The Ex Factor Guide Review 2022: Will It Help You Get Your Ex Back?

The loss of someone you love is painful. A sudden death is especially hard to deal with. It’s another story, however, when the person leaves you forever because he or she chose the other person over you. Having mixed feelings of anger, sadness, and confusion can leave you feeling despondent for weeks.

What will you do if that happens to you or if it has happened to you already? In this trying situation, how will you handle it? Will you try to get the person back or will you let him/her be?

If you have experienced heartbreak like that, you might be interested in Brad Browning’s “The Ex Factor Guide.”. There are things that you can learn from this book about how breakups happen, how you can get your ex back, and how to give your relationship a second chance.

Read our full detailed The Ex Factor Guide Review 2022 now and get your ex back.

the ex factor guide official website

What Is “The Ex Factor Guide” All About?

The ex factor guide review

the ex factor guide official website

The Ex Factor Guide is an online program that can help you get your ex back. You will learn effective strategies and techniques that are based on the dynamics of your relationship and the psychology of breakups. You can learn a wide range of strategies by doing this, which taps into the brain instead of the heart, which is key. When you’re going through a breakup, your heart will make you do all kinds of things, but they won’t necessarily work. Psychology is a methodology that allows you to utilize effective techniques that work.

In addition, The Ex Factor Guide does not focus on changing who you are, what you look like, what you want or denying what happened in the past. It is not necessary to recite weird one-liners or to do anything inappropriate. The program is designed with options to suit your preferences.

Now, there are two versions available:

  • Female Version
  • Male Version

Using this method, you can use powerful strategies that are tailored to the psychology of your gender and that of your ex. In other words, what works for men won’t work for women.  The psychology of men and women is something that you can learn through a guide that focuses on the psychology of women and men. You can learn techniques that are specific for your situation and your partner’s brains.  There are no substantive differences between the two versions, but the content is different.

There are few things more painful than a broken heart, so you’ll be glad to learn that it’s not too late to get started. When you purchase, you will receive immediate access to the entire program, so you can start implementing what you learn right away.  You simply download the software onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, depending on which device you prefer. Having this regime on hand means you’ll never miss a treatment (and you won’t run into your ex when you need it), and you won’t receive an awkward parcel. The program is also available in digital format so you can read it wherever you are without everyone around you knowing what you are reading.

Since the program has been so effective, it has helped thousands of men and women repair their relationships. Additionally, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try, even if you think your relationship is beyond repair.

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Who Is Brad Browning?


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The Ex Factor Guide is written by Brad Browning. Also a relationship expert and a coach, he hails from Vancouver, Canada. With over ten years of experience, Brad has helped couples improve their relationships. Over the past few years, Brad has been studying the psychological effects of breakups and the functioning of relationships. Now he is an expert on the subject.

Brad has written several articles related to breakups and conflict resolution for, where he is also a senior editor. Brad posts videos on his YouTube channel about relationship issues. He is widely considered a love guru when it comes to love and relationships, and has much experience in this area. Globally, Brad Browning’s postings are highly respected.

What You’ll Learn In The Ex Factor Guide –

It is a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of your relationship and getting your ex back. The book provides easy-to-implement breakup techniques that work for each stage of the breakup process. Every strategy you employ to get your ex back comes with step-by-step instructions as well as an explanation of why it will work and what you can expect.

Here’s a look at the two different versions so that you have a sense for what you can expect overall:

The Ex Factor Guide Review- The Female Version:

  1. Introduction
    • Forget About What You Think You Know
    • I’m Rooting For You
    • I’m Here to Help If You Need It
    • The Real Reason You’re Alone
  2. Attractive Characteristics
  3. Unattractive Characteristics
  4. Panic and Acceptance
    • Don’t Pressure Him
    • Some Good News
  5. Start With “No Contact”
    • Why 31 Days?
    • “But I Can’t Wait That Long!”
    • What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already
    • What If You Broke Up a While Ago?
    • What if Your Ex Lives in Another City
    • Pick Up an Old Hobby (or a new one)
    • Lean on Your Friends
    • Start Exercising More
    • Focus More Energy on Your Work
    • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible
  6. Start Dating Other Me
    • How to Let Him Know You’re Dating
    • Hang Out with Mutual Friends
    • Take a Lot of Pictures – And Post Them
    • What If He’s Dating Other Women Already?
  7. What If He Contacts You?
    • What If He Calls?
  8. What If He Doesn’t Contact You?
    • You Have Two Options
    • What Should You Text Him?
    • The Pointless Text
    • The Good Reminder Text
    • How You Should Call Him
    • When He Calls or Writes You Back
    • “What If This Doesn’t Work?”
  9. The “Date”
    • Body Language and Tone of Voice
    • Conversation Topics for The “Date”
    • How to Tell a Good Story
  10. Seduce Him All Over Again
    • Seduction in a Nutshell
    • Rebuilding the Attraction
    • Tease Him!
    • Kinaesthetic Attraction
    • Taking Kino a Step Further
    • How to Kiss Him
    • My “6 Magic Words”
    • A Sneaky Attraction Tip
  11. Sex!
    • What To Do After Sex
  12. Preventing Breakup
    • Keep Things Interesting
    • Induce Jealousy
  13. Desperation Tactics
    • The Desperation Letter

The Ex Factor Guide Review- The Male Version:

The Male Version covers the same topics, only the content is tailored for men. The bolded sections are extra topics added in for men:

  1. Introduction
  2. Attractive Characteristics
    • Oxytocin: Your Secret Weapon
  3. Unattractive Characteristics
  4. Panic and Acceptance
  5. Start With “No Contact”
  6. Start Dating Other Women
  7. What If She Contacts You?
  8. What If She Doesn’t Contact You?
  9. The “Date”
  10. Seduce Her All Over Again
    • A Dirty Attraction Tip
  11. Sex
  12. Preventing Breakup
  13. Desperation Tactics


the ex factor guide intro video

There are only two things you can do after a breakup: either you want your ex back or you want to move on with your life. In the former case, you must pay close attention to your every move. You might be pushed away from your ex due to your emotions.

The book points out that an end to a relationship can have many causes. One of Browning’s conclusions is that breakups occur because of dwindling attraction between the couple. Some people will disagree with this, as it implies that the breakup is not a big deal and there are many fish in the sea.

Regardless of the reason, addressing the issue must be the top priority – not just to deal with a physical attraction loss. Other words, this book will only be effective if the breakup is a result of the latter.

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The Ex Factor Guide Review: Does It Work For You?

Ex Factor Guide is a system that works for both men and women. If you are a man who wants to win back your girlfriend or wife, Brad will take you step-by-step through the process. Many men and women have already had success with this process based on reviews and feedback posted on countless websites. You will have exclusive access to all the content of The Ex Factor Guide if you purchase this program. Bonuses are also available to you. Women and men alike benefit from the content and bonuses in order to build a solid relationship with their ex once they have gotten back together.

The ex factor guide customer review

the ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Guide Pros And Cons – 

The book comes with its own set of pros and cons. Among its noted advantages include:

  • In this book, you learn how to move forward after a breakup. The book teaches the right way to handle situations and to avoid confrontations and dramas as much as possible.
  • An expert in the field of love and relationships can assist you. Browning is well-versed in the subject. After all, he’s a professional in this field. Be assured, you are still capable of doing the right thing after the breakup. Expect him to treat you honestly and personally (through the book), just as a friend would.
  • It contains detailed action steps for getting your relationship back on track. It does not blame you for your unfortunate breakup. Browning just wants you to be happy regardless of whether you are able to win back your ex.
  • It also includes three videos made by Brad’s trusted assistant, Ricky. You will also receive a bonus booklet called “10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction” by Derek Lamont and “Seven Steps to Sex Appeal” by Mark Belmont.
  • Additionally, the book offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The money you spend won’t go to waste. Good if you like it. On the other hand, you can always ask for a refund and find other tools to help you cope with your breakup.

The book also has its disadvantages, including the following:

  • There is little depth and detail in the bonus videos and booklets that could help you solve your relationship problems.
  • As mentioned, Browning concludes that most breakups happen due to dwindling attraction towards each other. A lot of people would disagree on this idea.
  • There will be no easy or smooth road to gaining your ex back. It will take a lot of patience and time. It’s not for you if you expect immediate results from the Ex Factor Guide. In addition, you must be able to follow the steps in this guide.

The ex factor guide review

The Ex Factor Guide Price & Where To Get It?

Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Guide is available for just $47 with a one-time payment that provides unlimited access to the e-book and audiobook.

You can access it by signing up on the official website and clicking on the big yellow “Add to cart” button.  Thereafter, the website will be redirected to a secure checkout page where payment options can be processed.

Be aware of fraudulent websites selling fake products, so it is safe to place your order and purchase only through its official website. Moreover, there is no need to worry about payment options because everything is protected by the latest encryption technology.

the ex factor guide price

Conclusion –

I highly recommend The Ex Factor Guide to anyone who is trying to get back with their ex. The program uses powerful methods to help you get back together with your ex. Written by a relationship expert who has helped countless couples mend their broken relationships, this book contains helpful tips for repairing relationships. The Ex Factor Guide is an excellent guide for understanding your separation and restoring your relationship with your ex. Additionally, you have nothing to lose by purchasing. There is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee offered by Brad Browning. Therefore, you can receive a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with this program.

the ex factor guide review


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