How To Get Rid Of Dog Bad Breath – Causes And Treatments

Your dog may give you kisses to say hello when you return home. But dog bad breath can make it difficult for you to get them to smile. Does bad breath in dogs normal?

Bad breath in dogs can indicate that your dog has various health problems. The first step to properly treating dog bad breath is understanding the cause. found that more than half of dog owners believe their pet has bad breath. However, they still consider it a part of being a dog owner and must accept it. The survey also revealed that only 10% of dog owners had sought veterinary advice regarding their pet’s bad breath. Only 5% would be concerned about it is a sign they are more seriously ill.

Although it is not something you want to be able to smell, pong could indicate that your pet has a problem with its health. Give it some thought if your dog suddenly has bad breath. Bad breath does not necessarily indicate bad teeth. Ensure a veterinarian examines your dog to rule out any other serious conditions.

Bad breath in dogs is not only gross, but it can also indicate a serious health problem. Bad breath in dogs can be more than a gross smell. It could also indicate a health problem.

Causes Of Bad Dog Breath – 

Dogs often have smelly breath because their mouth is constantly in contact with their environment. This could be their toys, food, or any other object. Although we joke about dog breath, it can become a serious problem when the slightest smell becomes a stench.

Although you may be tempted to ignore the unpleasant odor, investigating the source is a good idea. It could be an indication of a more serious health problem. Bad breath can be caused by many things, including kidney disease, liver disease, and oral health problems.

Kidney Disease –

Dog bad breath smells like urine or feces could indicate that your pet has ingested poop. This is something to look into.

Your dog’s kidneys may not be working as they should. This can cause toxins and other waste to build up, creating a bad odor in their mouths.

You should immediately call your vet if your dog exhibits other signs of kidney disease, such as vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the urine, or excessive drinking.

Liver Disease –

Your dog may have a liver problem if it is having foul breath, vomiting, or exhibiting yellowish gums. As with kidney disease, liver problems can indicate a serious condition. Your dog must be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Oral Health Problems –

Oral health problems most often cause bad breath in dogs. This includes tooth decay, significant tartar buildup, and gum disease. The persistent smell in your pet’s mouth is caused by bacteria and food particles built up in their mouths over time.

Your dog’s breath may smell a little if new oral health problems cause it. If they’re not addressed, the smell can become more severe and lead to your pet’s continued poor oral health.

Diabetes –

Diabetes can become uncontrolled or untreated over a prolonged period. The body begins to break down fat molecules known as ketones. Dogs with secondary diabetes that produce ketones may experience acetone-like breath. Dogs suffering from diabetes may experience weight loss, increased thirst, and increased urination.

Ate Something Toxic –

Some toxins, such as plants, can cause rancidity or a rotting smell to dogs’ breaths. Smoking cigarettes can cause a nicotine smell in dogs’ breaths. You can detect hundreds of toxic substances in the environment and help your dog get the best treatment.

Licking The Anal Area –

An itchy dog can lick its anus to eliminate the anal gland fluid. It can be very unpleasant and indicate that your vet needs to express his anal glands. This can be done quickly and painlessly.

Dietary Deficiencies –

Raw or home-cooked food can cause a disruption in the balance of bacteria in your dog’s mouth and gut. Bad breath can be caused by a disruption in the normal balance of bacteria and an increased risk of Salmonella overgrowth in the dog’s stomach. A raw diet or a home-cooked diet can cause bad breath. Consult a veterinarian nutritionist to prevent any dietary deficiencies.


Bad Breath In Senior Dogs –

Your dog’s breath may get worse as she gets older. Dimock believes that there are four key reasons for this change.

  1. Tarter: Many large dogs don’t require a lot of dental cleaning. They’re likely now developing the tartar that small dogs have had all their lives.
  2. Too Many Teeth: Small dogs can have problems with their teeth due to overcrowded mouths. Too many teeth can cause tartar buildup.
  3. Indigestion: Their digestion may not be as strong as a young dog’s. 
  4. Less Saliva: They might have less saliva. Their breath could just be stinking because their saliva production is slowing down.

How To Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Bad Breath –

Schedule a dental exam for your dog if they have bad breath. A veterinary professional can perform routine examinations of your dog’s mouth to detect any signs of dental disease or other health problems.

Periodontal disease is something that dogs are more susceptible to. Routine cleaning can help to prevent tartar buildup and regular dental extractions (having your teeth pulled).

These are other ways your dog can improve oral health and maintain a fresher breath.

Regular Brushing: 

Brushing your dog with toothpaste and toothbrushes every other day can help to reduce plaque buildup. Dog toothpaste can be flavored to appeal to dogs.

Dental Products And Treats: 

These dental treats can help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. They may also contain ingredients that will promote healthy gums. You can also use dental water additives to mask bad breath and promote good oral health. They are usually unflavored and can be added to the water dish of your pet each day.

Dental Diets For Dogs: 

These dental diets can reduce plaque buildup. These diets use a larger kibble and a more coarse texture to clean the teeth and remove plaque.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) can be a useful resource in selecting safe and effective veterinary-recommended dental diets, treats, and supplements.

How Can I Prevent Bad Breath In My Dog?

You can help prevent or treat bad breath in dogs by ensuring they get the regular oral hygiene care they need. Also, make sure your dog gets their annual professional dental cleanings.

Regular brushing of your dog’s teeth is important. To get your puppy used to brushing their teeth, you must start the process when they are young. Many dental chews and foods can be used in conjunction with tooth brushing.

Ask your vet about the best oral care products for dogs to prevent bad breath.

Although larger issues like liver or kidney disease cannot always be avoided, you need to take extra precautions to ensure your dog doesn’t consume anything it shouldn’t. Dogs can become ill from certain human medications, foods, or common houseplants. This can lead to kidney and liver problems. You should be aware of the substances in your home that can cause organ disease and failure in your dog.

Home Remedies For Dog Bad Breath –

Bad breath can be prevented by brushing your pet’s teeth at home daily. Some dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed traditionally. However, regular brushing is a great way to keep your furry friend’s teeth and breath healthy! 

There are some best natural home remedies for bad dog breath that you can try.

Try One of These Natural Remedies For Bad Dog Breath –

Choose Chew Toys & Treats Are Designed To Clean Teeth –

  • Here is our recommendation for the best dog dental chews.
  • With every glass of water, lemon is a natural deodorizer and creates fresh-smelling breath!

Sprinkle Some Fresh Mint On Your Dog’s Meals –

  • The fresh-scented herb also contains Chlorophyll, which is a natural healing agent. Vitamins A, C, and D are also found in mint, which supports healthy bones, skin, and vision.
  • Mint is even good for pets and people!

Coconut Oil Can Be Added To Dog Food, Or Used As Toothpaste –

  • Coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that are great for dogs with bad breath.
  • Bonus! Coconut oil can keep your dog’s coat shiny!

To Fido’s Water Bowl, Add Up To 1 Teaspoon Of Lemon Juice & Apple Cider Vinegar –

Lemon Juice –
  • Lemon juice’s acidity helps to neutralize bacteria and fight tartar buildup.
  • With every glass of water, lemon is a natural deodorizer and creates fresh-smelling breath!
Apple Cider Vinegar –
  • Contains bacteria that kill Acetic Acids & Malic Acids.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar also contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are important for your overall health.

Talk To Your vet About Probiotic Supplements For Dogs –

  • Research has shown that yogurt and probiotics can kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, leading to stinky breath.
  • Gut bacteria can help with digestion and other health problems!

Products For Dog Bad Breath –

There are many options available to eliminate bad breath in dogs. These products can be given to your dog daily to prevent bad breath and support your pet’s health. These products can also help support your pet’s gut health, immune system, energy, fur quality, and other important aspects.

We have compiled a list of the top products for bad dog breath. Pup Labs developed a chewable product that can treat bad breath and provide other health benefits. It is called Fresh Breathies.”

Pup Lab’s Fresh Breathies reduce dogs’ flatulence and restore their breath’s freshness. Dental chews are chicken-flavored treats that promote healthy teeth, gums, digestion, and microbiota. 

The powerful nutrients in the chews work together to restore your dog’s health safely and naturally. This will mean that you’ll have less yard work to do. Your furry friend will be happier, healthier, and more energetic.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and formulation of Fresh Breathies.

Review Of Pup Lab Fresh Breathies – What is Fresh Breathies?

Fresh breath is a supplement that helps to prevent and treat bad breath in dogs. Pup Lab’s chicken-flavored dental chews will help promote healthy digestion and freshen your dog’s breath. Every Fresh Breathies chew has all-natural ingredients that work together to improve your dog’s digestive and dental health. 

Every ingredient in this delicious chew has been supported by a clinical trial conducted by prominent scientists from Australia, Japan, and the United States.

Your dog’s longevity and health are dependent on its digestive system. The excellent combination of natural nutrients in Fresh Breathies can help maintain your dog’s optimal digestive health. According to Pup Labs, the powerful blend promotes freshness and helps prevent imbalance in the gut. 

It helps eliminate bad breath, gas, or body odor. It provides incredible energy, firmer stool, less irritation and itching, and relieves sore joints.

Pup Labs is a company that helps dogs run, jump, and play. They use transparent, high-quality products to help make lasting memories. Many claim their dogs have had better skin, joints, flexibility, stamina, and skin in the past four to eight weeks. Pup Labs only offers the best health vitamins and treats to ensure your dog lives a happy, healthy life.



How Does Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Work?

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is a great product that promotes your dog’s health. It makes you happy, healthy, and energetic again.

Five all-natural ingredients in PupLabs Fresh Breathies are proven to help maintain a healthy microbiome in your dog’s stomach and support healthy inflammatory responses.

This will result in a cleaner Breath, decreased bloating, body odor, firmer poops, less itching and scratching, and more energy. All this in one soft, chicken-flavored bite.

Each of the five nutrients harmonizes to restore your dog’s health.

Fresh Breathies promotes a healthy microbiome, digestion, and less yard cleanup! Regardless of age, you’ll have a happier, healthier, and more energetic dog.

After a few weeks, you can expect a thicker, shinier, firmer, and less scratching.

After 6 months of consistent use, the best and longest-lasting results appear to last forever. To keep your dog’s breath fresh, the chicken-flavored chews help support healthy GI function.

Every fresh chew is made with all-natural ingredients such as spirulina and yucca extract, parsley and cinnamon, and champignon mushrooms extract.

These products can help your dog’s dental health and improve his digestive system. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Review helps maintain healthy gums and fresh breath.

This helps you maintain healthy gums, teeth, and breath. Fresh Breathies work inside and out to balance your dog’s microbiome, support their health, or even maintain it.

They also have a chicken flavor your dog will love. Here are the steps:

STEP 1. Give your dog a soft chew daily – Dogs under 50 lbs should get one soft chew daily. Over 50 pounds, give 2 chews daily. One chew per 50 pounds is a good rule of thumb.

STEP 2. Continue giving every day for at least 30 days – It takes time for nutrients to get to work. It takes time to balance this delicate microbiome of billions of bacteria in your dog’s stomach.

STEP 3 – Enjoy your Fur Kid’s newfound energy and health – In just one week, you will notice a significant improvement in your dog’s energy, breath, body odor, and stool consistency.

What Ingredients Are Inside Fresh Breathies?

Every Fresh Breathies dog chew is a combination of:

Champignon Mushroom Extract:

Champignon mushroom extract (Agaricus Bisporus) is a natural food ingredient that can be used as a flavor enhancer in place of artificial flavors. In the context of Fresh Breathies, this ingredient is reckoned to detoxify and reduce bad breath [3].

Yucca Schidigera Extract:

Yucca schidigera oil is a natural source of fiber, which has been shown to improve the health of cats and dogs. This ingredient is common in pet foods, as it has been shown to reduce fecal malodor by 26%. There are, however, some restrictions. The first is dosage. Any excess could have a greater effect. The type of food and preparation used to make it work depend on its effectiveness [ 4]. According to the Pup Labs team, yucca is essential for digestive health, intestinal health, and mineral absorption.

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Spirulina, a blue-green alga from the Arthrospira family, is what you call spirulina. Although it may sound strange, pet owners should encourage their dogs to eat spirulina. Why? Why?


Parsley is a member of the Apiaceae plant family. Parsley is often recommended because it contains essential vitamins like vitamins C, A, and K. This trio can support blood, vision, and immune health in pets. Parsley contains essential B vitamins known for their anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Parsley’s antimicrobial properties may stimulate healthy urine in dogs by strengthening the mucous membranes of their urinary tract [ 6].


Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the Cinnamomum tree’s inner bark. Small amounts of cinnamon will not cause harm to dogs. Although there is no evidence to support the effects of cinnamon on dogs, sources have confirmed that it is safe [ 7]. Pup Labs states that a small amount of cinnamon is all they recommend for dogs’ health.

Benefits Of Fresh Breathies –

Pup Labs’ Fresh Breathies nutritional supplement has many potential benefits for dogs. One of its many benefits could be:

  1.  Can decrease bad dog breath: Bad dog Breath may be reduced with Fresh Breathies. Bad breath can be embarrassing for dog owners. Don’t worry; this product may be able to provide some relief.
  2.  May determine what is causing intestinal problems: Fresh Breathies may be able to identify the cause of intestinal problems in dogs. Dogs can live a long and healthy life and may be protected against many health problems.
  3.  There are no negative effects: Fresh Breathies is not chemical-based, so it may not have any side effects. Dogs are prohibited from eating multiple foods. Corn and wheat are two of the prohibited foods. This product does not contain any ingredients dogs are prohibited from eating. This product may only be beneficial for dogs and not cause any harm.

Where Can I Buy Pup Lab Fresh Breathies –

Fresh Breathies can only be purchased on the website at the Pup Lab. Click on order now to select your package and make payment. Pup Labs will deliver your order as quickly as possible. All orders are sent within two working days. However, it is best to allow delivery within three to five days. All user information can be found on the official Pup Labs website.

These bundles and discounts can be found on the official Pup Labs website:



Pup Labs guarantees that your dog will love the Fresh Breathies. Pup Lab offers a 180-day money-back guarantee. It will take six months to decide if the product is right for you. Almost everyone loves pup Labs products. However, don’t hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions. You can get a full investment refund by calling or emailing the US customer service team.

  • Phone: 855-207-7351
  • Email Product Support:
  • Order Support Email:!/
  • Return Address: 1140 Highbrook St, 4th Floor, Akron, OH 44301.

Pub Labs Fresh Breathies Conclusion –

PupLabs Fresh Breathies received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. Fresh Breathies could be a great choice for dog owners looking for a dental treatment that is effective and can help freshen their dogs’ breath. This dental treatment does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Fresh Breathies’ dental care mix is not intended to be used as a veterinary medication. Before giving the product to a dog, the owner must consult a licensed veterinarian if the dog exhibits any illness.

Frequently Asked Questions –

How will I know fresh breathies Working?

Many dogs’ energy and breath are the most important things that improve. Often after just 1 week. After a few weeks, you can expect a thicker, shinier coat and less scratching. After 6 months of consistent use, the best and longest-lasting results are achieved. Daily consistency is key! Many customers say Fresh Breathies is the only product they need to keep their dogs healthy.

Do I need to see a specialist before giving fresh breathies to my pet dog?

You can consult a doctor before you add Fresh Breathies to your diet, especially if you are taking any other medications.


Are there other benefits?

Absolutely. You will have less yard work to do because Fresh Breathies promotes a healthy microbiome. Regardless of age, you’ll have a happier, healthier, and more energetic dog.

What can I give my dog for bad breath?

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is a tasty chew that will help reduce bad dog breath. The chicken-flavored dental chews help support healthy GI function and keep your pup’s breath fresh. Every fresh breathie chew is made with all-natural ingredients, including parsley, yucca extract, and cinnamon. These natural ingredients can help support your pup’s dental health and improve their digestive system.