoid clogs while supporting overall system health.

Key Features of Bio-Clear Drain Septic System:

Efficient Organic Waste Breakdown:

Bio-Clean Drain Septic excels at breaking down organic waste that accumulates over time in septic systems, with its blend of bacteria and enzymes specifically tailored for this task, ensuring the continued functionality of your septic system.

Safe to Use in All Plumbing:

This treatment is suitable and safe for all plumbing fixtures, including toilets, sinks, garbage disposals and showers. No damage will come to them during their application.

Simple Initial Treatment:

Mix The Contents Of A Jar With 4 Gallons Of Water And Flush The Solution Down the Toilet for Initial Therapy. 

For initial therapy, mix all of the contents of a jar with 4 gallons of water before flushing down your toilet to initiate treatment. Subsequent maintenance treatments consist of flushing 1 cup of powder monthly.

Environment Friendly and Safe: 

With Bio-Clean Drain Septic, you get both effectiveness and environmental friendliness in one package, providing peace of mind for use around children and pets when maintaining your septic system.

What We Love:

Effective Organic Waste Breakdown: Keeps Septic Systems Clear of Clogs and Blockages. 

Versatile Use: Can be used on all plumbing types. 

Environmentally Friendly: An eco-conscious option.

Safe for Families and Pets: Enjoy peace of mind using it around family or pet companions.



Septic Tank Treatment – 1 Year Supply (12 Count)

Take easy care in maintaining your septic system with our one-year supply of dissolvable live bacteria packets designed for hassle-free flushing and to reduce backups and costly repairs. 

These packets have been scientifically designed to maintain optimal conditions of your tank while mitigating the risk of backups or costly repairs.

Why choose Septic Tank Treatment – 1 Year Supply (12 Count)

Effective Bacterial Action: 

This septic tank treatment utilizes an effective mixture of live bacteria cultures that work tirelessly to break down solids and decompose various types of waste in your septic tank, thus helping prevent system issues and ensure smooth functionality of the system.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: 

Customers concerned with environmental conservation will appreciate these packets being natural and eco-friendly, which makes use of them safer than ever for all plumbing lines – you can feel good knowing you are doing something good for the planet when using them! You can do your part while at the same time protecting it!

Say Goodbye to Odors:

Our septic tank treatment provides one of its greatest advantages – removing any offensive smells in your system will ensure a more pleasant living environment for you and your family.

Versatile Use: 

Our septic tank treatment can be applied at home and for RVs and boats to maintain septic systems in different environments. It offers an ideal way to keep them operating effectively.

What We Love:

Prevents Costly Backups and Repairs: Protect your wallet by avoiding expensive septic system problems.

Odor Elimination: Enjoy a fresh and odor-free septic system.

Plumbing Line Safe: Compatible with all plumbing lines, ensuring worry-free use.



RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes 

RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes offer an ideal way to avoid backups and keep septic systems functioning smoothly, helping ensure household waste flows freely into your septic system. 

With regular use, RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes quickly break down waste for proper disposal in your septic system.

Key Features of RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes:

Simplicity at its Best: RID-X makes septic tank maintenance effortless. Just flushing it down your toilet once every month will do it; no mixing or waiting is needed. Leave it at that and watch as RID-X takes care of the rest!

Cellulase Enzymes for Efficiency:

RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes contain cellulase enzymes that are crucial in breaking down paper products–one of the main contributors to buildups within your tank–while also tackling accumulations of grease accumulation in your system and keeping things running smoothly.

RID-X Is Safe for Plumbing and the Environment:

 Please take comfort in knowing that RID-X is completely natural and contains no hazardous substances, making it eco-friendly.

Tank Size Consideration: 

RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes were created for septic tanks with capacities of up to 1,500 gallons, making them suitable for most residential homes and septic tank owners.

Thorough Use:

RID-X recommends flushing twice with their product for optimal use; however, the powder version can often linger in your toilet bowl, and an extra scrub may be necessary to ensure complete removal after each use.

What We Like: 

User-Friendly: Simple and convenient application.

Environmentally Conscious: Contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment.

Paper Product Breakdown: Cellulase enzymes effectively tackle paper-related septic issues.



Organic Plumber Dual Formula Septic Tank Treatment

Organic Plumber Dual Formula Septic Tank Treatment provides an eco-friendly solution to maintaining and improving the health of your septic system. 

Constructed using natural enzymes and bacteria, this product targets organic waste such as grease, oils, fats and paper for digestion while helping prevent backups or clogs in septic systems.

Key Features of Organic Plumber Dual Formula Septic Tank Treatment:

Environmentally Conscious:

This natural formula is specially formulated to be eco-friendly. Using it will not affect groundwater, sewer lines, or waterways – making it a responsible option for septic system care.

Convenient Tablet Form:

Organic Plumber Dual Formula Septic Tank Treatment can be utilized easily and conveniently through its tablet form. 

Flush one or two tablets down each month according to the size and structure of your home, adjusting as necessary.

Clog and Odor Prevention:

This product excels at preventing clogs and backups to your septic system and helping reduce unpleasant odors for an improved living experience.

Versatile Use: 

Organic Plumber Dual Formula Septic Tank Treatment’s wide application can extend beyond homes. It can even be safely used on RVs and boats without worrying about contamination.

What We Love: 

Natural Ingredients: Crafted from natural enzymes and bacteria.

User-Friendly Tablet Form: Convenient and easy to use.

Environmentally Responsible: A choice that won’t harm the environment.

Versatile Use: Suitable for RVs, boats, and homes.



Vacplus Septic Tank Treatments Packs

Regarding septic tank maintenance, Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment Packs provide a simple and highly effective solution. 

Packed with billions of active enzymes designed to break down organic waste buildups and save you from costly maintenance expenses, these packs make septic tank upkeep effortless and worry-free.

Key Benefits of Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment Packs:

Powerful Enzymatic Action:

Our packs contain billions of active enzymes which work tirelessly to break down organic waste within your septic tank, help prevent accumulation, and avoid costly maintenance and repairs. 

This preventative approach can save both time and money in maintenance costs.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors:

 Wave goodbye to unpleasant bathroom odors thanks to the enzymes found in Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment Packs, which work wonders at neutralizing organic waste-related odors and provide an enjoyable bathroom experience!

Safe and Neutral Formula:

Our formula is gentle yet effective, designed to work for nearly all septic and sewage systems without leaving harmful residue behind. 

No harmful corrosives or additives exist – giving you peace of mind knowing it won’t damage your plumbing.

User-Friendly Operation:

Utilizing Vacplus Septic Tank Treatment Packs couldn’t be any simpler: just drop one into your toilet bowl once every month and flush. Each pack lasts one month – for an entire year of protection!

Versatile Use: 

These packs can be used for more than just household septic tanks; they’re versatile enough to fit commercial sewage tanks and those found aboard boats or RVs, giving you peace of mind knowing you can rely on them regardless of where life takes you.

What We Love:

Maintenance Made Easy: Keep your septic system in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

Odor Control: Enjoy a fresh and odor-free bathroom environment.

Safety First: Its neutral formula is gentle on septics and sewage systems.



Septic Tank Treatment Pods

Discover the power of eco-friendly septic tank care with Natural Elements Septic Pods. These pods are designed to inject life into your septic system’s natural biology, increasing efficiency while prolonging its lifespan.

Key Features of Septic Tank Treatment Pods:

Restores Natural Biology: 

Over time, septic systems may lose their natural balance of bacteria and enzymes; with Natural Elements Septic Pods, you can restore these essential organisms for maximum system performance.

Scientifically Formulated Blend: 

Each pod in our pod system contains a carefully formulated mix of bacteria and enzymes designed to dissolve system-clogging buildup to facilitate smooth functioning, even in areas prone to blockages.

Hassle-Free Year-Long Maintenance:

Maintaining your septic system doesn’t need to be complicated or labour-intensive – all it takes is dropping one pod every month into your tank for hassle-free yearly upkeep! 

No need for frequent maintenance visits as these pods offer long-lasting protection.

100% Biodegradable: 

Natural Elements Septic Pods are 100% biodegradable, making them a responsible choice for homeowners who care for their septic system and the environment.

Reduces Unpleasant Odors:

Our pods facilitate the efficient decomposition of solids, paper and grease and can also reduce unpleasant odors to create a cleaner and fresher home environment.

What We Like: 

Natural Balance Restoration: Reintroducing essential microorganisms to restore septic system performance. 

Scientific Formulation: Precise combination of bacteria and enzymes designed for effective maintenance. 

Hassle-Free Year-Long Supply: No more frequent maintenance visits!

Eco-Friendly: These 100% biodegradable pads ensure responsible septic care.



Green Pig Solutions Live Septic Tank Treatment

GreenPig Solutions Live Septic Tank Treatment simplifies septic tank care with ease, offering cost-effective septic tank cleaner in convenient pre-measured packets for convenient maintenance. 

No more measuring required! Enjoy effortless care without hassle with GreenPig’s revolutionary solution.

Key Features of GreenPig Solutions’ Live Septic Tank Treatment:

Easy to Use:

With pre-measured packets, using this septic tank treatment couldn’t be any easier. Every three months, grab one packet and drop it into your tank – no muss, no fuss – simply effortless maintenance!

GreenPig Solutions Provides Solutions Tailored to Your Needs:

With options of purchasing 1, 2, or 5-year supplies, you can select what best fits your requirements for long-term success.

Powerful Bacterial Action:

Each small packet packs a powerful one billion beneficial bacteria designed to give your septic tank powerful digestion of even difficult materials such as grease and solid waste. 

These natural microorganisms have proven capable of efficiently digesting even challenging substances like grease and solid waste.

Versatile Tank Sizes:

Whether your tank holds 500, 1000, or 1500-gallon capacity, GreenPig Solutions Live Septic Tank Treatment will surely have you covered. Its effectiveness stretches across different tank sizes.

Moisture-Resistant Packaging:

Each packet is housed in an easy-to-open and reseal moisture-resistant bag to avoid moisture or contaminants entering before all the packets have been consumed.

No Fillers, Only Quality:

Green Pig Solutions promises only quality products without fillers, prioritizing delivery without unnecessary additives or fillers.

What We Love:

Long-Term Solutions: Choose from multi-year supply options to ensure consistent septic tank care.

User-Friendly: Pre-measured packets simplify the maintenance process.

Budget-Friendly: An affordable option for septic system maintenance.

Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of tank sizes.



Walex Bio-Active Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Treatment

Walex Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment provides an easy way to keep a septic system healthy with twelve reasonably priced monthly dosages per purchase, making care easier than ever for tanks of up to 1,500-gallon capacity.

Key Features of Walex Bio-Active Eco-Friendly Septic Tank Treatment:

Full Year’s Supply: 

Each purchase provides enough premeasured treatments for a year’s supply, eliminating worries about running out or frequent replacements.

Replenishment with Beneficial Bacteria: 

Premeasured pods containing billions of beneficial bacteria help replenish your tank with what might have been depleted due to harsh cleaning products, helping restore the natural balance in your septic tank. 

This proactive approach restores natural equilibrium.

Targeted Enzymes:

Walex Bio-Active Pods utilize septic tank-specific enzymes to decompose solid waste components such as paper, fats and proteins in your waste stream. 

Working alongside bacteria in your tank, these targeted enzymes ensure efficient decomposition.

Toilet Interior Residue: 

Please be aware that this product can leave behind residue on the interior of a toilet upon use, leading to repeated scrubbing sessions for the bowl. 

For best results, it should be applied before cleaning your bowl.

Walex Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment Is Safe for All Plumbing Systems:

 You can rest assured that Walex Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment is suitable for use in any plumbing system and will do no harm to any of your fixtures.

What We Love: 

Full Year’s Supply: Enjoy long-lasting septic system care.

Bacteria Replenishment: Restore the natural balance of your septic tank.

Targeted Enzymes: Efficiently break down solid waste components.

Plumbing System Safe: Compatible with all plumbing systems.



Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment 

Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment is an exceptional solution for maintaining and treating your septic system, including common issues like oil, paper and organic matter buildup. 

It features enzymes designed to effectively break down fats and oils to significantly reduce solids accumulation within your tank and save on regular pump-out costs.

Key Features of Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment:

Comprehensive Organic Matter Breakdown:

Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment’s expertise lies in breaking down organic matter such as paper, fats and oils into usable forms to keep your septic system from buildup. 

This comprehensive approach ensures your system remains free from blockages that cause trouble for years.

Long Shelf-Life and Restock of Septic Tank Bacteria:

Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment’s innovative formula contains live, flushable bacteria suspended in hydrogen to provide a three- to five-year shelf-life and replenish septic tank bacteria that have naturally decreased over time, thus preventing waste buildup.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe: 

This 100% eco-friendly product features an all-natural formula free from hazardous chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms that pose potential threats. 

Use it with confidence, knowing it won’t harm the well-being of your family and pets, not to mention all septic tanks without adverse impacts on plumbing.

Leach Field Preservation:

Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment was specifically developed to protect and preserve your leach field – an integral component of any septic system which removes impurities and contaminants. 

While some treatment kits can damage it, this product ensures proper functioning.

High Bacteria Count:

Pro Pump Septic Tank Treatment packs contain billions of bacteria for treating tanks of up to 2,000 gallons, eliminating the need for extra packs or larger quantities for larger septic systems.

Odor Elimination:

Additionally, this product eliminates unpleasant odors in your pipes for an improved living environment.

What We Love:

Comprehensive Organic Matter Breakdown: Addresses a wide range of waste types.

Long Shelf-Life and Bacteria Replenishment: Provides a prolonged effective lifespan.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe: A responsible choice for septic system care.

Leach Field Preservation: Ensures proper function of the leach field.

High Bacteria Count: Suitable for treating larger septic tanks.



Instant Power Septic Shock 

Instant Power Septic Shock offers an instantaneous and effective solution when clogs arise, designed specifically to clear them swiftly and effortlessly. 

While its strength makes it ideal for clearing away obstructions quickly and effortlessly, remember that its strength may overwhelm a healthy system, and its use should only be done as necessary.

Key Features of Instant Power Septic Shock:

Rapid Action:

Time is of the essence when dealing with plumbing clogs. Instant Power Septic Shock can provide quick relief from your clog-induced plumbing problems within minutes, providing fast and effective relief from their incessant cycle of blockages.

Odor Elimination: 

This product will address clogs and comes equipped with enzymes designed to eliminate unpleasant odors. 

With their help, this product helps prevent them from permeating into your home and creating unwanted smells.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

Instant Power Septic Tank Treatment is an eco-friendly solution. It utilizes a blend of potent enzymes such as lipase, protease, cellulose, alpha-amylase, and more to efficiently digest grease, soap, paper waste and fats without harming the environment. 

You can count on its effectiveness without fear of environmental degradation.

Ease of Use:

Utilizing this product is straightforward. Pour its entire contents into your toilet tank, flush, and you will see immediate relief from clogs! 

It starts working instantly to provide a hassle-free solution for clogged-up pipes.

What We Love: 

Swift Clog Resolution: Say goodbye to clogs in minutes.

Odor Control: Enjoy a fresher home environment.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Effective and environmentally responsible.

User-Friendly: Easy and convenient to use.



CCLS Septic Tank & Cesspool Treatment

CCLS Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment provides an effective, eco-friendly way to ensure the optimal functioning of your septic system. 

Formulated from natural enzymes and bacteria, this product excels at breaking down organic waste to minimize backups or clogs in your system.

Key Features of CCLS Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment:

Effective Organic Waste Breakdown: 

This natural enzymes and bacteria solution provides a highly efficient organic waste breakdown to ensure the smooth operation of your septic tank system and promote the overall health of its ecosystem. 

This proactive approach ensures longevity for its inhabitants.

Environmentally Friendly:

CCLS takes great pride in creating products with no harmful chemicals or toxins that are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Safe and Noncorrosive:

CCLS Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment are noncorrosive, meaning they won’t damage your plumbing or septic system when used as intended. 

Use it with complete confidence, knowing no lasting harm will be done!


Septic tanks and cesspools require less effort for maintenance when you pour 1/2 cup down each drain every month per person who uses your system, with adjustments being made depending on whether your septic system is older or overtaxed.

What We Love: 

Natural and Effective: Effectively breaks down organic waste to prevent septic issues.

Environmentally Friendly: Contains no harmful chemicals or toxins.

Safe and Noncorrosive: Won’t damage plumbing or the septic system.

User-Friendly Application: Simple and convenient to use.



Consumer Reports Best Septic Tank Treatment – Septifix Review (Our Recommendation):

Based on consumer reports best septic tank treatment, Septifix is a natural method to clean septic tanks. This tablet weighs 55 grams and contains 14 varieties of bacteria (aerobic). Each one gram of Septifix contains over 10 million bacteria which oxygenate and regulate PH. They clean up septic tanks for up to three months.

Additionally, Septifix safeguards the environment by removing harmful chemicals and pollutants. Additionally, dropping the Septifix pills into the tank will reduce the smell within 3 to 5 days due to instantly reacting with debris. The invention aids in the elimination of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. It is cost-effective and enhances the performance that the pipes provide.

septifix review

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Ingredients Of Septifix Tablets

Septifix tablets are free of harsh chemicals and safe to use. The primary ingredients in Septifix are:

  • 10 Billion Aerobic Bacteria Strains: The strains of bacteria included in Septifix’s formula are three times more than the majority of other treatments for septic tanks available. They aid in clearing your septic tank twice as quickly.
  • Oxygen-Releasing Compounds: It’s currently the only septic treatment that releases as much as 10 liters of oxygen per tablet, which reacts with the hydrogen sulfides in your tank, removing the stink.
  • PH-Balancing Compounds: Other components of Septifix assist in neutralizing the pH level of water, which, when coupled with the high oxygen levels, creates a favorable environment for the bacterial strains to flourish.

How Does The Septifix Tablet Work?

The new Septifix users are advised to flush three tablets into the toilet before using this product the very first time. The oxygen and sodium carbonate dissolves slowly when the tablet is placed in the septic tank. The average Septifix tablet is thought to release about 10 liters of oxygen into the tank as tiny bubbles. The oxygen contained in the septic tank reacts to waste over 3-5 days to fight the smell. 

The contents of the septic tank will be neutralized through sodium carbonate, which acts as a strong blockage against rain. This means that corrosion is prevented from the plumbing systems. Furthermore, Septifix pills include a range of bacteria that feed off the effluents in your septic tanks, including toilet paper, oils, grease, soap, and other substances and reduce the frequency you have to have your tank cleaned.

Septifix Tablets Usage Direction

The act of touching Septifix tablets with bare hands won’t cause harm to you since they are not toxic. Septifix’s manufacturer strongly suggests cleaning your hands using plenty of soap and water later. In addition, people should be careful not to consume Septifix. 

When using Septifix for the first time, the company recommends placing three tablets in your toilet and flushing it twice. Positive results, like better drainage of your septic tank, and improved drainage, could be anticipated in less than 3 to 5 days. 

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Septifix is the manufacturer of Septifix; the other recommends using only one tablet per month following the initial. It is still recommended to seek out the guidance of a qualified plumber if you own an enormous septic tank or have a lot of family members, according to Septifix’s customer service.

Benefits Of Septifix Treatment

  • Septifix helps to reduce and eliminate the unpleasant smells emanating from clogged tanks.
  • Eliminates the root of blockages by breaking down the organic matter that has accumulated in the tanks, such as natural oils, grease, and sludge, along with organic hydrocarbons.
  • It helps prevent back-ups, blockages, and corrosion in valves, pipes, and pumps. It also helps prevent corrosion from tubes, pipes, etc.
  • A higher percentage of aerobic bacteria strains found in other treatments aid in speeding the process of cleaning.
  • Septifix can help reduce or stop regular maintenance and extend the efficiency of your septic tank.

How Is Septifix Different From Other Septic Tank Cleaners

Septifix is the sole septic tank treatment technique that utilizes oxygen-releasing chemicals, up to 10 liters of oxygen per tablet, specifically formulated to lessen the odor-producing consequences of hydrogen sulfur sulfides.

It is the only treatment option that contains 10 billion aerobic strains of bacteria (almost double the amount of bacteria strains used in other treatments). Which ensures a massive reduction in the accumulation of natural oils, sludge grease, and other organic waste, which cause clogs.

Septifix’s manufacturers are offering huge savings for their 18-month supply. Any purchase made on their website is covered by 60 Days Of Money-Back Guarantee in case you don’t see any improvement in the state of your tank’s sewage.

Septifix Scam?

Septifix is the result of more than 14 years of development and research to develop the most effective cleaning system for septic tanks using the most advanced oxygen-cleaning technology.

It is employed by more than 213,374 US owners of septic tanks to ensure their tanks’ efficient functioning and stop clogs from emitting unpleasant smells. The Septifix treatment has proven its efficacy with 87% of returning customers.

We have previously stated in our Septifix Reviews: It is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases via their official site. It is possible to claim this if the product doesn’t improve the condition of your septic tank.

Septifix Customer Reviews And Complaints

In several of the consumer reports best septic tank treatment Septifix reviews, most users have seen positive changes in the health of their tanks in just two weeks. Elimination of smells is the initial indicator that this treatment is effective.

Septifix is free of harsh chemicals, needs no specific handling, and it’s completely non-toxic and secure to utilize. It is manufactured in top manufacturing facilities across the US, and you can be assured of its superiority through its 60-day return policy.

The only pertinent concern we found was the delay in delivery, which typically happened during the full-on outbreak in the pandemic covid. Delivery seems to be running well and on time at present.

consumer reports best septic tank treatment

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Septifix Pricing And Availability

Septifix tablet is now available in the following package variants:

All the packages are covered with 60 days refund guarantee if you purchase from their Official Website. It is not available in local home depots or retail stores currently. 

septifix pricing

consumer reports best septic tank treatment

Septifix Final Thoughts

Based on consumer reports best septic tank treatment, Septifix is a fantastic product that everyone should own. It’s a breeze to use and will help you save hundreds of dollars annually.

Septifix is a toilet cleaner that can eliminate the unpleasant odor and the necessity to clear your toilet. It is safe and not harmful, and it is also safe for the environment, thanks to Septifix tablets. It is not necessary to drain the septic tank when Septifix tablets can solve the problem.

Septifix will also allow you to save money. You will enjoy a clean and stress-free house because your pipes, toilets, and septic tanks operate smoothly. There’s no need to worry about your items getting clogged up since Septifix considers you.

consumer reports best septic tank treatment

Importance Things You Need To Know About Septic Tank And Septic Tank Treatment

We hope we have justified your time reading the article about Consumer Reports Best Septic Tank Treatment.  Read these important questions about septic tank & best septic tank treatment:

How Do You Keep Your Septic Tank In Good Health?

All you have to do is include the septic tank components to ensure that you have a standard number of bacteria.

Also, don’t throw garbage into the toilet. Avoid using toxic chemical products in your toilet and ensure a dry drain field. A reduction in water usage keeps the septic tanks free of excessive load.

Additionally, you must ensure that the pumping time is correct to ensure that the tank is properly pumped within 2 to 3 years.

The last thing you should do is take into consideration flushing items. Do not flush organic materials such as diapers, sanitary pads, tissues, and more since they cause the formation of clots.

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Can You Use High Amounts Of Septic Tank Treatment?

Yes, you can; however, using many biological additives could increase the number of bacteria living within the septic tank. This can lead to rapid breakdown of materials and the build-up of Methane Gas.

The gas could then cause solid wastes to be pushed around the tank, increasing clot formation. However, using an excessive amount of inorganic or organic solvent additives may kill the bacteria required to carry out a job.

How Many Times Do I Need to Use The Septic Tank Treatment?

According to the manufacturer, it’s advised to treat your septic tank every month or year.

How To Increase The Bacterial Count In A Septic Tank?

The easiest way to increase the number of bacteria regularly is using septic tank treatment. In addition, there is the possibility of reducing the amount of water or soap used, which can boost the growth of bacteria.

Which Chemicals Are Suitable To Treat The Septic Tanks?

We suggest not to use the chemicals since they can harm your tank’s septic system. Therefore, natural treatments are recommended to keep the health of your septic tanks.

How To Clean Septic Tanks In A Natural Way?

It is enough to add Septic tank treatment ingredients into the toilet flush, and it will complete the job of cleaning up a tank that is clogged or full.

Do This Additive For Septic Tank Work?

Yes! They are necessary to ensure the health of your septic tank; you must maintain the bacterial count levels.

They ensure the tank’s health and provide an eco-friendly environment for bacteria to function efficiently and remove all solid wastes.

septifix pricing

consumer reports best septic tank treatment