10 Best Fire Blankets Consumer Reports & Reviews 2024 With Buyer’s Guide

Best Fire Blankets Consumer Reports: Having the right tools on hand is non-negotiable regarding fire safety. Among these essential tools, the fire blanket is a lifesaving addition to your emergency preparedness kit. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of fire blankets, those products you acquire with the hope of never having to use them.

Household fires can ignite from various sources, with kitchen mishaps being a common culprit. In such critical moments, a fire blanket emerges as a reliable, mess-free solution that surpasses the traditional fire extinguisher. 

The simplicity of its application is its strength – drape the heavy blanket over the flames to swiftly stifle the fire by cutting off its oxygen supply.

Why invest in a fire blanket for your kitchen? The answer is simple: safety. Attempting to douse a grease fire with water is a grave mistake, as it can lead to the dangerous splattering of flaming oil. 

Traditional fire extinguishers, though effective, tend to create a substantial mess in the process. Fire blankets offer a cleaner and more intuitive solution.

But the utility of a fire blanket extends beyond the confines of your kitchen. In the event of a household fire, it can serve as a protective shield, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,000°F. 

By wrapping it around yourself or your loved ones during an escape, you gain protection against the searing heat and airborne debris.

We understand that investing in safety measures is paramount in today’s world. Fire blankets are not products you purchase and forget about; they are reliable guardians of your well-being. 

To aid you in choosing the best fire blanket for your specific needs, we present our carefully researched recommendations in this guide to the “best fire blankets consumer reports.” Because when it comes to fire safety, preparedness is key.

List of the Best Fire Blankets Consumer Reports

After extensive research on available fire blankets in the market, we’ve selected our best 10 Fire Blankets that stand out regarding ease of use, affordability, size, brand trust, positive consumer reports, and reviews.

Our dedication to ensuring your safety continues beyond there. That’s why we have also created an expert buying guide to aid you in the selection process so you can make an informed decision.

Start exploring the best fire blankets available! Read this complete article to find the best fire blanket that perfectly suits your needs and offers you peace of mind.

Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket is your indispensable partner in combatting accidental fires in the kitchen by the grill, fireplace, or tool shed. 

This classic fire blanket has an easy-carrying bag and two easy-grab-pulling tabs for emergency access. 

Not only can it cover small fires, but it can also wrap around you to offer protection from intense heat or flames as you flee burning structures.

Key Features:

  • Classic design featuring a carrying bag with two quick-access pull tabs provides quick access. 
  • Perfect for various fire scenarios, from kitchen fires to outdoor blazes. 
  • Temperature-rated up to 1,076degF ensures reliable fire protection.
  • Available in six sizes ranging from S (39.3×39.3 inches) to XXL (78.7×78.7 inches).


  • Convenient and user-friendly design for easy access during emergencies.
  • Versatile and suitable for a range of fire situations.
  • High-temperature resistance for dependable fire safety.
  • There are multiple size options to choose from, ensuring the right fit for your needs.


  • So far, there have been no reported issues.



Aksipo Fire Blanket

Are you searching for an easily accessible fire safety essential that fits into your emergency survival kit? Look no further than the Aksipo Fire Blanket!

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This versatile product covers all your fire protection needs, from camping trips and kitchen work to driving cars or standing at gas stations. 

Like its Tonyko counterpart, the Aksipo boasts superior quality with fiberglass composition, 39.3-x-30.3-inch dimensions, and multiple applications.

Key Features: 

  • A highly portable and versatile fire safety tool for various situations.
  • Crafted from quality fiberglass material for reliable fire protection.
  • Standard dimensions of 39.3 x 39.3 inches, offering ample coverage.
  • Suitable for use in various scenarios, from the kitchen to outdoor activities.


  • Readily accessible for your emergency survival kit.
  • Versatile and applicable in multiple settings.
  • It is made from high-quality fiberglass for effective fire control.
  • The standard size provides ample coverage in case of fire emergencies.


  • The working temperature can reach 550°C, less than its competitors.



JJ CARE Fire Blanket

If you operate a commercial kitchen or restaurant, the JJ CARE Fire Blanket set should be an indispensable addition to your fire safety equipment. 

Designed to prevent and combat liquid and grease fires, these blankets offer high levels of safety suitable for people of all ages – capable of isolating fires reaching temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Key Features:

  • Designed for commercial kitchens and restaurants to combat liquid and grease fires.
  • Suitable for people of all ages, enhancing safety in emergencies.
  • Capable of isolating fires with temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Ideal for commercial kitchens and restaurants.
  • Provides enhanced safety during emergencies.
  • Can effectively isolate high-temperature fires.


  • None are reported at the moment.



SKAMZ Fire Blanket

For a good reason, the SKAMZ Fire Blanket has earned itself a place on the best fire blankets consumer reports List. 

This best-selling fire suppression tool features top-quality craftsmanship for maximum effectiveness and convenience; weighing approximately 3.17 pounds and measuring 12.59 inches wide by 7.28 inches deep by 2.55 inches high, it’s an efficient compact solution designed to suppress grease or liquid fires that reach 580 degrees celsius without using chemical extinguishing agents – perfect for protecting people, property and the environment!

This fireproof blanket is particularly well suited to combat kitchen fires, as most home fires start in this room. But its versatility extends beyond home use – offices, warehouses, ships, automobiles, construction sites, and parks can all benefit.

Key Features:

  • Premium-quality fire suppression tool.
  • Lightweight design, weighing about 3.17 pounds.
  • Compact dimensions, measuring 12.59 x 7.28 x 2.55 inches.
  • Effective at suppressing fires of grease or liquid origin.
  • Capable of isolating temperatures as high as 580°C.


  • Amazon Choice product.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and use.
  • Suitable for various settings beyond the kitchen.
  • Highly effective in suppressing fires of different origins.


  • None are reported at the moment.



ABN Fiberglass Fire Blanket

The ABN Fiberglass Fire Blanket is a high-grade solution created for maximum durability. Crafted with superior-grade fiberglass, this fire blanket can withstand extremely high temperatures while offering reliable thermal protection – an important aspect when working in environments with elevated fire risks. 

This feature makes this blanket an excellent option for professional welders or environments prone to potential fire risk.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty fire blanket.
  • Crafted from high-quality fiberglass.
  • Exceptional thermal protection against high temperatures.
  • It is ideal for professional welders and high-risk fire environments.
  • Foldable design for convenient storage.


  • Offers exceptional durability and thermal protection.
  • Suitable for professional welders and environments with high fire risks.
  • Easy to store, thanks to its foldable design.


  • None are reported at the moment.



Hot Headz Fire Blanket

The Hot Headz Fire Blanket effectively combats liquid- and oil-based fires without creating a mess or scorch marks. 

This adaptable fire blanket provides multiple deployment options, enabling it to be set up on walls in various rooms, such as the kitchen, fireplace, or garage. It also acts as a heat shield when leaving an unstable building.

Key Features:

  • Quickly extinguishes fires caused by flammable liquids and oils.
  • Leaves no messy residue or scorch marks.
  • Hang it in the kitchen, fireplace, or garage for easy access.
  • Doubles as a heat shield during evacuations.
  •  Easy to store and access in emergencies.
  • Built to withstand high temperatures for reliability.


  • Effective in extinguishing liquid- and oil-based fires.
  • No mess or scorch marks were left behind.
  • Versatile deployment options.
  • It can be wall-mounted in the kitchen, fireplace, or garage.
  • Doubles as a heat shield for protection during emergencies.


  • None are reported at the moment.



DIBBATU Fire Blanket

The DIBBATU Fire Blanket is an efficient safety solution to extinguish fires effectively. Constructed from flame-retardant fiberglass cloth, this device offers the same convenience and efficacy as previous products.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 5.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 0.01 inches
  • Heat tolerance up to 580°C
  • Ideal for extinguishing small fires in various settings, including cars, camps, kitchens, grills, and bonfires.


  • Made from fire-retardant fiberglass cloth.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Wide range of applications for fire suppression.
  • Effective in extinguishing small fires in different scenarios.


  • Not applicable to huge fire breakouts



Victosoaring Survival Fire Blanket

Victosoaring Survival Fire Blanket is an essential fire safety tool to combat small fires during emergencies. Crafted with top-quality fire retardant materials, it provides a reliable means of fire suppression.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.3 x 39.3 inches
  • Made from fire-retardant materials
  • Suitable for extinguishing small fires


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Crafted from fire-retardant materials for enhanced safety.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Effective in smothering small fires quickly.


  • Limited size; not suitable for covering larger areas.



Kevlar Fabric Heat Shield by NAC INDUSTRIAL

NAC Industrial’s Kevlar Fabric Heat Shield is an advanced fire blanket constructed with highly resistant Kevlar fabric that provides exceptional protection from fire, heat, and flames. 

It features its signature double-stitched design for added safety in emergencies.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable Kevlar fabric
  • Double-stitched design for added safety
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 1,000 degrees
  • Suitable for a wide range of fire-related accidents
  • Abrasion-resistant to prevent surface damage


  • Exceptional heat and fire resistance, making it highly effective in extinguishing fires.
  • The double-stitched design provides added protection for users.
  • Versatile and suitable for various emergencies, including kitchen fires, burning fireplaces, and car-related accidents.
  • The abrasion-resistant feature minimizes accidental burn marks on surfaces.


  • It may be slightly heavier compared to other fire blankets.



Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

The Prepared Hero Fire Blanket is an innovative emergency fire suppression product to prevent life-threatening fire incidents. 

It provides an effective, cost-efficient, and practical method for extinguishing small flames quickly – something many fire departments and firefighters vouch for.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from top-quality fire-resistant materials
  • Mess-free and safe for the environment
  • Available for convenient online purchase with bundle deals


  • Highly effective in tackling common small fires
  • There is no need for specialized training; it is easy to use for everyone
  • Compact, accessible design for convenient storage
  • Quick deployment by pulling tabs to smother small fires


  • Designed for small fires; may not be suitable for larger or more complex fire situations



Buying Guide for the Best Fire Blankets

Key consideration while buying a fire blanket

Before purchasing a fire blanket, carefully consider your intended usage and storage location. Here are a few key points that may assist:

Pouch Portability:

Whether you plan to store your fire blanket under the sink, in a closet, or as part of an emergency kit, portability should always be top of mind. Choose one with an easily identifiable pouch, such as brightly-colored material.

Convenient Grommets:

When fire hazards are a concern in areas like your kitchen, fireplace, or grilling spot, opt for a fire blanket with convenient grommets that allow for hanging easily.

Seek fire blankets equipped with grommets at the top, making installation quick and straightforward. Secure it from heat sources while remaining easily accessible without risking flames obstructing your way.

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Signage for Commercial Use:

Commercial establishments should consider adding signage or highly visible storage arrangements to inform employees where to locate a fire blanket in an emergency. Safety must always come first.

Features of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are relatively straightforward safety tools made of fiberglass and sometimes Kevlar, with size being the primary factor when selecting one for different situations. 

While it might be tempting to invest in the largest blanket possible to be prepared for every eventuality, consider ease of use and portability more when it comes to emergencies or exiting an on-fire building.

Here are a few recommended fire blanket sizes to guide your purchase:

Small Blankets:

  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.0 square meters (around 10.75 square feet)
  • Weight: About one pound
  • It is ideal for smothering small kitchen fires and minor clothing fires.

Medium Blankets:

  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.2 square meters (about 15.45 square feet)
  • Weight: About one and a half pounds
  • Suitable for addressing larger kitchen fires and minor clothing fires.

Large Rectangular Blankets:

  • Dimensions: About 1.2 by 1.8 meters (approximately 23.22 square feet)
  • Weight: Over two pounds
  • Recommended for locations where clothing fires are more likely, such as kitchens or welding shops. The oblong shape provides better coverage and wrapping around the body.

Extra-Large Fire Blankets:

  • Dimensions: About 1.8 square meters (approximately 34.8 square feet)
  • Weight: Over three pounds
  • Intended for high-risk areas like commercial kitchens or workshops.

Fire blankets are not typically available in sizes larger than this due to the increased difficulty of control and placement, potentially rendering them less effective in cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply.

Choosing the right fire blanket size is essential for effective fire suppression while considering ease of use and your specific environment.

Why use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are created using a unique type of glass fiber fabric. When placed over fire sources, they are coated with an inorganic flame retardant material, often in layers, to form an oxygen-deprivation environment, effectively extinguishing flames.

Note that the effectiveness of fire blankets depends on their capacity to cover an entire fire, typically kitchen fires. 

While traditionally associated with extinguishing kitchen fires, these specialized blankets can stop other kinds of flames up to 3,000 degrees and beyond. 

Fire blankets offer many advantages over conventional methods like wet towels or rags, such as:

 Safety: Fire blankets reduce the risk of materials igniting, thus limiting further fire spread.

Versatility: These devices can quickly respond to different fires, providing maximum versatility.

Efficiency: Responding quickly and effectively to fires early can avert potential disasters.

Fire blankets are a reliable and safe method of extinguishing flames, making them an invaluable addition to any safety plan.

How to use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are typically compactly stored in their bags, and to access one in an emergency, follow these steps:

Pull the Tabs: Grasp and pull down on the two hanging tabs to remove the fire blanket from its storage bag.

Handle Carefully: When taking out the blanket, avoid throwing it onto the flames. Gently place it over the fire source.

Protect Your Hands: Ensure your hands are shielded from the extreme heat. You can use the corners of the fire blanket or wear fire-resistant gloves for added safety.

Cover the Fire: Start by covering the fire, starting from the parts closest to you and moving towards the far side. 

Make sure there are no holes or openings that could allow oxygen to reignite the flames. Additionally, turn off the heat source to expedite the smothering process.

Wait After Use: Leave the blanket in place for 15 to 30 minutes after the fire is successfully covered. Removing it prematurely could risk re-ignition.

Don’t Panic Over Smoke: If you notice smoke rising from the blanket, remain calm. This is a natural occurrence, not an indication that the fabric is on fire. 

However, contacting the fire department or seeking medical assistance to ensure safety is a good practice.

Prices of Fire Blankets

The cost of fire blankets is primarily determined by their size, with some minor variations based on additional features. Here’s a general price range based on size:

Small Fire Blankets: Measuring roughly one square meter (10.75 square feet), these blankets generally cost between $10 and $15 and should cover an area measuring up to one square meter (10.75 square feet).

Medium Fire Blankets: Blankets covering an area of approximately 1.2 square meters (15.45 square feet) typically cost $15-20 and should be ordered accordingly.

Large Fire Blankets: For more oversized fire blankets of approximately 1.8 meters (34.8 square feet or greater), expect to pay approximately $20-$25.

Though slight price variances may vary depending on specific features or materials, fire blanket prices remain stable and affordable across varying sizes.

Best Fire Blankets Consumer Reports – Conclusion

“Best fire blankets consumer reports” are an essential reference point for anyone seeking reliable fire safety tools. In conclusion, fire blankets are indispensable safety tools designed to combat small-scale fires efficiently.

 They are particularly effective in extinguishing kitchen, grease, electrical, and clothing fires. Understanding their correct usage and having easy access to fire blankets in an emergency is essential.

When considering a fire blanket for your safety needs, it’s important to think about its size and intended usage. 

Smaller blankets are ideal for smaller fires, while larger ones suit environments where fires may escalate. Proper storage and accessibility are key, with pouches, grommets, or signage playing important roles, depending on the setting.

Fire blankets offer peace of mind and a swift response to fire incidents. While they are not meant for repeated use, their affordability and ease of use make them valuable additions to any safety toolkit. Safety comes first, and a well-chosen fire blanket can be a lifesaver.

FAQ’s about Best Fire Blankets Consumer Reports

Q. What is a fire blanket, and how does it work?

Ans. A fire blanket is a safety device made of fire-resistant materials, typically fiberglass or Kevlar. When placed over the source, it smothers fires, creating an airtight environment that excludes oxygen and extinguishes the fire.

Q. What types of fires can a fire blanket be used to extinguish?

Ans. Fire blankets can extinguish various fires, including kitchen, grease, electrical, and clothing. They are effective for fires with a maximum temperature of around 3,000 degrees.

Q. How should I store a fire blanket for easy access in an emergency?

Ans. It’s advisable to store a fire blanket in a pouch or container that is easily accessible. Look for bright-colored pouches, and keep them under sinks, in closets, or within an emergency kit for quick retrieval.

Q. Are fire blankets suitable for hanging near potential fire sources like kitchens or fireplaces?

Ans. Yes, some fire blankets come with grommets at the top, allowing them to be hung up in areas prone to fires. This ensures easy access to the fire blanket while keeping it close to the heat source.

Q. Is extra signage necessary for the commercial use of fire blankets?

Ans. Commercial operations should consider additional signage or conspicuous storage to alert employees about the fire blanket’s location in an emergency.

Q. How do I properly use a fire blanket to extinguish a fire?

Ans. To use a fire blanket:

  1. Pull down the two hanging tabs to release it.
  2. Lay the blanket carefully over the fire source, ensuring no holes or bulges where oxygen could enter.
  3. Leave it in place for 15-30 minutes after smothering the fire.

Q. What is the importance of not throwing the fire blanket onto flames?

Ans. Throwing the fire blanket onto flames can result in an unsafe and uncontrollable situation. Laying the blanket gently over the fire is crucial to ensure effective extinguishing.

Q. What precautions should I take when using a fire blanket to avoid burns?

Ans. To protect your hands from extreme heat, consider wearing fire-resistant gloves or using the corners of the fire blanket to handle it.

Q. Can a fire blanket be used more than once, or is it for single use only?

Ans. Fire blankets are generally designed for single-use purposes. Once used, they should be replaced.

Q. Where can I purchase a fire blanket, and what is the price range for different sizes?

Ans. Fire blankets are available through various retailers and online stores. The price of a fire blanket primarily depends on its size, with small blankets typically costing between $10 and $15, medium-sized ones ranging from $15 to $20, and large blankets priced around $20 to $25.

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