Amyl Guard Reviews (Nutraville) 2024: Does It Really Work?

Nutravill Amyl Guard Reviews: Nutraville Amyl Guard can be described as a supplement to your diet that, when consumed regularly, users can shed excess weight without changing their exercise or eating habits.

The formula is made up of only a few components to ensure that the product is of the highest quality for the audience it is intended for.

Do you need help with intense workouts or restrictive diet plans which don’t work as claimed? A lot of people are in this position.

It’s not easy, particularly concerning that persistent belly fat. You may ask yourself, what’s the answer to fast and healthy weight loss? A new supplement named Amyl Guard could solve your weight loss concerns!

This article will provide an in-depth review of the Amyl Guard supplements for weight loss to eliminate stubborn stomach fat.

In addition, we will discuss the ingredients that make these supplements efficient and eliminate stubborn fat. Read on to get a complete picture of how Amyl Guard will transform your life.

What Is Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is a weight loss supplement that Nutraville developed. It is a combination made of organic ingredients; each pill containing Amyl Guard can purportedly aid in losing weight by inhibiting Amylase, an enzyme related to fat-burning.

Amyl Guard was developed by a woman named Lauren, who developed Amyl Guard after seeing her child have difficulty losing weight.

Lauren had gained weight, as did her child, who was eating to keep from becoming overweight like her mother. Lauren’s daughter was in the hospital, and Lauren realized she had to make changes.

Lauren began to study natural options for weight loss. She found a 5-second Japanese dish with the help of a biochemist called Nina Suzuki. With this mysterious 5-second Japanese food item, Lauren lost all 57 lbs of belly fat “in only a couple of weeks.”

Inspired by her remarkable change in weight, Lauren was inspired to bring Amyl Guard her experience with everyone in the world. Anyone can purchase Amyl Guard online to gain the same weight loss benefits.

How Does Amyl Guard Work?

Amyl Guard works by decreasing the levels of Amylase in your body.

The formula is derived from a long-standing Japanese secret to weight loss. The formula’s creator had a meeting with a Japanese woman who assisted in helping her find the most effective solution to weight loss.

A Japanese diet is high in components that decrease the level of Amylase within the body. These ingredients permit Japanese people to eat a lot of carbs food items without weight gain.

“…the most loved food consumed by the Japanese is known as “The Green Heart Of Okinawa ….” It is consumed in every meal as the appetizer…Either raw, or as tea, or as a soup…And research has shown that it’s believed to keep the Japanese fit and healthy into their 90s and 80s or beyond 100 years old…Without eating or exercising. …”

If you don’t want to eat exotic Japanese foods every day to shed weight, you can try Amyl Guard. The supplement comprises a mix of minerals, vitamins, plants, and herbs to aid you in losing weight.

The Person Behind The Nutraville Amyl Guard Formula

The Nutraville brains behind the Amyl Guard inhibitors comprise Lauren Wilson and Nina Suzuki.

Lauren is a doctor from North Carolina who is also a nutritionist and personal trainer. She has brought the formula to the limelight after having experienced its efficacy on her own.

The second is an obesity biochemist in Japan who introduced the method to Lauren, and she inherited it from her home country.

Amyl Guard Ingredients

Some doctors suggest that you all need to exercise daily, while others advocate a better diet. All experts likely have an opinion that differs from the others, which leaves people in a quandary about what to decide and how to go about it.

We have observed earlier that Amyl Guard supplements Amyl Guard supplement work to reduce amylase levels, and this enzyme is responsible for starting the digestion of starch. But let’s look at the ingredients in the supplement:

White Kidney Bean:

White kidney beans are an essential food item found in Japanese food preparation. It is indigenous to south and central America and is extensively used to aid in weight loss.

Research has shown that the kidney bean white has essential nutrients that prevent any absorption by starch by humans.

It stops Amylase production, which stops the digestion and absorption of starch and aiding in losing weight.

It also aids in controlling the appetite and helps in reducing fat within the abdominal area. Other advantages include the following:

  • It decreases the chance of developing cancer.
  • It assists in blood sugar control.

Bitter Melon Extract:

Bitter melon extracts are made with a vine that grows mainly throughout Indian and different Asian countries.

It is a common practice that the ingredient is sought-after due to its capacity to replicate what insulin does and help lower blood sugar levels 55.

Further describing the mechanism, one publication highlighted the ability of bitter melon to transport glucose into cells to provide energy.

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Furthermore, it may aid cells in making the most of glucose while delivering the remainder to the muscles, liver, and fat.

It could also help preserve nutrients by preventing their conversion into glucose 66. In light of all this, further research is required to confirm that bitter melon has potency for those who have diabetes; the claim has been circulated recently.


Chromium is a vital mineral that is essential for blood sugar levels as well as other body functions. If your blood sugar is high, it can cause havoc to the metabolism, food cravings, appetite, and weight growth. Numerous studies have linked chromium to blood sugar control

Studies have also found that people who have diabetes are more likely to suffer lower levels of chromium than other people. One study found that those who took chromium picolinate (the particular type of chromium found to make Amyl Guard) experienced significant weight loss and a reduction in belly fat compared to placebo.


The origin of Berberine is Chinese medicine Berberine is an old ingredient. It was discovered in the Korean investigation that Berberine could stop the development of new fat cells.

Berberine is also crucial in preventing numerous diseases, like heart failure, fatty liver disease, and cancer. It also lowers the chance of depression and regulates elevated blood sugar levels.


amyl Guard

Amyl Guard Benefits And Features

Amyl Guard can allow users to lose weight in the shortest amount of time. Many users have reported losing 12 lbs in two weeks.

  • Nutraville declares that Amyl Guard could boost mental awareness, enhance memory, and improve the mental ability to focus. It can improve brain function and improve cognitive abilities. Additionally, Amyl may reduce the chance of developing age-related brain disorders.
  • Amyl Guard is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help to enhance the immune system. Lauren Wilson claims it can help protect your body from diseases and aid in recovery following illnesses.
  • Amyl Guard causes are easy to use and natural and are unlikely to cause any adverse side effects.
  • Amyl Guard is a new formula available only on Amyl Guard’s website.
  • Nutraville claims it can aid in healthy aging by enhancing hair and skin health. It is believed to strengthen hair and increase the elasticity of the skin.
  • Amyl Guard is an affordable and safe natural fat loss treatment.
  • Amyl Guard users need not alter their diet or cardio routines to achieve weight loss benefits.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Amyl Guard’s Official Website is full of testimonials from women who shed significant weight within a short period using Amyl Guard.

Many of these women claim that they lose weight without diets or exercising, nor exerting any effort. Many of these women are even continuing to eat their favorite foods.

Here are a few weight loss stories featured on

  • A woman aged 56 shed 32lbs of fat taking Amyl Guard, which transformed her bulging belly into her pre-baby body
  • Another woman has dropped eight dress sizes and now can fit comfortably into clothes she was wearing in her 20s.
  • Another woman lost 73 pounds while using Amyl Guard, which helped her lose the weight she carried due to three births.
  • Lauren, the person who developed Amyl Guard, lost 11lbs after just 14 days of taking Amyl Guard; she also made a conscious effort to eat carb-rich food during this time, such as breakfast cereals, cinnamon French toast as breakfast pizza, pasta, and pizza for dinner and sandwiches for lunch. After just a few weeks of using Amyl Guard, Lauren had lost about 57lbs
  • Nina Suzuki, the obesity biochemist who developed Amyl Guard, used to weigh around 300 lbs before using the ingredients in Amyl Guard; now, she weighs in the vicinity of 120 lbs.

Amyl Guard Amyl Guard team conducted a clinical trial of their product that involved 28 women who struggled to shed weight. In this trial, 100% of the participants lost weight, regardless of age and gender. No one ate less or took exercise in the course of the trial.

amyl Guard

Scientific Evidence For Amyl Guard

Amyl Guard was developed by an “obesity biochemist,” Nina Suzuki, who teamed with Lauren Wilson. Nina needs to reveal her medical experience or professional credentials. The two also claim to have conducted clinical studies of Amyl Guard to verify it is effective.

This is how the Amyl Guard clinical trial worked per

Nina and Lauren created a group of friends and others they were familiar with from the church.

All participants were at least 30 years old, had a minimum of 15 lbs of excess fat they wanted to shed, enjoyed eating carbs and struggled to shed weight.

The trial involved 28 participants during a two-month trial period.

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All of the participants participating in the test, regardless of gender or age, were able to shed “all extra weight.”

A few participants have lost “over 48lbs,” and some “looked like they were 20 years older in reverse.”

No one ate or exercised during the study, and participants were urged to consume “off-limits” food items such as donuts, pizza, cake, and potatoes. As long as they consumed one capsule of Amyl Guard before eating each meal, They lost weight.

Despite the substantial outcomes of the clinical trial, Nina and Lauren should have made the findings public online or in a peer-reviewed journal. Apart from, more information about this trial must be available online.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Amyl Guard?

Based on third-party research according to third-party studies, research conducted by third-party researchers shows that the Amyl Guard amylase inhibitor is safe to consume regularly and can deliver substantial outcomes. It’s also made with no additives, chemicals, or stimulants. 

According to numerous positive Nutraville Amyl Guard reviews, there is a zero percent possibility of it causing any adverse side effects when taken regularly.

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However, be aware of your body after an overdose or if you take it after it has already covered the time of expiry, and both can cause adverse consequences.

In addition, if you are not yet 18 or nursing or pregnant, It is recommended to take a step back to wait till you’re safe to use any organic product or manufactured with synthetic components.

Nutraville Amyl Guard Customer Reviews: Any Reported Complaints?

As of now, nearly all Nutraville Amyl Guard reviews from users are favorable on popular health forums and other trustworthy sources.

Reviews from customers also show that the supplement efficiently provides substantial weight loss and helps them create success stories.

This indicates that most customers are satisfied with their experiences after choosing the product. However, some are still dissatisfied customers because this formula isn’t an instant weight loss solution.

It requires weeks or even months to achieve substantial Nutraville Amyl Guard results. Despite this, no significant reviews or complaints are provided by anyone who has purchased.

How To Take Nutraville Amyl Guard?

A lot of people have experienced Amil Guard benefits and its easy instructions. All you have to do is consume one tablet 15 mins before any heavy meal (it can be as a light dinner, a carb-rich launching, or an exercise-based breakfast). The recommended daily dosage includes two doses (two capsules).

A few people consume Amyl Guard daily, helping to prevent the accumulation of sugars during the day. Others opt for a specific method by taking two capsules of Amyl Guard before eating pizza, lasagna desserts, or other food items containing moderate to high carbs.

Amyl Guard is a 100% natural, safe and non-GMO nutritional supplement, and no adverse effects have been reported.

For children under 18 and people with serious health issues, it’s recommended that they consult their physician before attempting this product or any other diet regimen.

amyl Guard

Pros And Cons Of Amyl Guard 

Pros Of Amyl Guard 

  • It stops the growth of new fat cells and transforms sugars and body fats into energy, allowing you to feel healthier and more productive throughout the day.
  • All-natural supplement that has gone through tests in clinical studies to confirm that all ingredients are safe and safe for consumption.
  • Pancreatic functions support digestion and improve metabolism regardless of body type, age, size, shape, or gender.
  • It doesn’t force you to do certain intense workout routines to maintain your weight goal.
  • Maintain the high sugar level in the blood, which speeds up the process of losing weight.

Cons Of Amyl Guard

  • You can only purchase Amyl Guard from their official website.
  • Do not recommend it for infants or pregnant women.
  • The results vary from person to person.

Amyl Guard Prices And The Availability

Because of its popularity, the Amyl Guard supplement is available on various online marketplaces. The manufacturer, however, does not guarantee the security or authenticity of the product. Therefore, prospective buyers must buy Amyl Guard only from the Official Website of Amyl Guard.

The purchases made through the official website come with amazing discounts and offers. You can pick from three different packages, which include:


amyl Guard

Apart from the discount, the six-bottle pack comes with two free bonuses, which include:

  • Skinny Carb Book
  • Skinny Solution Mediations

Amyl Guard Reviews – Final Word

Amyl Guard is a weight loss supplement that blocks Amylase, an enzyme linked to fat storage. If you take two capsules of Amyl Guard before eating a carb-laden meal, you can keep your body’s storage of some carbohydrates as fat, which makes it simpler to avoid weight increases.

According to, You can shed up to 31 lbs with the supplement. The formula comprises white kidney beans extract, bitter melon extract chrome, and other well-known ingredients for weight loss.

To find out more details about Amyl Guard and how the formula works, go online to A 365-day money-back guarantee covers any purchase.

amyl Guard