Happy Mammoth Reviews 2024: Is HB-5 the Hormone Harmony Solution?

Happy Mammoth Reviews: Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is a weight loss supplement created to combat hormonal blockers that interfere with weight loss and other bodily processes. 

The acronym HB5 refers to Hormonal Balance 5, while cortisol, thyroid hormones insulin, estrogen, and leptin comprise its five essential hormones.

This analysis of happy mammoth reviews (happy mammoth hormone harmony HB-5 Reviews) offers users clear product safety and quality information.

What Is Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB5? 

Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB5 is a nutritional supplement Dr. Eric J. Wood created to address hormonal imbalance, fatigue, weight loss resistance in the brain, fatigue, and anxiety issues.

Based on its Official Website, this dietary supplement aids in clearing away five hormonal blocks that contribute to “weight loss resistance.” 

These five hormonal blocks involve cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, insulin, leptin, and thyroid as key contributors; their solutions can be easily found through scientifically-backed research.

HB5 supplementation is the result of years of research. This all-natural blend includes Kelp, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Diindolylmethane, Cinnamon, and African Mango; each supports hormonal health.

Who Makes Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 was developed through collaboration between Sam and her doctor, Dr. Eric J. Wood. Mrs. Sam had spent her adult life fighting her weight, trying various approaches such as keto, exercise, and weight-loss supplements with no luck.

One day, Mrs. Sam came across a quote by Dr. Gottfried stating that hormonal imbalances cause most cases of being unable to lose weight. After further reading and considering the issue, Mrs. Sam set an appointment with her physician, Dr. Wood. 

Together they worked tirelessly on devising an aid for weight loss without side effects or adverse side effects, then sent it off for production at Hormonal Harmony Labs, renowned for weight management research and production.

Since its founding, Harmony Health has quickly established itself as a top supplement manufacturer. Their offerings span tablets, capsules, powders, flavors, and systems. 

Their team’s expertise, strong connections in the field, and desire to help others live healthier lives are the driving forces behind their success.

Ingredients Used In Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Dietary Supplement

Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 was developed to address five different hormone issues simultaneously with natural ingredients that have been shown effective by studies to target them all simultaneously. 

They are identified on the bottle label and with credible sources on our website, proving their safety and efficacy. 

Below is a list of our ingredients as well as some information about each one, along with a few features unique to it:


Kelp is an enormous seaweed packed with many essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that may aid in weight loss. Kelps is considered an abundant natural source of iodine; in particular, it’s one of the primary sources. 

Packed full of Vitamin K1, Folate, Magnesium, Iron Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, etc., it may even stop lipase enzymes from breaking down fat! Furthermore, its Fucoxanthin compound could aid weight reduction efforts as well.


Magnesium can assist with both weight loss and stool softening. Magnesium citrate works to soften stool to keep regularity at its highest while maintaining adequate levels can improve hormone balance and increase energy production.


Copper is essential to life as an essential trace mineral found in our diets as an ingredient of cytochrome oxidase enzyme in the respiratory system and liver, bone, and muscles. 

Copper also plays an integral part in maintaining blood vessels and nerve health and transport of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones into cells for regulation by their respective thyroid hormones.2

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One of the most researched ingredients has proven its ability to increase insulin levels. By decreasing cholesterol, blood sugar, estrogen levels, waist circumference, and fat-burning capabilities within your body, cinnamon helps to promote its efficacy as an insulin booster.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract:

Rhodiola Rosea Extract can be found across Asia and Europe, where it has proven its ability to assist in fat breakdown, cortisol production, and stress relief while increasing mental performance.


DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a chemical compound derived from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. Studies have revealed that DIM alters estrogen levels within the body, playing an integral part in fat accumulation regulation; an imbalanced system often leads to weight gain. 

DIM may help curb weight gain by stimulating fat breakdown and blocking development in fat cells; furthermore, it acts as an anticancer agent and aids in protecting prostate issues like growth or size issues.

African Mango:

HB-5 supplement also features African Mango, as this natural ingredient has been scientifically proven to regulate leptin levels. This chemical helps us feel full after we eat, in larger amounts than usual, leading to constant feelings of hunger and more often craving unhealthy food than ever. 

African Mango extracts found within HB-5 can provide relief as they provide plenty of relief against such issues.

As it can be challenging to incorporate enough of these components into a diet, HB-5 provides extracts in high concentration.

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in our bodies by converting the food we eat into fuel for proper functioning, such as sugars and fuel sources that will supply sustained energy sources that boost metabolism. Due to this function, B12 is often linked with weight loss.

Ginseng (Red Ginseng):

Ginseng is the root of certain Panax plants that have long been used as traditional medicine for its root extract. It is known to reduce cortisol levels within the body while simultaneously decreasing stress. Recent research suggests it also produces weight loss effects.


Traditional medicine has long relied upon bladderwrack seaweed, rich in iodine, as a remedy to treat thyroid conditions, weight gain, obesity, and deficiencies of iodine.


How To Take Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is a nutritional supplement sold as capsules packaged in bottles containing 30.

To consume it, simply pop one into your mouth and drink up with some water – although for maximum effectiveness and rapid results, manufacturers suggest three capsules be taken daily as part of a regimen of three pills with or without food.

People report seeing results days after using Hormonal Harmony. By taking one bottle of HB-5 Hormonal Harmony over 30 days, users have reported significant calorie reduction, improved mood, and reduced brain fog; as more users take up HB5, the longer its effects last.

What Are The Benefits Of Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5?

As many have experienced, taking an Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement offers numerous health advantages, including treating hormonal blockages and helping reduce weight. 

Here are a few exciting advantages of the supplement that will be experienced when taking it regularly.

Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 provides numerous advantages. Here are the key ones:

Hormone Balancing:

 Dr. Eric J. Wood asserts that hormonal imbalances are one of the primary reasons behind fat accumulation on your thighs and belly, impacting millions of women and men alike, leading them to seek ways to lose weight more slowly than they otherwise would. 

According to him, taking the HB 5 supplement helps address such imbalances while supporting balanced hormone levels in your system.

Improved Condition: 

Balanced hormones offer many advantages, one of the most notable ones being more radiant skin. HB5 supplements natural components help smoothen skin for improved suppleness and fairer tone.

Increase Energy: 

It increases energy. The increase in fat burning can generate additional energy, increasing motivation among users to pursue activities they enjoy – giving them the freedom from constantly having to shed pounds. They may find their lives have opened up entirely new dimensions.

Improve Skin Health: 

Estrogen profoundly impacts the physiological composition and vascularity of skin, with insufficient estrogen levels leading to wrinkles and stretch marks on its surface. 

You can reverse time with radiant, youthful skin using the HB-5, which utilizes DIM and has been proven to increase estrogen levels in your system.


Why Choose Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5? 

HB-5 promises to be 100% natural, thus eliminating the negative side effects of estrogen replacement therapy and other hormone treatments that could damage your health. 

Women of all ages can use it; pregnant and new mothers breastfeeding should avoid it; however, those taking prescription medication for various chronic conditions or illnesses should consult their physician regarding the HB-5 drug and when.

Happy Mammoth Side Effects

From my research, it has become evident that the Hormonal Harmony weight loss supplement HB5 does not cause any apparent negative reactions. I could find no reviews online or offline that complained of adverse side effects associated with taking it.


Pros & Cons Of Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5

Pros Of Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5

  • Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 offers affordable hormone balance support at an accessible price point.
  • It specifically targets weight gain.
  • Hormonal Harmony HB-5 can be an easy supplement to take.
  • It allows for fast and long-term results.
  • There are no hidden or subscription costs involved as it is a one-time payment option.
  • Third-party labs conduct quality control testing of products.
  • Each batch is manufactured with extreme care and consideration for the environment.

Cons Of Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5

  • Due to high demand and shortage of premium and rare components, this product could quickly run out of stock shortly.
  • The result of the product can vary from one person to another.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as those who already have existing health concerns, should consult their physician before taking an HB5 supplement.


Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Happy Mammoth Reviews

People are delighted with this supplement since they’ve achieved their fitness goals through it. Here is some Happy Mammoth Reviews:

“After taking the happy mammoth hormone harmony HB5 for three weeks, I honestly say I’ve never felt this amazing! My energy levels have skyrocketed (even at age 51!), while my body has changed to reveal slimmer proportions with reduced body fat and increased muscle.

“My sleep has improved tremendously, and I feel more energetic and less constipated! And it will only get better in time! I was initially skeptical, but glad I decided to purchase HB5, as its effects can be felt throughout my body!”

“Dizziness and heartburn have gone away, along with my rapid rise times and sustained energy throughout the day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the 8 pounds shed within 15 days. Thank you for helping me discover the HB5.”

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Where Can I Purchase Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Supplements?

Notably, Hormonal Harmony HB5 supplements can be purchased directly from their Official Website. At first, they weren’t sold online, but due to high demand and limited stock levels, the company launched them exclusively online.

The Official Website is user-friendly and makes purchasing the HB5 supplement simple, with delivery taking two or three days.

Once you receive an authentic supplement, Hormonal Harmony HB-5 also provides many other advantages. When purchasing your initial pack of happy mammoth hormone harmony HB-5 supplements online, you will find three packages with discounts with 180-day money-back guarantees – giving you peace of mind as you take this revolutionary pill.


How Much Does Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony HB-5 Cost?

Although happy mammoth hormone harmony HB-5 might appear expensive at first glance, you don’t need to be concerned as its costs are significantly lower than other weight loss solutions available today. We have listed three packages and associated prices in our review of HB-5.

Shipping costs & the price lists of the happy mammoth hormone harmony HB-5 supplement are as follows:

$49 for one bottle (30-day supply). + free US shipping.

$117 for three bottles (90-day supply) + free US shipping.

$174 for six bottles (180-day supply) + free US shipping (Click Here To Visit Official Website)



Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Reviews – Conclusion

Hope you liked our Happy Mammoth Reviews. Happy mammoth hormone harmony HB-5, as its name implies, is a natural remedy designed to simultaneously balance five key hormone issues.

Hormonal imbalances can impact people of any age; it’s essential not to ignore any changes and address them immediately.

The happy mammoth HB-5 formula has been specifically formulated to safely prevent allergic reactions, discomforts, and adverse negative side effects in its users. Regular use should result in general improvements to your health and hormonal balance.

Purchase of this product can be done only from the Official Website.



Q. Is the Happy Mammoth legit?

Ans. The HB5 supplement is no secret: its design was overseen by highly-respected physician Eric J Wood, N.D., M.A. NPI, and produced by Hormonal Harmony; thousands of testimonials from customers both online and off have verified positive outcomes from using it.

Additionally, the company offers a 180-day guarantee for a refund if their product fails to deliver positive results – an indication that it must not be considered fraudulent.

Q. Is Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony HB-5 FDA-approved?

Ans. Unfortunately, Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement does not fall under FDA jurisdiction as they do not approve natural diet supplements; however, it is manufactured in certified GMP manufacturing facilities owned by them and is therefore considered FDA compliant.

Q. Is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 a scam?

Ans. Hormonal Harmony supplement HB-5 is not in any way fraudulent; Dr. Wood and Dr. Sam spearheaded its development, and it’s produced by the highly respected supplement manufacturing company Hormonal Harmony. 

But be wary when purchasing it; many fraudulent versions exist on the market, and only purchasing directly through Hormonal Harmony’s Official Website is recommended to guarantee you get a genuine product with customer support service included.

Q. Can I purchase Happy Mammoth Hormonal Harmony HB-5 from Amazon?

Ans. Hormonal Harmony hormone balance supplement HB-5 cannot be purchased on Amazon and other websites, nor from retailers; they have eliminated middlemen to reduce costs and ensure quality products. So you can purchase original and genuine products with discounts on their Official Website.

Q. Can I know more about the money-back policy?  

Ans. Hormonal Harmony HB-5 capsules come with a 180-day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied with their performance or results. Simply reach out to their support department and return all the bottles for a full refund of your purchase price. To learn more about their money-back policies, kindly Click Here.