Kerassentials Toe Nail Fungus Oil Reviews 2024 – Does It Really Work?

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Skin and nails that are itchy and cuticles, redness in the cuticles of your toes, and bacteria growing between your fingers causing multiple skin infections.

Do any of these resonate with you? Do you feel you’ve been trying to figure out a solution? Are you not there yet?

We’ll say that you’re not all on your own!

Many people face similar issues, the same problems, and similar questions.

When the monsoon begins, it can bring some of the most unpleasant and well-known fungal infections throughout the body.

A very commonly and a lot of times resented type of fungal infection is the nail. Who doesn’t love beautiful nails? 

Approximately 90% of people who get manicures and pedicures do so to keep their nails healthy, show off their nails, and keep their feet and hands moist.

In these circumstances, it’s natural to seek supplementation and other products to guarantee the complete elimination of fungal infection and restore nail health to its optimal state. One such product is called Kerassentials toenail fungus treatment oil. 

People seeking a long-lasting cure for these diseases must have encountered Kerassentials and the products it produces.

There is a lot of uncertainty about how well the products are effective. While numerous kerassentials oil reviews articles have attempted to explain it, we offer an extensive and comprehensive review to guide you to the most accurate information possible.

Kerassentials Oil: What Is It?

Kerassentials is an herbal oil that prevents fungal nail infections, itchy skin, sour feet, and weak, yellow nails. The entire composition of the product absorbs the skin and helps to protect your body from bacterial infections. 

Kerassentials is a scientifically designed supplement made of natural extracts from plants and trees for those suffering from toenail fungus. Many powerful ingredients, like Flaxseed Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and aloe vera, help clean and nourish the skin.

Because of daily use, Kerassentials Oil can assist you in achieving excellent results that you can count on for the rest of your life. In addition to providing anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants, the oil helps to soothe and heal damaged nails and cuts.

Each ingredient in Kerassentails is mixed correctly and in the right amounts. This way, the ingredients will retain their properties and aid in combating the main reason for skin and nail problems, which is fungal infections. 

Through detoxifying our body, Kerassentails, essential oils can help combat skin and nail inflammations and other issues caused by fungal infections. In addition to eliminating harmful fungi, Kerassentials substances boost your immune system. They alleviate soreness and pain and revitalize the whole body.

The bottle that comes with Kerassentials nail health supplement includes 15ml (or half an ounce) of oil, which is enough for one month of uninterrupted usage. The formula is applied quickly and must be used for a minimum of 2 or 3 months to get the most benefits. 

It is vital to remember that the amount of time required for individuals to experience outcomes can differ based on their lifestyles, genes, and other variables. As for production standards, each piece of the Kerassentials oil nail-restoration formulation is made in a GMP-certified USA facility that ensures the product’s efficacy and durability. So, there have been no compromises when developing Kerassentials’ skin-healthy nail oil.

How Does Kerassentials Work?

According to their Official Website, Kerassentials utilizes mineral oil, vitamins, and minerals to replenish and repair damaged nails. Anyone suffering from fungal toenails should treat it immediately before it spreads.

Kerassentials has essential ingredients to enhance your nail bed. In addition, the formula softens the skin and softens it. It helps the nails and those around them heal and restore their healthy appearance. 

The ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s surface and help restore the nail’s health, providing nourishment to the skin and nails in various ways.

If used to the manufacturer’s instructions, patients can see the effects in the shortest amount of time. The fungus starts to disappear, and the nails get healthier slowly. 

The skin around the nail starts to heal and become healthier. The patients can notice less itchiness caused by the fungal infection while the other symptoms begin to manifest.

But, it is essential to note that the Kerassentials supplement is intended for external use. It’s not designed to penetrate the skin. Patients with deep-rooted fungal infections must seek medical treatment.

Kerassentials Ingredients –

Kerassentials is a potent blend of ingredients that aid users in overcoming symptoms of fungal infections on their nails. The custom formula has four special oils and a combination of 9 minerals and oils. The following are the ingredients used in the formula:

Lavender Oil:

It effectively feeds the nails and skin. It is rich in antioxidants. It also provides total protection for your hair, skin, and nails. You are already aware of the benefits of lavender oil in calming nerves and treating skin problems. They also aid in strengthening nails and cuticles while giving the skin and nails a natural shine.

Organic Flaxseed Oil:

Organic flaxseed oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your skin’s natural immunity by providing it with nutrition. Fungal infections can cause free radicals and oxidative stress on your skin, resulting in negative consequences. However, flax seeds keep your skin smooth and healthy as it has ever been, thanks to their anti-aging qualities. 

It also helps control your appetite and helps you stick to the weight loss process, although it is not direct. The Omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil help support brain and heart health and improve your nail and skin health. After eliminating the fungal infection, the oil may increase your resistance to infections and help your nails get stronger.

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Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is powerful antifungal properties and can help reduce the growth of fungus, according to the maker of Kerassentials. For centuries, it has been used in wellness and health applications; the antibacterial properties make it a popular ingredient in products for skin care, hair products, cosmetics, and more.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil has many uses, including as a food ingredient and a natural remedy for skin problems. It is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, which provide security for your nails. It can stop the dryness, breakage, and peeling of nails. 

It also helps nourish the cuticles and nails and keeps them hydrated. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties. The oil of almonds may be able to treat issues like acne on the face, eczema, and dry skin. It is also believed to boost the health of your hair.

Lemon Grass Oil:

Lemongrass oil is a different ingredient in Kerassentials, which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight fungal infections. It also helps maintain healthy nails and skin.

Besides helping treat feet fungus and foot problems, lemongrass also assures that the person is hydrated and is not suffering from skin issues. Lemongrass oil can also aid in the growth of nails and takes control of irritation and discomfort caused by a fungus that affects the nails.

Clove Bud:

Our ancestors have extensively utilized clove buds to provide excellent antibacterial properties. It is praised for its healing and antiseptic benefits. Kerassentials contain clove buds as one of their main ingredients because it helps heal and strengthen the nails and surface in the most efficient method. 

Fungal infections can bring many free radicals. Free radicals can cause stress and skin damage, but cloves can help reduce these effects. Additionally, it helps reduce irritation of the skin because of the infection. Additionally, it treats any other skin issue that results from the infection.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is an effective antifungal ingredient in nature that can help to precautions to keep toxic intrusions out of your home.

It is extensively utilized in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries due to its numerous health advantages.

It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties, which block the growth of infection in our bodies and, consequently, help to protect it. This is why it assists in treating skin conditions and helps heal wounds.

Research suggests that Aloe Vera gel can be an effective treatment for first – and second-degree burns, both second and first-degree. It also reduces itching and redness.

The application of Aloe Vera accelerates the healing process of dental ulcers and growth.


DL-alpha-tocopherol is a naturally occurring type of Vitamin E that is especially beneficial to nails and skin. It has been proven to lower the possibility of UV damage, increase the elasticity of the skin and help to protect the skin from moisture loss and hinder the development of harmful fungi and bacteria, encourage cell regeneration, and reduce signs of aging the skin. 

Alongside the numerous benefits to skin health, DL-alpha Tocopherol improves the health of your nails by protecting against the loss of nail health caused by wear and tear, in addition to issues like eczema and psoriasis.


It’s a fruit of importance which is included in this fantastic product. The fruit is believed to shield nails and skin. Manuka is superior to other fruits in terms of antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Each drop of Kerassentials is a similar amount of Manuka, so your fungal infection is taken care of with the most effectiveness.

Undecylenic Acid:

The final ingredient, this vital fatty acid, could add another layer of protection for your skin and nails. It stops the fungus from latching on, making it difficult for you to suffer another nail fungal infection.



Kerassentials Oil Creator –

The inventor of Kerassentials can be identified as Dr. Kimberly Langdon. According to a specific source, she searched for a solution to rejuvenate the skin. But, she noticed the seriousness of the nail fungus issue and decided to blend the best of both worlds.

Langdon as an international expert in fungi also enjoys plants. Her fascination with the plants and their natural antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-microbic qualities made her think about how they could be combined into a potent blend to fight nail fungus issues which she and her family members were experiencing difficulties with.

Kerassentials Oil founder Dr. Kimberly Langdon also said that the product was developed by people who urged her to create one. They wanted a natural way to eliminate the fungus without using chemical products and chemicals manufactured in laboratories.

The most likely cause for Langdon’s motivations lies in the severe adverse side effects that antibiotics are known to cause. They reduce the strength of our immune systems instead of strengthening them.

What Does Science Say About The Kerassentials Antifungal oil?

Health professionals and doctors create skin and nail health products. Health professionals and doctors make this formula. Kerassentials ingredients are entirely pure and supported by science. The Official Website contains numerous studies in the field that prove the scientific value of the kerassentials serum. Let’s look at the following clinical studies:

Onychomycosis can be described as a fungal skin disease that frequently affects the toenails. In this research article from 2017, researchers attempted to determine the effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil in treating Onychomycosis. After the research, they discovered that using tea tree essential oils could decrease the risk of harmful side effects from medications or surgical dangers related to Onychomycosis.

The DL-alpha Tocopherol ingredient is among the most potent Kerassentials components; a type of Vitamin E. Researchers in this open study for 2020 assessed the efficacy and safety of nail oil made from Vitamin E and essential oils for Distal Infected Onychomycosis Subungual. 

Our research findings found that the mix of vitamin E and essential oils of tea trees and other plants offers a safe and efficient treatment for mild to moderate Onychomycosis. 

Using this external antifungal nail oil, nails are more functional and symmetrical and help patients stick to their treatment regimen and prevent relapses, ensuring the results are steady throughout time.

The study was the course of an In Vitro Study in 2013; researchers evaluated the antifungal properties of Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) on Candida Albicans, which is one of the most well-known yeast-related diseases. 

Researchers discovered it was possible to observe a reduction in several fungal cells within the group of lavender after 48 hours. Ultimately, they found that lavender can be utilized to treat yeast-related infections.

Scientific research supports all the ingredients and minerals found in Kerassentials oil. Them. Each ingredient has undergone studies that prove its effectiveness and safety. But, the whole formulation of Kerassentials has not been examined by any research peer-reviewed or third-party clinical trials. Although it’s relatively new to the marketplace, companies can conduct studies in the near future.

What Benefits Should You Expect From The Kerassentials Oil?

If you go through Kerassentials oil reviews posted on the official site of Kerassentials, you’ll be able to see the numerous advantages of this oil. 

In addition to helping with nail fungal infections and toenail fungus applying this oil will guarantee you have healthy nails by utilizing its nail and skin support formula.

It is important to note that the Kerassentials formula is entirely natural, which is the reason why negative, undesirable side negative effects do not accompany Kerassentials benefits. Let’s now look at the numerous benefits that can be derived from using this oil.

Prevention Of The Root Cause Of Toenail Fungus:

Many kerassentials oil reviews have stated that this oil can fight the root of nail fungus and toenail fungus. This helps customers to have healthy nails.

The Kerassentials formula is specifically developed to address damaged nails and infections of the toenails. Made up of ingredients such as aloe vera and other organic oil, Kerassentials guarantees you get the best skin and nails.

Improvement In Nail Health:

The main advantage of using Kerassentials is that it has natural ingredients like clove oil and other components. They aid in maintaining the health of nails and keep nails well-hydrated.

Using Kerassentials regularly will ensure that you don’t become a victim of nail fungus and have healthy and glowing nails and skin.

Apart from helping to keep good nails and healthy skin, this oil helps to promote nail growth in addition to helping prevent itchy feet.

Helps In Preventing Skin Aging and Sagging:

In addition to its antifungal properties, Kerassentials can also aid in maintaining the health of your skin and prevents getting older. With essential oils of the tree, as well as other minerals, ensures healthy skin for those who use it.

Using Kerassentials often will provide you with healthy and shining skin and nails. It will also make you appear younger, thanks to its anti-aging benefits.

Moisturization Of The Skin:

Another advantage of using Kerassentials is that you’ll be able to maintain healthy skin. The Kerassentials formulation is made up of natural components that care for the health of your skin.

Kerassentials nail fungus remover includes aloe Vera gel which is especially beneficial in taking care of your nails and skin. Utilizing these elements will ensure that your skin stays hydrated and your nails stay well-hydrated and healthy.



How Can You Use Kerassentials?

The principal goal of Kerassentials to treat fungal infections is to treat nails and skin infections. It is also beneficial in the effects that last for a long time.

You will receive 15ml of the product in one bottle, which you have to follow the directions. Each bottle is different for every person since everyone has different levels of nail infections.

However, you’ll only be able to observe the effects after regular use for several days. If you are suffering from a long-lasting nail infection, you must first seek out a physician to know the proper procedure to apply Kerassentials.

Side Effects Of Kerassentials Fungus –

Kerassentials’s toenail fungus can be a supplement for health and should be administered with the guidance of a doctor. It’s not recommended for nursing moms or those who are expecting. Before taking it, those suffering from allergies should take their time reading the ingredients. 

It is recommended to check for chronic allergies with your physician before using these products. This product is not recommended for children younger than the age of 18 years old.

Pros And Cons Of Kerassentials –

Pros Of Using Kerassentials –

Here are a few advantages of Kerassentials that you may not discover in similar products

  • It is made from only herbal and natural ingredients.
  • It is free of artificial ingredients.
  • It is a GMC-certified product.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and has anti-aging properties.
  • It is highly efficient in its operation.
  • It delivers quick results.
  • It is free of any side consequences.
  • It’s a clinically-approved formula that has been clinically approved.
  • It eases painful nails that are chronically hurt.

Cons Of Using Kerassentials –

Alongside all of these benefits come a few disadvantages. Is it normal for anything to have imperfections? Let’s look at some of the negatives of Kerassentials right now:

  • It only works for specific infections and not for various illnesses caused by multiple organisms and fungi.
  • Although it’s suitable for anyone of any age, it is best for children younger than 15 years old to use it on the advice of a physician, even if you are not using it at all.
  • The overdose could cause serious health problems; therefore, be aware when using this blend with essential oils.
  • The authentic product is only available on the Official Website and not in retail stores. If you find a similar product at a store, you can be sure it’s an e-commerce scam.

Kerassentials Oil Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Based on the Official Website, numerous users have tried Kerassentials successfully to rid themselves of nail fungus. Many of them claim to have cleared other skin problems using the recipe.

Here are a few Kerassentials Oil Reviews on the official site:

One customer says Kerassentials “literally saved [her] feet,” and she’s not able to be more pleased with the product because it saved her feet.

Another customer claimed she had struggled in high school with foot fungus. No solution worked till she was able to try Kerassentials.

Others customers are delighted to use Kerassentials with their friends and family because they’re sure they’ll be able to use it.

One customer says he’s tried various treatments for foot fungus to treat the problem and had one of his nails removed, but the fungus remained back. He says Kerassentials was “the only thing that helped”

All in all, Kerassentials is backed by more than 14,500+ real kerassentials oil customer reviews and an average score of 4.75 points out of five, making it among the most popular and highly rated liquids for foot fungus available on the internet present.


Kerassentials Price –

Kerassentials can cost between $49 and $69 per bottle, based on the initial quantity you choose.

The complete price list of Kerassentials can be found below:

Regarding shipping costs, customers in the America United States of America get free shipping, whereas those from all over the world pay shipping costs ranging from $10-$15.

From the pricing list, buying six bottles of Kerassentials straight from the beginning can guarantee that you pay the least you can without costing you a penny. In addition, it’s the ideal time to buy the product, making it a perfect win-win situation for everyone involved.



Where To Buy Kerassentials –

It is only possible to purchase genuine copies of Kerassentials through the Official Website. Shopping from other sources like Amazon could put you in a bind. However, there have been complaints about receiving fake products from non-official retailers, So placing your bet on the official site is secure.

Additionally, Dr. Kimberly Langdon partnered with a reputable retailer called ClickBank, a Delaware company.

Money-Back Guarantee –

As you’ve already noticed, Kerassentials is available in three different packages on their website. After selecting one of the packages and placing your order, you’ll automatically be protected by their 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you want to alter your mind at any point or for any reason, you can contact their customer support department, and they will refund the whole amount without asking any questions. That implies there is no risk for you to be an end-user for the item.


Final Verdict On Kerassentials Oil Review:

Kerassentials is an oil-based, natural product focused on eliminating nail fungus. Kerassentials oil reviews have received positive reviews from customers. 

The creator shares her personal experience and difficulty standing up for herself due to this particular issue. Nail fungus can cause itching, skin scaling, and foul odors.

The fungal microorganisms are extremely powerful and may appear small but altered. Therefore, a non-powerful formula will not completely get rid of fungi. Instead, they become to become stronger. 

The formula’s creator says that to ensure you’re free of the fungi, you must eliminate them from their source and then continue the treatment for a bit longer to ensure that it’s eradicated.

The Kerassentials formula is said to contain potent ingredients that are safer for skin use than other medications. According to the formula’s creator, Essentials won’t cause health problems like liver damage as certain other medications do. 

The nail health formula of Kerassentials is applied externally to the nail areas affected with the help of a brush applicator. The formula’s creator claims to offer Kerassentials at an affordable cost without compromising quality.


Frequently Asked Questions About Kerassentials –

How do users know if Kerassentials is the right solution for their needs?

The formula is made up of powerful vitamins and oils that assist users in repairing their skin. This formula can eliminate fungus thanks to essential ingredients that aren’t available in other solutions. By using ingredients such as clove bud oil, lavender oil, and organic flaxseed, people can improve their nail health quickly for everyone.

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?

The following signs tell whether your toenails are suffering from an infection caused by a fungal infection. If the nails appear thick, discolored (yellow-brown) and rough, cracked or distorted to shape, or smell bad, they could signify fungal infection on your nails. 

These signs can happen several times at a time; however, they don’t necessarily mean that you have an infection. They can also be somewhat like nail infections. However, it is recommended to consult an experienced doctor before taking self-medications or applying any other skincare product to treat your nail infection.

What is the quickest way to get rid of fungus-infected nails?

It has reached a lot of popularity over the past decade. It’s a well-known home remedy for skin problems; however, you shouldn’t confuse it for the proper treatment. Although it’s a feasible alternative, it is best to seek advice from a medical professional before attempting any home solutions. 

In urgent or less critical situations, you may apply several drops of oil from tea trees on your nails twice daily. Additionally, you can mix several drops of oil with water and soak your feet.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the formulation? What is the policy on refunds?

If you’re not satisfied with the supplement, you may request a refund from the company within 60 days of buying the product, as it comes with a 60-day money-back assurance.

How long will it take to get results from Kerassentials?

Use the product according to the dosage guidelines and not later than when the product expires. You will see improvements in your feet and skin condition within 30 days. 

Since the product is for cosmetic application, it can take days to restore the appearance of your nails and skin, making it more soft and smooth than when you first got it. But, to get the outcomes, it is essential to use them regularly and with attention.

What is the reason for poor nail health?

Unhealthy nails are caused by various causes, including environmental toxins, genetics, and nutritional deficiency. The most frequent reasons for the poor health of nails are dry skin, dry nails because of low Vitamin B12 amounts, anemia, and brittle nails due to regular cracks or breaks in the nails due to stress or exposure to harsh chemicals.

Does Kerassentials help treat nail problems?

Although the ingredients included in Kerassentials have been proven effective in treating nail infections, the product hasn’t yet been thoroughly examined for its effectiveness in treating nail fungal infections. 

Yet several Kerassentials reviews suggest that customers can treat fungal infections using the formulation. We recommend you consult an expert in nail fungus when you have a severe condition.

Does it offer customers good advantages?

Kerassential is proving to be pleasant for customers. Customer complaints about negative experiences or issues have not been received. As can be seen, kerassentials have a positive impact on humans. 

People are more likely to place orders for the treatment of fungus-related illnesses. For many fungal diseases, it’s a unique and effective treatment.