The Ex Factor Guide Review 2024: Will It Help You Get Your Ex Back?

The Ex Factor Guide Review, devised by Vancouver relationship expert Brad Browning and coach Jaelene Kehresh-Lazarus.

This comprehensive program serves as an aid for those attempting to recover their former love or overcome a recent breakup.

Heartbreak is an experience shared by all humans, touching each person at least once in their lifetimes.

From friendships and romantic relationships to marriage and beyond, those experiencing heartache often question why their suffering exists and long for relief from its clutches.

Breakups represent the painful separation between individuals who were once intimately intertwined in an intimate bond.

Unfortunately, today everyone has experienced some form of an emotional impasse and must ultimately part ways; but nobody likes the prospect of divorce as much.

Triggers for breakups vary and include issues related to finances, quarrels or any other life factors causing strain in relationships – even unsolvable ones like familial problems can contribute to this emotional turmoil.

Navigating the emotional aftermath of a breakup is no simple task, especially since one who once played such a central role suddenly finds themselves without that person and feeling an immense emptiness in their heart.

The days following such an experience can be filled with turmoil: some give in to alcohol as a solace while others try desperately to stay sane.

Enter The Ex Factor Guide as a source of hope in relationships. While it cannot erase the discomfort caused by a breakup, it does provide a roadmap towards reigniting lost flames.

Using The Ex Factor Guide will work differently than magic. Rather it uses systematic approaches to retrieve what was lost – persuading your ex to reconsider their stance and adjust their behaviours according to what suits both of your desires.

Unlock all of its mysteries through our comprehensive Ex Factor Guide Review and begin your voyage of discovery.

The ex factor guide review

What Is “The Ex Factor Guide” All About?

The ex factor guide review

The ex factor guide review

Brad Browning created The Ex Factor as a strategic dating methodology to reignite old flames.

This remarkable program offers two tracks tailored specifically for men and women looking to rekindle the flame with former partners. Still, unfortunately, it does not accommodate couples of similar gender and age group.

At the core of The Ex Factor is an expansive PDF ebook comprising just under 200 pages. Within its pages lies an accessible yet detailed roadmap — detailing a systematic strategy for orchestrating an ex-partner’s return.

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This program goes far beyond text alone; besides an ebook, its arsenal includes instructional videos and an audiobook adaptation, enriching your learning experience and broadening its scope.

For those wishing to dive deeper, an advanced version is also available, featuring additional audiobooks and videos on specific relationship issues, from preventing breakups to understanding infidelity’s psychological mechanisms.

Importantly, this program only exists virtually. All its content – from books to videos – can be easily accessed online through purchase, ensuring convenience and immediate availability.

The ex factor guide review

Who is Brad Browning? Creator Of The EX Factor Guide


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Brad Browning is a respected breakup and divorce coach. His career revolves around providing advice to individuals facing divisions or reconciliation of relationships.

As well as his YouTube channel featuring over half-million subscribers, which serves as a platform for dispensing advice on nurturing romantic ties and improving romantic bonds.

Brad openly shares his shoe size in his “about me” section, offering an intriguing glimpse into his candid nature.

Furthermore, he proudly proclaims himself to be a happily married individual, showing his commitment to successful relationships.

Brad Browning is an unquestionable expert in relationship counselling and is highly sought after for rekindling lost flames.

What will you learn from The Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor Guide Ebook’s inaugural segment explores the cause and process of relationship breakup.

It covers key triggers and repeating conversations that often lead to separation, providing invaluable advice on resolving them successfully.

Understanding whether the words spoken by your partner represent genuine affection or the intention to part ways is of the utmost importance to discern its true intent and listen attentively, understanding what lies beneath their message.

The next section offers strategies tailored to both scenarios. If your partner still harbours love, the article suggests creating lighthearted interactions to bring smiles; otherwise, if they appear inclined towards separation or divorce, avoid persistently pleading or pursuing them.

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Noted in the guide is an acknowledgement that reconciliatory attempts may not always work; indeed, any reunion with someone who dismisses your opinions and insists upon their righteousness could prove futile.

This guide equips both men and women to assess potential romantic partners’ compatibility, behaviour, and personality traits. If any elements threaten your sense of self or happiness, this advice aims towards moving forward.

The second part outlines qualities that resonate with your ex-partners or potential ones, such as what attracts them and strategies to foster an engaging, healthy relationship.

This section details how to convey your ex’s significance, creating a sense of mutual indispensability between both parties.

The third section is tailored towards those experiencing post-breakup distress and provides useful strategies and advice on overcoming it and reigniting their connection.

These pages provide insights on “No Contact Rules,” outlining an optimal timeframe to refrain from communicating with an ex and ways to reconnect and reignite interest with them again. Scripted messages and dialogues designed to do just this are also included here.


The ex factor guide review

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What will you get in The Ex Factor Guide?

Recognizing that each journey is unique, The Ex Factor Guide offers resources designed to assist in rebuilding relationships:

Are You Hoping to Conquer His Heart Again? For those hoping to do just that, The Ex Factor Guide package provides

  • Comprehensive Interactive Ebook with 160 pages
  • 5-Hour Professional Audio Training
  • The 3 Part Pro Video Series, which is a bonus
  • Bonus 2: How to Understand Man (EBook)
  • Bonus 3: The Motives Why Guys Steal (EBook)
  • Bonus 4: Unrelenting Fat Loss Guide (EBook)

And if you’re a gentleman seeking to rekindle your connection with your ex-girlfriend, your package encompasses:

  • An Interactive 160-page book that is thorough
  • 5-Hour Professional Audio Training
  • The three-part pro video series is a bonus
  • Bonus No. 2: The Ten Commandments of Se*ism (EBook)
  • Bonus No. 3: Sex Appeal in 7 Easy Steps (EBook)
  • Bonus No. 4: Tips to Building a Perfect Physique (EBook)

Team Brad Browning stands ready to provide steadfast support daily, ensuring that assistance is readily available when any challenges arise.

Who Is The Ex Factor for?

The Ex Factor Guide is written specifically to meet the needs of an individual who has experienced a painful breakup and regrets having parted ways with their partner.

This book presents various psychological, flirtatious, and crafty strategies which may help rekindle the romance between former lovers.

However, it should be noted that this guide isn’t designed for individuals seeking personal growth following a breakup or those attempting to understand why their ex prevented their development. Nor should it be used as a replacement for couples’ counselling.

Instead, this guide has one purpose: providing you with the means to win back your ex. If you’re feeling sad after experiencing a breakup but determined to take steps that make them reconsider and realize they made a mistake by breaking up with you in the first place, this is for you!

The Ex Factor Guide’s core focus prompts an intense realization in your ex: “I made a significant error.”

The ex factor guide review

Pros & Cons Of The Ex Factor Guide

Pros of The Ex Factor Guide

  • Clear Organization: Our guide is user-friendly and straightforward, enabling seamless navigation. 
  • Comprehensive Training: Covers an expansive spectrum of scenarios without leaving anything out. 
  • Proven Success: With thousands of success stories behind it, its efficacy has been thoroughly proven.
  • Evidence-Based: Created on a foundation of extensive research conducted over several decades.
  • Instant Access: Digital format allows immediate entry to the program’s content. 
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: Our money-back guarantee offers 60 days to test and experience our program!

Cons Of The Ex Factor Guide

  • Solicited on Official Website Only: Available solely through purchasing on the Official Website 
  • Adherence Required for Success: Success requires following all outlined directions exactly and exactly as written.
  • No Physical Copies Available: Unfortunately, only digital copies are provided of this guide; no physical copies exist.

The ex factor guide review

Customer Reviews Of The Ex Factor Guide

“To anyone considering Brad’s program: Don’t hesitate! His book and personal email assistance played an invaluable role in helping my boyfriend overcome his commitment issues. Highly recommended!”

Brad Browning is truly amazing. His book nearly restored my relationship within two weeks! If you are considering purchasing his book, I would advise: go for it!”

“Dear Brad, here is my testimonial: Your emails and book were key in bringing back my former flame into my arms and I couldn’t be more thankful that we’re back together.

Thanks so much for being there with guidance and advice – and here’s to all your success in future endeavors!”

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The ex factor guide customer review

The ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Guide Price & Where To Get It?

The Ex Factor Guide costs $47 and gives users access to its ebook, audiobook and additional resources all for one payment. Its value lies in providing specific techniques to win back an ex.

However, if you’re searching for a book that discusses reasons behind breakups, personal development, or self-realization, this book might not be ideal – that’s perfectly acceptable!

An all-encompassing guide often dilutes its effectiveness; therefore, this book is tailored to those looking to rekindle with their former partners.

Customers purchasing through the Official Website also enjoy a 60-day trial period if the program doesn’t meet their needs; should this happen, refunds can be requested if needed.

the ex factor guide price

Is Ex Factor Guide A Scam?

Let’s examine the factors that establish The Ex Factor Guide’s credibility:

Reasonable Price: The program comes at a modest $47 price point. Scammers sometimes use higher costs as bait to convince victims they are purchasing an exceptional product.

Expert Authorship: Brad Browning, an established relationship coach, wrote the guide. This adds credibility as it shows it wasn’t reported anonymously by an unknown individual.

Positive Reviews of The Ex Factor Guide: Positive The Ex Factor Guide reviews are abundant online and on its Official Website, showing that many have found value in this program.

Money-Back Guarantee: The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee to demonstrate its legitimacy. Genuine products offer refunds as an assurance of efficacy.

Consider these factors, and it’s easy to conclude that The Ex Factor Guide is a legitimate product. Its price point, expert authorship, positive customer reviews, and money-back guarantee prove it’s not a scam.

The ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Guide Review – Conclusion

The Ex Factor Guide is an impressive digital program created to guide you smoothly through rekindling a relationship with an old flame while sidestepping commitment and trust issues.

No longer waiting anxiously for text messages or overthinking every move, Brad Browning has thoughtfully created this roadmap!

Brad’s blueprint takes all the guesswork out of winning back your ex, offering an easy path towards reconciliation with them.

It is an indispensable resource for men and women who’ve experienced heartbreak and wish to regain the relationship they once shared with an ex.

Brad Browning offers expert guidance for successfully attracting your former love without risk. The Ex Factor Guide’s risk-free guarantee gives you the confidence to make this leap and rekindle old flames.

Don’t allow past errors to dictate your future relationships – instead, let The Ex Factor Guide lead the way back towards fulfilling and promising relationships!

The ex factor guide review

FAQ About The Ex Factor Guide

Q1. Is The Ex Factor Guide suitable for both men and women?

Ans. Yes, The Ex Factor Guide is designed to help both men and women who want to win back their ex-partners. It offers tailored strategies and advice for each gender’s unique situation.

Q2. How does The Ex Factor Guide work?

Ans. The Ex Factor Guide provides a step-by-step approach to winning back your ex. It covers various scenarios and offers psychological insights and practical techniques to reignite attraction and connection.

Q3. Is this program suitable for any stage of a breakup?

Ans. Yes, whether you’ve just broken up or it’s been a while, The Ex Factor Guide provides strategies that can be applied at any breakup stage. It addresses different situations and helps you navigate them effectively.

Q4. Does The Ex Factor Guide offer any guarantees?

Ans. Yes, the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the results or the program doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Q5. Is The Ex Factor Guide based on proven methods?

Ans. Brad Browning is a well-known relationship expert with years of experience. The program is backed by research and real-world success stories, making it a reliable resource for winning back an ex.

Q6. Do I need to be tech-savvy to use The Ex Factor Guide?

Ans. Not at all. The program is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. It’s available in digital format, including eBooks, videos, and audio, with clear instructions for easy navigation.

Q7. Is this program suitable for any age group?

Ans. Yes, The Ex Factor Guide is designed to help people of all age groups who want to rekindle a past relationship. The strategies provided are adaptable to different life stages.

Q8. Are the bonus materials included in the program worth it?

Ans. The bonus materials provide additional insights and resources to enhance your understanding of relationships. They cover topics like understanding men, building attraction, and personal development.

Q9. Can I access The Ex Factor Guide immediately after purchase?

Ans. Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive instant access to the digital materials, allowing you to start your journey to winning back your ex immediately.

Q10. Is my personal information secure when purchasing The Ex Factor Guide?

Ans. The Official Website ensures secure transactions, protecting your personal and payment information. Your privacy is a priority.

The ex factor guide review

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