VivaSlim Reviews 2024: Is It Worth For Money Or Scam

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WEIGHT LOSS, Many people have gone through this situation: they want to shed weight. The first step is exercising, however, they can’t maintain it for a long sufficient time.

Diets always end up being similar. Many of the crazy solutions found online do not work in the slightest. Being overweight is often a cause to feel self-conscious and unhappy, However, you’re unable to come up with solutions that work.

There are numerous supplements available to help you lose weight in the market. Many of them fail while others do not give the right results.

Sometimes, people gain weight when they stop taking tablets or pills. But, it doesn’t suggest that losing weight is impossible.

It is possible to achieve permanent outcomes with this product, which can stop the growth of fat cells that are found in your body.

We will describe VivaSlim Drops! VivaSlim is for those who are having difficulties with abnormal weight loss or obesity-related issues.

This is an all-natural product that stands out from other brands. Because it is primarily focused on weight loss and blocking the fat cells.

Today, we’ll go over VivaSlim Reviews . I’ve collected enough data through my research to ensure that only the most relevant details are shared.

It promises to alter your life by allowing you to shed weight more effectively than previously. What is the likelihood that it will work as planned? Find out as well as more within the Vivaslim review.

What Is VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is in essence an all-natural nutritional supplement that can be used to shed weight. It is a promise to resolve the issue once and all by looking at the root cause of the issues instead of treating the symptoms.

According to VivaSlim Official website, it tells the account about a person who shed more than 42 pounds after discovering this recipe.

Through a clever combination of substances, she dealt with the primary reasons for her weight gain. These include adiponectin deficiency hormone imbalances, hormonal imbalances, a metabolic rate that is too slow, anxiety that makes people consume food all day long, and so on.

VivaSlim is a nutritional supplement that is designed to eliminate excess fat within your body. The fat accumulates in your body due to an event known as the “cytokine gate. The cytokine gate is the mechanism by which fat stored in cells is removed and utilized for energy.

However, due to the environmental pollution and the high toxicity of the water and air, the cytokine gates start closing often. This can lead to weight gain as the fat can’t be released to create energy, and it accumulates excessively in cells. The VivaSlim drops can help unlock the cytokine gate and assist you in losing weight at an extremely fast rate. You’ll be able to shed excess weight from everywhere on your body.

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Who Is The Manufacturer Of VivaSlim Formula?

Based on the Viva Slim official website the supplement was created by Brian Fox. He did years of research and then made sure to reveal an effective formula to the general public. With a lot of effort and determination, He came up with a unique formula that helped to lose fat naturally.

The result was great when a friend of Bob gave him a magic powder that came from the western part of Africa. After many trials and errors and trial and error, Dr. Bailey came up with this natural remedy that assisted Brian’s wife Katie shed all the excess weight in her body. The company that makes this product is SIMPLE PROMISE PTE LTD.

How Does VivaSlim Work?

VivaSlim can aid people in living a healthier lifestyle generally by reducing hunger by increasing metabolism rate and ensuring good cholesterol levels.

To offer these advantages, VivaSlim makes use of substances commonly used in a variety of weight loss products, like African mango extract Astragalus, Rhodiola, and various essential amino acids.

Alongside reducing appetite, these ingredients provide other benefits. The manufacturer suggests that their product stimulates the burning of fat cells. The approach of VivaSlim for weight loss is to boost your production of the hormone adiponectin which aids in burning fat.

As per the company, the fat cells often referred to as Adipocytes can be targeted with VivaSlim. The product activates them in discharge mode solving the root of the accumulation of fat within the belly region.

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What Are The VivaSlim Ingredients?

VivaSlim supplements are made up of 12, 100% natural ingredients. The plant-based supplement is available in a liquid form and is contained in a bottle that holds 2 ounces of the dropper. None of the ingredients in the supplement contains GMOs or other toxic chemicals. Additionally, every ingredient is made without pesticides. The active VivaSlim ingredients found in the supplements are;

Irvingia Gabonensis –

The main ingredient in VivaSlim drops is African mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis. The extracts of Irvingia Gabonensis help in raising Adiponectin levels in the body. This helps in eliminating excess fat within the body. The plant’s extracts have been proven to reduce stored fat for a long time and active fats too.

This means that Irvingia Gabonensis not only helps to reduce weight but also keeps weight control with regular maintenance. The extracts of Irvingia Gabonensis are proven to protect digestive health and boost the overall metabolism to ensure that weight loss remains in check. It is a great appetite suppressor as well as a calorie burning agent.

L-Carnitine –

The VivaSlim ingredient is an amino acid, which is mostly used with L-ornithine. The company claims that it can improve the effectiveness of weight loss by removing the mental effects of losing weight, including cognitive fog, diminished ability to analyze, and a lack of focus. Once the mental negative effects caused by weight loss have been slowed and eliminated, losing weight will become more simple.

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L-Ornithine –

L-Ornithine is an amino acid that is frequently utilized in supplements for improving athletic performance. L-Ornithine enhances insulin sensitivity and aids in a more efficient metabolism. Other benefits include quick healing, quality sleep, etc.

Maca –

Maca is a different ingredient in the product is Maca. Maca is a nutritious food that can aid in improving energy levels. Additionally, Maca has been proven to improve cognitive performance and, as it does, assist users to improve their productivity.

L-Arginine –

It is the most essential amino acid which can help in boosting metabolism and burning fat. This amino acid can reduce the weight of your body as well as waist size.

Beta-Alanine –

The ingredient has a significant nutrition content that is beneficial for building an athletic body mass. It also increases energy levels, keeping your body energized all day.

L-Glutamine –

The amino acid is able to regulate the levels of insulin in your body. It also helps increase immunity. Together together with additional ingredients, it will aid in losing weight.

Niacin, African Plum Bark, Rhodiola, And Astragalus –

These ingredients assist in enhancing the natural defense system of the body, while also decreasing stress and fighting inflammation and making the brain active, and helping to live an improved quality of life.

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What Are The Benefits Of VivaSlim:

An effective method to get fit is to invest in VivaSlim reviews about losing weight by working out. While exercise and diet are equally important to becoming slimmer and avoiding excessive consumption of food alone is ineffective and might not produce the desired results. Weight loss by diet alone is a great way to reduce your digestive system. If you’re considering it you ought to try to lose weight by doing exercise.

One of the best tips to help you in getting fit is to get out of the home and go for your walk whenever you’d like to snack. Every now and then it’s all about diverting yourself when you’re hungry. Going for the dog for a walk is an amazing break from your food cravings.

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If you’re looking to be healthier it is essential to get a good breakfast. A lack of breakfast is definitely not something you can be grateful for. A good breakfast should include a healthy product and a portion of dairy along with some fiber. It is possible to eat a banana or a bowl of oatmeal and yogurt. Also, you can sip an orange juice glass or eat a little bit of toast, and then eat some cream cheddar.

Instead of measuring yourself every week every month, you should take the opportunity to gauge yourself at least once every day or even more. In this way you allow yourself to adjust your lifestyle as needed to ensure to lose weight faster.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose With VivaSlim?

This program for weight loss can help you lose weight over the years, I’ve witnessed diet plans fail numerous times over. This is what I’ve discovered through my years of study regarding losing weight. It has helped me aid my wife in losing weight and maintaining it.

Understanding what your body needs and how it needs are the initial steps. Your body isn’t going to be able to get the nutrients it needs when you aren’t aware of it. You may feel exhausted or unmotivated. You may gain weight. It is possible to contract ailments.

Your body is a Machine. Your body operates 24/7. It shuts down all equipment as you fall asleep at midnight. It switches  on again the next day. Your body won’t function correctly if you do not give it the energy it requires.

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VivaSlim Reviews – Side Effects Of VivaSlim:

Viva Slim is an all-natural fat loss supplement that helps reduce visceral and stubborn fat as well as aids in building strong muscles. Women and men who took Vivaslim supplements in the prescribed method did not experience any side consequences.

Vivaslim supplement is made up of ingredients of the best quantities and quality, making it a feasible solution to take regularly. The VivaSlim was produced in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. Its ingredients are sourced from trusted sources and are stocked with premium high-quality ingredients.

Therefore, there is no chance of taking herbicides, stimulants, preservatives, or other harmful substances. The product is not genetically modified and secure.

If you take your medication in the correct manner. You don’t need to worry about any health problems. However, many people are lulled into believing that they can purchase expensive and untrue items that are laden with side consequences. So, to stay clear of such liars you must be aware and only use the official site.

The people who decide to purchase Vivaslim should consult with a doctor before taking the supplement.


VivaSlim Dosage & How To Use It?

According to the website, the dosage is recommended by mixing 10 VivaSlim Drops with water. The recommended dosage is three times per day, whether or not food is consumed.

VivaSlim is delicious and can be taken anytime during the day. Be sure to not overdose on the supplement since it could create other issues. Every bottle of VivaSlim(TM) has about 60ml of the product. It is able to last up to 1 month.

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VivaSlim Results & Its Longevity:

For the best results from the VivaSlim weight loss solution, it is essential to stay using it regularly for a minimum of 2 months, based on different VivaSlim reviews.

If you are among people who do not think about it as a serious issue and plan to stop using it within the first month, it might not be the ideal solution for you. Because VivaSlim demands consistency in its usage just like every other supplement, you must give the formula time to function in the way you want it to.

Research suggests that using this formula on a regular basis for the time period specified is essential to get the greatest benefits and long-term effects from the supplements. In order to be clear, when you’ve completed the timeframe of use, you’ll be able to attain the maximum benefits, and it lasts for a period of more than 2 years.


VivaSlim Customer Reviews & Complaints:

The VivaSlim real reviews of customers have proven as positive. Since nearly all of its clients are pleased by the outcomes they achieve by taking a review of their reviews. There aren’t any major complaints or negative feedback in connection with the supplement.


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VivaSlim Reviews: Pros & Cons:


  • It is a great way to eliminate the excess fat in your body.
  • VivaSlim formula can help flatten your stomach.
  • The supplement will stifle your appetite.
  • Non-GMO and not habit-forming.
  • Food and Drug Administration-approved, and certified GMP.
  • It can boost your energy levels as well as reduce brain fog. It will also help manage the levels of insulin.
  • It comes with a 365-day money-back warranty.


  • VivaSlim is available only on its Official Website
  • The results can differ from individual to individual.
  • Since the ingredients are natural and natural, it is recommended that users consume it for at least three to six months in order to get the maximum benefits.


Cost Of The VivaSlim Weight Loss Supplement:

VivaSlim supplement for weight loss is available only on the Official Website of the company. This will protect you from shady individuals who might be trying to profit from innocent customers by offering fake products. In terms of pricing, VivaSlim is available in three different packages: 

All purchases come with the cost of shipping as well as handling. A money-back guarantee for 365 days is covered.



VivaSlim Review: Conclusion:

We hope we have justified your time reading the article about VivaSlim Reviews 2022.

VivaSlim is a nutritional supplement that could help in losing weight for its users. The product’s components include African mango extract as well as other organic extracts that help to reduce cravings, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and help in weight reduction.

VivaSlim could be helpful in weight loss. It can aid in losing weight when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise


VivaSlim Reviews:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

1 – Is VIVASLIM available on amazon?

VivaSlim drops can only be bought online via the official website and are not available in other stores. It is not possible to find VivaSlim on Amazon listing or Walmart. It is a guarantee that you will receive the authentic product from the manufacturer with special deals.

2 – What if you do not like VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is a natural dietary blend and is not a miraculous cure for obesity, but it does provide instant advantages. It might not be effective for certain people however it does not mean that the company is trying to offer a loss. All orders made with VivaSlim are protected by 100% money-back assurance.

You can reach out to the customer support department and request a refund in the event that you don’t find it to be effective for you. There is no obligation to ask questions and the refund is processed in just some days.

3 – What are the benefits of using VivaSlim?

Its formula VivaSlim has been designed in order to fight the main reason for poor metabolism, which lies in the closed cytokine gates. The nutrients in the formula help maintain the gate, allowing cells to flush out excess fat. As a result, it is possible to lose weight without having to adhere to traditional methods of losing weight, which include exercises and diets.

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4 – Are there any harmful chemicals to beware of when using VivaSlim?

No, As we mention above in this VivaSlim Reviews, Viva Slim Drops is created with 12 natural ingredients that have been separated in their purest form.