Why Healthy Weight Loss Diets | Healthy Weight Loss Tips 2024

Why Healthy Weight Loss Diets?

Whether it is the cabbage soup diet that a friend is following or an all-protein diet your sister swears by, you often wonder if these fad diets, that are in one day and out the other are contributing factors for healthy weight loss or not.

The answer is simple. If one diet worked for everyone and helped maintain the lost weight in the long run, then there would not be this multimillion dollar industry based on diet pills, shakes, patches and programs. That one diet would be the answer to everyone’s worries.

However, because there is no one miracle cure for permanent healthy weight loss, diets spring up around every nook and corner and desperate Americans try them out with the hope that this sounds easy enough, let’s give it a shot.

However, these diets do cause weight loss, but most of it is water and as soon as you are off the diet, the pounds pile up again. This is because fad diets as compared to weight loss the healthy way usually suggest depriving your body from one or more food groups. Some stay away from fat of any kind, others consider carbohydrates the enemy. However, the minute you start eating a slice of bread again and whoosh – there goes your weeks of sacrifice and cravings.

Healthy weight loss is better than a diet because it deals with changes in lifestyle and eating habits which one can continue forever. Reducing portion sizes and knowing how much is one serving of cereal is the key to long run weight loss; not a diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet –

Cabbage Soup Diet

This famous diet which many people use as a quick way to lose some pounds before a wedding or a vacation also has a caveat that it should not be followed for more than two weeks because it could rob your system of some essential nutrients and could cause you to fall ill from being under nourished. If this was a solution for healthy weight loss, this diet would not have such disclaimers.

The Liquid Diet –

The Liquid Diet

Another fad diet which encourages you to have protein shakes and other high priced pre-packaged meals to drink also cannot be carried on forever. Not only will it make you a social outcast if you lug around your protein shake to every restaurant to party, you will inevitably get sick of it and stop the diet.

Healthy weight loss is the same simple things repeated time and time again; eat from all the food groups in moderate amounts, have eight glasses of water and exercise. If followed religiously, it is as simple as that.