Circo2 Reviews 2024: Is Advanced Bionutritionals’ Nitric Oxide Supplement Safe and Effective?

CircO2 Reviews: Advanced Bionutritionals CirCo2 can be described as a supplement to your diet that promotes proper Nitric oxide production in your body. Learn about its components, benefits, potential side effects, real CircO2 customer reviews, and complaints here [According to Studies].

What is CirCo2?

Advanced Bionutritionals created the revolutionary CircO2 supplement as a revolutionary technology.

For those struggling with muscular, joint, or other bodily issues which require immune system support or want to protect their health, CircO2 Nitric oxide supplement could be the ideal investment in yourself.

Their many groundbreaking supplements that benefit countless people have earned them a prominent place in the news media.

CircO2, created by Dr. Janet Zand, has revolutionized nutrition science. Our daily lives depend on it!

Nutrition is integral in supporting our bodies’ optimal performance in various situations. When making food and beverage choices, it’s essential to consider how they will support us on this journey.

Your body can benefit from proper nutrition if you follow the tips in this article.

Try eating more vegetables at dinner and lunch instead of the usual fatty food. You will get twice as many servings of veggies, and your daily caloric intake will decrease too! With these changes, you’ll feel full while staying within your daily calorie budget.

Vegetables can be added to any dish to increase nutritional value without adding extra calories or fat. When dining out, take a small portion of what is served so you feel satisfied.

How Does Circo2 Work?

CircO2 supplements supply your body with essential minerals and oxygen for increased nitric oxide production. This formula improves energy levels in your body, helps people stay active, and enhances cognitive capabilities. CircO2 stimulates nitric oxide production throughout all organs, systems, and areas of your body – it truly benefits everyone!

By expanding arteries, blood circulation throughout your body is enhanced. Your brain also benefits as it can send and receive signals more quickly. Furthermore, bone health improves as the development of bone within your body is expedited.

CircO2 supplements can strengthen your body’s immune system, shielding it from harmful bacteria and viruses trying to spread their germs throughout your system. Muscle pain, joint pain, and muscles may be reduced with CircO2.

CircO2 can significantly enhance heart health, potentially decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Not only does it support healthy blood sugar levels, but it also aids digestion and metabolic processes.

CircO2 supplements contain abundant antioxidants that aid in cleansing the body from oxidative stress and other toxins built up due to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

People with heart disease, overweight individuals, or anyone over 18 can benefit from taking CircO2 supplements.

CircO2 may help your body age more rapidly, preserving youthful skin and hair. Plus, this formula promotes overall wellness by protecting against degenerative changes to your health.

About Advanced Bionutritionals Company

Advanced Bionutritionals offers a premium line of nutraceuticals. We collaborate closely with suppliers and manufacturers to guarantee that the supplements you purchase are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients and adhere to the most effective manufacturing processes. Mine.

Our experienced team constantly searches for the newest, safest solutions to improve your well-being.


What Are Circo2 Ingredients?

CircO2 contains essential minerals and vitamins for overall well-being, including:


Studies have demonstrated that this compound helps keep blood pressure at an acceptable level by increasing the production of endothelium, or nitric oxide, produced in your body. Furthermore, it increases CircO2 absorption when taken orally.

Hawthorn Berry:

It contains an effective antioxidant that flushes away harmful free radicals in your body, dilates blood vessels, and increases oxygen-rich blood circulation. Furthermore, Hawthorn berry transmits nerve signals which improve mental performance.

It relaxes the nervous system and lowers blood pressure by decreasing hypertension. It reduces signs of early aging and has anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it boosts good cholesterol levels within the body.

Beet Root Powder:

Beetroot has long been used to treat blood-related disorders like high pressure in blood vessels, diabetes, and cholesterol. 

By thinning the blood and encouraging it to flow more rapidly throughout vessels, Nitric oxide increases in your body – providing your cells with vitality and energy! Beetroot should be consumed regularly: it helps keep nitric oxide levels healthy.


Magnesium deficiency can be a serious issue for those who do not get enough magnesium in their diets, even when they follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Magnesium helps reduce plaque buildup by relaxing heart muscles and arteries – which is why it is included within the CircO2 blend – protecting your heart while improving brain functioning, joints, and blood circulation.

Vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate and ascorbic acid):

Nitric oxide must be increased to obtain vitamin C, an effective antioxidant. This is because nitric oxide encourages the production of an enzyme required by the body for its production.

Vitamin B12(methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin):

Each tablet dissolves quickly and contains 1,000 micrograms of vitamin B12, an essential ingredient many older adults lack. Nitric oxide levels must increase in your cells for neurons, the brain, and muscle cells to function optimally.

CircO2 Benefits:

CircO2 is the most efficient vasodilator. This means it causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing for faster passage of oxygen-rich blood through them. Lowering blood pressure and decreasing the risk for heart-related illnesses are just two benefits!

  • The body is equipped with essential vitamins and minerals and enough energy to combat the signs of aging.
  • The brain is stimulated to process and transmit signals quickly, improving mental health and enabling more concentration.
  • Aids in slowing the aging process and maintains bone strength. 
  • Lowered cholesterol levels help to prevent blockages of the arteries, thus helping keep heart strokes at a minimum.
  • Strengthens immunity and shields the body from contracting serious illnesses.
  • Exercise can also serve as an energy booster and help relieve stress from those around us by replacing it with enjoyment.
  • Rehabilitation of joints and muscles involves physical therapy.
  • Additionally, it increases sexual attraction and pleasure for both genders.
  • Secure, Reliable, and Efficient.
  • This product comes with a 100% refund guarantee.


Scientific Evidence For Circ02

Circ02 contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance nitric oxide production or effectively dilate blood vessels, though certain doses are too small for these effects to take hold.

Advanced Bionutritionals has not conducted clinical or research studies regarding Circ02. Instead, they point to studies conducted by third parties on the specific ingredients within Circ02. Review the scientific evidence to see whether Circ02 performs as advertised.

Advanced Bionutritionals cites a 2008 study published in The British Journal of Nutrition on L-citrulline that examined its effects on humans. 

Eight healthy males consumed 2g, 5g, and 10g (or 15 grams) of citrulline, and then researchers observed their effects. 

It was discovered that oral citrulline supplementation increased citrulline levels within the body without any apparent negative reactions; however, they didn’t examine how this might impact blood pressure or nitric oxide production.

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Advanced Bionutritionals points to a 2017 study as proof that Circ02 works, supporting their claims. In this research, 25 older adults consumed 6g of citrulline daily to examine its effects on blood circulation and pressure. 

Researchers discovered that L-citrulline “has a modest effect” in improving muscle blood flow during submaximal exercise in older men.

Studies cited above used much higher dosages than Circ02, at 420mg per proprietary blend with L-citrulline listed as the third ingredient. 

While Circ02 contains between 50mg and 200mg L-citrulline per supplement, research conducted above employed doses between 2,000mg and 15,000mg, or 10x to 75x greater than what can be found in Circ02.

Many people are taking L-citrulline supplements to increase Nitric oxide levels. It’s a popular ingredient in pre-workout formulations; however, the supplements usually contain between 2,000-6,000 mg of L-citrulline per serving – much higher than what Circ02 contains.

Circ02 reports a 2006 study on hawthorn extract as evidence for its potential benefit on hypertension (low blood pressure). In this randomized controlled study, researchers administered 1,200 mg of hawthorn extract or an alternative over 16 weeks to 79 patients with type 2 diabetes. 

They discovered that consumption of the hawthorn berry had more of an effect on hypertension than taking placebos.

This study used the highest dosage of Circ02 available, at 420 mg. This means less than 200mg of hawthorn extract may be included in its formulation. 

By comparison, the dosage used in the current study was 1,200 mg – more than six times what was found in Circ02.

Circ02 contains several tested ingredients, such as vitamin C, B12, and beetroot powder. Studies have demonstrated these to improve blood circulation, among other benefits. 

You may find these components in cheaper supplements; for instance, a typical multivitamin or beetroot powder with greater amounts of these components costs less than $10 for a bottle.

Advanced Bionutritionals points out other studies which use higher dosages than Circ02 and suggest users may experience similar effects. 

While Circ02 contains ingredients known to lower blood pressure and affect nitric oxide production, its dosages are between 10x to 80x lower than what was tested. Based on this evidence, it appears unlikely Circ02 has a major physiological effect.

How Should You Take CircO2 Supplement?

CircO2 stands out among other supplements due to its unique consumption process. Each bottle of CircO2 contains 30 tablets that dissolve quickly in your mouth.

Keeping the tablet inside your mouth is best, as they tend to dissolve rapidly. You can even take them in a chewable form for added convenience; rest assured that due to their natural flavor, these capsules don’t have any unpleasant aftertaste.

Take one tablet per day for at least three months for optimal results. If you are pregnant or have any medical conditions that could complicate things, consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

CircO2 is completely safe to consume by anyone! It’s especially effective for those over 40, though you can take it even in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s, as it will still provide beneficial effects.

If the supplement were in capsules, they would be taken directly into the digestive tract and may occasionally need to be flushed out.

CircO2 comes in 100% dissolvable tablets that dissolve when placed inside your mouth to prevent this.

What’s not to love? Once these tablets break down and mix with saliva, nitric oxide is absorbed. What could go wrong?


CircO2 Customer Reviews:

I was worried about overexerting my heart until I discovered CircO2. This supplement has given me the courage to tackle life’s obstacles without fear of negative side effects in my 50th year – thank you for providing CircO2. It truly has changed my life!

After a few days, my circulation improved, and I felt more alert. Before starting Nitric oxide supplements, my level had been low; but since then, it has increased significantly! Thanks for the encouragement!

CircO2 deserves our congratulations in an increasingly misinformation-ridden world about medical products. Their method for providing oxygen sources to the human body has proven superior to all others I’ve tested (and I’ve tested many). Anyone who uses it should feel the difference right away!

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Pros And Cons Of CircO2

Pros Of CircO2:

  • Excellent for those with difficulty swallowing.
  • Helps you feel younger and more powerful.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Tastes a pleasant orange-like flavor.
  • Helps maintain healthy nitric oxide levels.
  • Boosts immune system function.
  • Also helps relieve other body injuries.
  • Vitally important for overall health.

Cons Of CircO2:

What Is The Cost Of Circo2?

If unsatisfied, you can return the item within 90 days, regardless of whether the boxes are empty. We’ll promptly refund the total amount paid! You have to cover any shipping costs when returning.

Due to our “Empty Box” guarantee, you are secure in giving CircO2 a chance to work for you. However, don’t wait – take advantage of these exclusive discounts today and give yourself the gift of renewed energy and health!



Final Verdict On CircO2 Reviews:

CircO2 nitric oxygen is an invaluable natural supplement with numerous advantages. It promotes good health and provides the body with minerals and vitamins. 

The nitric oxide formula increases blood circulation, guaranteeing all organs receive enough oxygen and essential nutrients for optimal performance. 

With this simple yet powerful formula, individuals can quickly transform their lives by improving heart health, increasing energy levels, and optimizing overall well-being.

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